Monday, 19 December 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - December 16, 2011

The Analog Players Society provided a nice skanking jazzy version of 'Let The Music Play' for the show's opener and they seem like a project to watch as Finnish crew, Yot, dip their toes into the Swedish Skwee scene to great effect and kept the submerged reggae vibes running. Barcelona's, The Ink Project then went all deep and atmospheric aided by a nice Gang Colours twist before DJ Food got all raucous with a taster of his new, heavier than heavy album.

Homeboy Sandman showed why arbiters of hip hop tastefulness, Stones Throw, have signed him up - we can't wait for more from him. Emmanuel Trep Kormann has given Raphael's operatic jazz a suitably bonkers remix before Krystal Klear and Olivier Day Soul dropped some brand new old school soul flavour, one for the ladie and lovers. Bonobo's last album  was one of the years highlights and some of the tracks have been remixed with Mark Pritchard's version being the best of an excellent bunch. Back to the hip hop, Versus showed that their live jazzy vibes mark them as a group to watch out for, especially on stage.

Morlockko Plus then laid down the instrumental hip hop flavours which was a taste of the new Beat Fight comp on MPM. Now Again showed why they are one of the best re-issue labels about after unearthing the, until now, forgotten soul delights of New World Generation. Lana Del Ray showed off her shiny new Joy Oribison remix before next years release, Mr. Fingers then gave a lesson to the youngsters with his Gerd remix on Royal Oak, before John Gazoo and Compost Disco teamed up again and provided a bumping modern disco end to this weeks show.

So that's all the new material for this year, we'll still be at it over Christmas though as this week sees the preparation of a couple of programs containing some of our faves from 2011. We will then take a short break and then hit the ground running refreshed and raring to go in 2012 to provide you with some more quality radio focusing on the deeper and more esoteric releases that come our way.

Analog Players Society - Let The Music Play (Redbud Records promo)
Yot - Real Dub (Raha & Tunteet promo)
Ink Poject - Rewind Forward Replay, Gang Colours rmx (Blind Colour promo)
DJ Food - Percussion Map, Pt.1 (Ninja Tune promo)
Homeboy Sandman - New York Nights (Stones Throw promo)
Raphael - Dead Sea Scrool, Emmanuel Trep Kormann Spiritual Dust rmx (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Krystal Klear & Olivier Day Soul - Never Thought Would Go (Eglo)
Bonobo - Stay The Same, Mark Pritchard rmx (Ninja Tune promo)
Versus - Almost Noon (Sound Sculpture promo)
Morlockko Plus - Mittagssonne (MPM)
New World Generation - Curious Soul (Now Again promo)
Lana Del Rey - Video Games, Joy Orbison rmx (Interscope promo)
Gerd - Palm Leaves, Mr Fingers Afropsychojungledub (Royal Oak)
John Gazoo - Midnight Runner, John Gazoo's Vintage Version (Compost Disco)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Some of Barcelona's finest beat makers Debilorithmicos kicked off this week with another great release on their own Molts Records imprint and it's a great thoughtful slice of beat craftmanship before things then went even mellower with the soundscape noodlings of Andrew Thomas and the delicate strains of Perter Broderick. El Kid then threw down a loose slice of fresh sounding and wobbly deep house before Downliners Sekt do what they do and took things to the outer musical realms.

Common is back with another album due anytime now and 'Celebrate' was a taste of it's, seemingly more mainstream, intentions before East of Underground showed just because you're paid to kill people it doesn't mean you can't sing. One of my pet favourites, Dub Colossus,  are currently being given the remix treatement and the results being given away for free which is a result given the quality of the Wehgene remix. Doubleheart then dropped some deep and dirty bassline beats with only the most tenuous of links to the tracks 'Salsa' title.

A little mix then finished the show with the twisted disco delights of J.R. Plankton followed by the deeper than deep house tones of Vakula's 'Mama Said Go Slow'. Gagarin, given a little edit by Bass Clef, then livened up proceedings before Cessa's 'Nameless' came through with a peak time, feelgood banger before Daddykshun closed the show in perfect emotional end of night style.

Debilorithmicos - Loser For You (Molts Records promo)
Andrew Thomas - Black Sky Bright Sun (Luftbeschaffenheit Air Texture)
Peter Broderick - Solace In Gala (Erased Tapes)
El Kid - Mud (Left Blank)
Downliners Sekt - Lorem Ipsum (Infine promo)
Common - Celebrate (Warner promo)
East Of Underground - Walk On By (Now Again promo)
Dub Colossus - Wehgene, Almamegretta Rmx (Real World freeload)
Doubleheart - Salsa (Nonplus)
J.R. Plankton - Sundance (Karaoke Kalk promo)
Vakula - Mama Said Go Slow (Firecracker)
Gagarin - Third Radio, Bass Clef edit (Geo)
Cessa - Nameless (Missing Link)
Daddykshun - Love To Learn (Ratio Music)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - December 2, 2011

This weeks show is a steady builder kicking off with the gentle tones of Ryuichi Sakamoto tinkling over some lovely soundscapes from Fennesz, one to sink and think into. The Lund Quartet then provided some lovely jazz with subtle hip hop undertones from their forthcoming album before Nostalgia 77's 'Sleepwalker' was given a forward thinking Ambassadeurs Remix which led to great future soul from the excellent new Drive Me Home EP. New Ninja Tune signing Deco Child was then given an electronic makeover by Crewdson, who's star seems to be shining ever more brightly, since his great album on Slowfoot earlier this year.

Great nu-soul was then the order of the day from Theriak as Opolopo lovingly recrafted and bumped up 'The Crush' featuring the vocals of Alicia Renee. Things then took a skanking tropical turn with a taster from the Prince Fatty meets The Mutant Hi-Fi album a modern retro exercise in ska, cumbia and spaghetti western soundtracks. Burnt Friedman then gave the Shangaan excessive tempos a much needed reduction and some great dub touches before some funky Pharrel beats got the party started.

Heatsick then showed that house music is a feeling despite only using a crappy old Casio keyboard and various guitar pedals before Sapphire Slows from Tokyo followed with more twisted loose house vibrations. Things then got all dark, sweaty and tribal courtesy of Sandman with an nasty, killer of a tune. QQ then hardly brightend the mood with a dark, brooding dancehall workout goes modern bassline workout from the Greensleeves dubstep remix album. Two man Rocketnumbernine then made a lot of noise for such a small combo and provided a nice live musical end to the show.

Fennesz & Sakamoto - 0319 (Touch)
Lund Quartet - Tulipan (A Future Without promo)
Nostalgia 77 - Sleepwalker, Ambaddadeurs rmx (Tru-Thoughts)
Deco Child - Nocturne, Crewdson rmx (Ninja Tune promo)
Drive Me Home - Don't Play Around With That (Citinite)
Theriak - The Crush feat Alicia Renee, Opolopo rmx (Tokyo Dawn)
Prince Fatty meets The Mutant Hi-Fi - Plague of Locusts (Mr. Bongo)
Burnt Friedman Meets Zinja Hlungwani - Shangaan Shake (Honest Jons)
Freesol - Hoodies On, Hats Low, instrumental (Interscope promo)
Heatsick - Tertiary (PAN)
Sapphire Slows - Green Flash Mob (Not For Fun)
Sandman - No Prisoners (Blank Mind)
QQ - Tek It To Them, Kalbata rmx (Greensleeves)
Rocketnumbernine - Black and Blue (Soul Jazz)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - November 25, 2011

The epic 'Myrtle Avenue', in all it's 10 minute future boogie glory, taken from the new Floating Points EP, kicked off this weeks show and why not it's a wonderful thing. Rather more deranged, yet quality, slow-mo house then followed from Kowton and the aptly named 'Dirty Little Bomb'. Pole seems to be well and truly back after a prolonged absence with another release on his Pole Music imprint and as you can hear the 'Aue' A-side is another twisted dubwise winner and led rather nicely into the great new kooky beats of Paper Tiger's new cut 'Send Me'. Blundetto then threw down the soul vibes with a nice little version of 'Hercules' before the Stones Throw dynamic duo of Jonti and The Stepkids combined to great effect on 'The Days Have Turned'.

Now we don't normally drop too much drum and bass but we had to sneak in some recently unearthed Plug material from the mid 90's which is still sounding fresh and about to drop on Ninja Tune before 1000names provided some nice boogie beats from their new album on Project Mooncircle. Mecca:83 then showed just how soulful modern beats can be given the right sample source before Madlib combined nicely with Freddie Gibbs on one of the beat maestros more straight up hip hop cuts.

Some of the more interesting 4/4 offerings then closed the show up kicking off with Serph's new alter ego Reliq and some crazy layered melodic breaks before Photonz darkened the mood and destroyed the dance with 'Wall' which then led into the Euro disco delights of Mellophonia and 'Sky Glide'.

Floating Points - Myrtle Avenue (Eglo)
Kowton - Dirty Little Bomb (Teal Recordings)
Pole - Aue (Pole Music promo)
Paper Tiger - Send Me (Jus Like Music promo)
Blundetto - Hercules (Heavenly Sweetness music)
Jonti feat The Stepkids & Illa J - The Days Have Turned (Stones Throw freeload)
Plug - Feeling So Special (Ninja Tune promo)
1000names - Water Resistant Rakete (Project Mooncircle promo)
Mecca:83 - With You (Freeform)
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Deep (Stones Throw promo)
Reliq - Continuity (Noble promo)
Photonz - Wall (Don't Be Afraid promo)
Mellophonia - Sky Glide (Lo Recordings)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - November 18, 2011

The show kicked off with some jazz killers and the charity fundraising deep funky jazz vibes of Emanative & Ahmed Abdullah with Steve Reid on drums who's foundation, set up by Gilles Peterson to help poor musicians, the money goes to. If you didn't know Steve Reid died has he didn't have the money to pay his medical bills to treat his lung cancer, who says America doesn't need medicare? Nat Birchall followed with a killer from his soon to be released album on Gondwana and it's possibly his best to date, which is saying something as we loved his first two for the label. Deep jazz hip hop beats were then the order of the day courtesy of Hey!Zeus from their jazz soaked new release.

Taprikk Sweezee had turned us onto the fact that E/A/R/L had just put out a great album of beats for a limited amount of time and we're very happy to have hit the download deadline as it was better than a lot of paid for releases. Mr. Sweezee then provided the abstract future soul from his new excellent new album of remixes which led very nicely into some ambient beauty courtesy of Tokyo residents, Illuha. Dimlite then showed why he is one of the most interesting beat makers around with his multi-influenced, sprawling yet very together sound of 'Heroine Roof' - bring on the album.

Some of the deeper house cuts around were then the order of the day kicking off with George FitzGerald who seems to be saving his best cuts for Hotflush. The KiNK remix of Prommer & Barck's, 'Journey' is a lovely deep twisted affair which led into one of our favourite Mr. Scruff tracks ever 'Bounce', looks like he's getting deeper with age. Outboxx's 'Aporia' then provided a lovely melodic, but with a bit of cheeky extra bass weight, end to the show.

Emanative & Ahmed Abullah - Lions Of Judah (Brownswood promo)
Nat Birchall - Dance Of The Mystic (Gondwana promo)
Hey!Zeus - The Drones (Sichtexot & Chakra Sounds)
E/A/R/L - The Creek (Free Download)
Taprikk Sweezee - Eating At The Void (Error Broadcast)
Illuha - Kie (12K)
Dimlite - Heroine Roof (Now & Again promo)
George FitzGerald - Friends In High Places (Hotflush promo)
Prommer & Barck - Journey, KiNK rmx (Derwin promo)
Mr. Scruff - Bounce (Ninja Tune promo)
Outboxx - Aporia (Idle Hands promo)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - November 11, 2011

Some shows flow better than others, the tempos & styles just match and the mix is more natural but this weeks show is probably best described as a hotch-potch and it's none the worse for it. Discovery of the week has been Wechsel Garland a wonderfully diverse producer with a craftsmen's ear and a lightness of touch so we've included an older cut and a forthcoming tune from his excellent new EP. Now after the disappointment of missing the Portico Quartet in concert recently due to bad weather we are happy to report they are readying a new album and giving away a little taster which is boding well for next year's release. Kuhn then laid down some slightly odd but quality beats.

Owiny Sigoma Band are just about to drop another single from their great recent album in the form of some nice languid Afro pop and don't forget to check the great remixes as well. Kouyate and Neerman then kept the Afro flavour, jazzed it up and darkened the mood with a little taster from their eagerly anticipated new album, if it's anything like their first we'll be more than happy. The mysterious Dirk Gerner then confirmed his versatility and promise with 'My Queen' before Achilles belied their youth and rural location with some well crafted post rock, a band to watch for sure.

Ital Tek has jumped on the Juke/Footwork bandwagon with his new EP and it's great to see the Europeans adding some cultured production touches to this overly raw Chicago ghetto phenomenon. Pitchben then funked things up with a track from his great new album on Compost before we hit you with Gregory Porter again but this time given an excellent house rub from OpolopoRainer Trueby then kept the house vibes flowing with a lovely deep soulful cut from his super strong EP coming soon on Compost Black before we drifted out of the show and into a modern tribal haze courtesy of Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit.

Wechsel Garland Trio - Blind (Parapop Stereo)
Portico Quartet - Ruins (Real World FREE download)
Kuhn - Slime Beach (Civil Music promo)
Wechsel Garland - Hearts (Strzelecki-books promo)
Owiny Sigoma Band - Here On The Line (Brownswood)
Kouyate Neerman - Requiem pour un Con (No Format promo)
Dirg Gerner - My Queen (Ho_Tep promo)
Achilles - It's A Falcon Richard (A Future Without)
Ital Tek - Cobalt (Planet Mu promo)
Pitchben - Time Machine (Compost)
Gregory Porter - 1960 What?, Opolopo Kick & Bass Remix (Tokyo Dawn promo)
Rainer Trueby - Welcome To Our World (Compost Black promo)
Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit - 128.5 (Nonplace)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Mauricio Maestro feat Nana Vasconcelos - Upside Down (Far Out)

Now we have written any blog posts for a while due to time constraints (we hope to change that soon) but we actually had no choice but to come out of writers exile when this sublime new album dropped through our inbox the other week, we just couldn't keep it under our hats.

Way back in 1976 Mauricio Maestro & Nana Vasconcelos found themselves in Paris recording the Visions of Dawn album with Joyce. It was an incredibly fertile time for Brazilian music with all sorts of western influences being assimilated into traditional Brazilian music and the burgeoning acid-folk scenes in Europe and North America weren't lost on these artists at the time. Tragically the project somehow got shelved until it was finally released 33 years later in 2009, also on Far Out.

Encouraged by Far Out label boss Joe Davies, Mauricio and Nana got back in the studio in Rio last year alongside guest vocalist Kay Lyra - hired to sweeten things up and now the follow up to Visions of Dawn is about to hit the shelves on November 16th, assuming all goes well and the release isn't put back until 2056. Here's a little taster of what went down in the studio:

Mauricio Maestro with Nana Vasconcelos - Upside Down Trailer from Far Out Recordings on Vimeo.

We're not going to get into depth on each track as it really is an album you just need to listen to start to finish. Maestro has gone to town on the arrangements with words like sumptuous, lush, delicate, intricate, shimmering all coming to mind - the harmonies just wash over you ably supported by subtle psychedelic twists and turns. The percussion from Vasconcelos  is impeccable as you'd expect from someone voted best percussionist in the world 7 years running by the Downbeat critics poll and he is ably abetted by an impeccably arranged 10 piece orchestra that just melt into the background like the most natural thing in the world. Maestro darts in an out with his acoustic guitar and his easy vocal style. Apparently the idea was to create an album that stirred the mid '70s but is set in the backdrop of a liberated, prosperous Brazil but to these ears (and admittedly linguistic failings) it sounds like 1976 never went away.

All songs are Maestro originals except the lyrics of 'Todo os Santos' which were written by Joyce back in '77 and extract of classic 'Canto de Pajé' and were written over the preceding 40 years, starting way back in 1971. Apparently there is a follow up album already in the pipeline and all we can say is if it is anything like this then bring it on.

Far Out Recordings Website
Nana Vasconcelos Website (in Brazilian)
BUY(!) the record Here
Gregory Porterr smashes up the show right from the off with his incredible track '1960 What?'. and quite frankly soul/jazz just doesn't get much better. Normally we'd shy away from playing a 12.5 minute track in the show as it would take up too much space but this track has to be heard in it's entirety, pity it's not longer. Hip Hop with a twist was then the order of the day with the 'Run Shit' remix from the new Paul White - Rapping With Paul White remix album, remixed by the man himself. More quirky hip hop followed from Stan Smith and 'Disco Technic' another killer from the Boogie Vol. 2 compilation on Tokyo Dawn. Onra & Quetz then went back to the old school with a couple of lovingly crafted soulful  beats from their new Tribute album.

Now we're not usually bothered by new artists trying to sound like the original greats as they so often produce sub standard imitiations but Nick Waterhouse is doing a fine job sounding like he was one of the original R&B greats, watch him blow up next year we reckon. The uncompromising bluesy, country tones and lyrics of Purity Supreme then commanded the airwaves before Loka went all undefinable on the show with 'The Tower' from their forthcoming and equally undefinable Ninja Tune album.

A quick fire selection of some of the more interesting beats around were then the order of the day with new Planet Mu signing Keep Shelly in Athens getting the ball rolling with the chirpiests single from their new EP before Teebs came in with some great new dreamy beats from his new Brainfeeder which showcases a welcome broadening of his sonic palette and marked progression. Mux Mool then upped the tension  but kept the melody before Fulgeance dropped a taster of his new album on MPM. We then dropped another taster of the Julien Dyne album before Darling Farah hit the show with some great spacious, percussively alluring beats from his new Civil Music offering. The more avant garde jazzy vibes of Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Ghedalia Tazart then helped the show drift off into the ether for another week.

Gregory Porter - 1960 What? (Motema)
Paul White - Run Sht feat. Marv Won, remix (One Handed Music)
Stan Smith - Disco Technic (Tokyo Dawn promo)
Onra & Quetzal  - Brenton's Revenge (Project Mooncircle promo)
Onra & Quetzal - Stop, Walk On By (Project Mooncircle promo)
Nick Waterhouse - I Can Only Give You Everything (Innovative Leisure promo)
Purity Supreme - Dunderhead (Ash International)
Loka - The Tower (Ninja Tune promo)
Keep Shelly In Athens - Campus Martius (Planet Mu promo)
Teebs - LSP feat. Austin Peralta (Brainfeeder promo)
Mux Mool - Palace Chalice (Ghostly International freeload)
Fulgeance - Vilnius Bump (MPM promo)
Julien Dyne - Ernst (BBE promo)
Darling Farah - Model (Civil Music promo)
Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Ghedalia Tazartes - Zilveli (Sub Rosa)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Chris Watson kicked off this weeks show with intricately and rhythmically constructed field recordings taken from jouneys in the final month of the great Pacific to Atlantic Mexican rail road, a poignant sound collage which led nicely into a track from the new Kammerflimmer Kollektief album, Teufelskamin which we are happy to report has lived up to all our high expectactions. The increasingly scarce sounds of Garifuna music followed courtesy of Aurelio and a pleasing Sidestepper remix of his 'Laur Beya' tune which paved the way for Omar to come and smash up the airwaves with a reissue of his dance floor destroying 'It's So', thank you Tru Thoughts.

The Sepalcure album is about to drop and I'm pleased to report it is another Hotflush winner and remarkably cohesive and listenable for a largely high tempo dance music album, full of layered emotion, submerged soul and kick arse beats. Next up followed a tune from one of our albums of the year and nothing less than a modern Brazilian masterpiece. Upside Down from Mauricio Maestro feat Nana Vasconcelos is staggeringly well arranged, impeccably played and oozing soul and class - full blog post on this release coming very soon. Now we have to admit we overlook Czech music, not through any great grudge against the country but more to do with a lack of exposure of their output but we are happy to rectify that this week with a track from the excellent Floex album, Zorya - a lovingly crafted meeting of electronics and live instrumentation. DJ Food then provided a nice little ambient moment from his otherwise rocking, shocking new EP.

The second half of the show was given over to some of the slower, more interesting house cuts doing the rounds at the moment kicking off with one of this years emerging talents, Kevin McPhee, giving a track from Jack Dixon & Rick Grant's new single a lovely deep soulful, leftfield remix which then led nicely into Dro Carey, another of this weeks musical talent discoveries and a track from his killer new EP due out on Ramp in December. Some of the Wurst(sic) house music of the year then followed with some great deep soulful instrumental vibes from Chicago Damn before Tycho took us on a Balearic dreamboat ride with 'Hours' from his new album on Ghostly International. The boogie vibes of East Liberty Quarters from the excellent new Boogie Volume 2 comp on Tokyo Dawn warmed the seat nicely for the disco finale and Escort's 'Starlight' from their new discotastic album due about now on Tirk.

Chris Watson - El Divisadero (Touch promo)
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Teufelskamin Jam #2 (Staubgold)
Aurelio - Laru Beya, Sidestepper remix (Real World freeload)
Omar - It's So (Tru Thoughts promo)
Sepalcure - See Me Feel Me (Hotflush promo)
Mauricio Maestro feat Nana Vasconcelos - Upside Down (Far Out promo)
Floex - Petr Parler (Flow Records)
DJ Food - In Orbit Every Monday (Ninja Tune promo)
Jack Dixon & Rick Grant - Running Man, Kevin McPhee remix (Man Make Music promo)
Dro Carey - Journey With The Heavy (Ramp promo)
Chicago Damn - Romcom (Wurst promo)
Tycho - Hours (Ghostly International)
East Liberty Quarters - Lucky Charm (Tokoy Dawn promo)
Escort - Starlight (Tirk promo)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Torn Sail and the dreamy Claremont 56 label provided the lovely Balearic opener to this weeks show before fLako messed up the vibe with some twisted quirky beats from his excellent new EP forthcoming on Project Moon Circle which is his best work todate. Freestyle Fellowship then provided a taster of their forthcoming new album which if the promos are anything to go by is top quality and very diverse. Now new beatmakers are ten a penny but we've just stumbled across Baconhead who are sounding fresh and on the nicely titled 'Brainglue' track have enlisted the mental MC talents of Mindbender.

We keep coming back to the new Anthony Joseph album so thought we'd drop another taster from it and rather aptly, considering the current anti capitalist climate, the track is called 'Money Satan'. Not content with dropping an excellent album already this year Long Arm has just dropped another EP of killer beats and we're particularly liking the instrumental cut of 'Organic'. Now Red Snapper have been gracing the Audio Texture turntables since day one and we were more than happy to receive a killer Elementz remix of the 'Architectronic' track from their recent album, look out for the Elementz, they're a crew to watch.

Phaeleh is yet another in the long line of UK 'post dubstep' producers and another Bristol boy but what sets him apart is his multi-instrumental ability which adds a pleasing musicality to his quality beats and bass. DVA then followed this up with a crazy off kilter slice of nu-soul featuring the excellent vocal talents of Vikter Duplaix before more musical bassline adventures followed from London's Deptford Goth which led nicely into a great cumbia flavoured remix of the Gotan Project by Axel Krygier. Killer deep dark and moody house finished the show off with the amazing 'Atlantis' title track from Falty DL's new Ninja Tune LP before Madteo dropped some deep twisted sampledelic house vibes from his great new EP on the Belgium label Meakusma.

Torn Sail - Birds (Claremont 56)
fLako - Broken Toy (Project Mooncircle promo)
Freestyle Fellowship - Popular (Decon promo)
Baconhead - Brainglue feat Mindbender (Eat Concrete promo)
Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Money Satan (Heavenly Sweetness)
Long Arm - Organic, Instrumental version (Project Mooncircle)
Red Snapper - Architectronic, Elementz remix (V2 promo)
Phaeleh - From A Distance (Afterglo)
DVA - Madness feat Viketer Duplaix (Hyperdub promo)
Deptford Goth - No Man (Merok)
Falty DL - Atlantis (Ninja Tune promo)
Madteo - Bangin On The Ceiling featuring Sensational (Meakusma)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 14, 2011

So Jazzanova are raising their heads again after a conspicuous absence with a nice new compilation called 'Coming Home' and their 'Behold These Days' track was a lovely way to ease into this weeks show. Ensemble Du Verre then carried on the cinematic jazzy vibes with the title track from their great new album 'The Contemporary Cowboy'. Inspired by the global protest marches on October 15 we then dropped a series of tracks reflecting some of todays concerns kicking off, rather aptly, with an Egyptian protest tribute track from Natacha Atlas, before the ever political global beatsmith Filastine dropped the 'Gendjer2' which is from his new EP of killer beats which is looking for a good home at the moment. I then dropped Roots Manuva's perceptive slice of social commentary 'Skid Valley' from his just released 4Everevolution album before dropping Rodney P's party skanking conscious call to arms 'Live Up'. All tracks with great messages whilst not compromising the musical quality - long live independent and internet radio where presenters can play this sort of music freely without restrictions.

Kromestar then came through with the catchy as hell bassline beats of 'Don't Make Sense' and continued the healthy start for Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge label. We then had to drop another track from the excellent debut EP on Earnest Endeavors from B Bravo, a really top drawer release, which led nicely into some more fresh boogie fueled beats from Sina from his great EP forthcoming on the ever dependable Project Moon Circle before hitting you with a slight cock up(!) and some impeccable, long forgotten soul music from Jean Wells which is dropping soon courtesy of those nice boys at BBE.

Falty DL then took the show into more experimental territory with a real curve ball of a tune from his forthcoming and excellent EP on Ninja Tune. Robert Lippok then provided some of the freshest synth sounds we've heard in a while and some nice beats - look out for one of our favourite Raster Norton albums for a while dropping from him in the coming weeks. Gerry Read has been cropping up on a lot of releases recently and for good reason and we're happy to help him up the ladder as he's coming through with some fresh vibes as the rather odd house sounds of 'We Are' aptly displayed. Sexier, more traditional, late night house vibes were then provided by the excellent Da Capo's Afro remix of Timmy Regisford's 'In Da Club' before we dropped some more IG Culture tribal funky tribute to Mongo Santamaria from his recent mix tapes in anticipation of some new material coming soon (pleaseeeeee!)

Jazzanova - Behold These Days, Berlin '74 (Sonar Kollektiv)
Ensemble Du Verre - The Contemporary Cowboy (Batterie)
Natacha Atlas - Egypt: Rise To Freedom feat Basha Beats (Six Degrees promo)
Filastine - Gendjer2 (Unreleased and looking for a home!)
Roots Manuva - Skid Valley (Big Dada)
Rodney P feat The People's Army & Mighty Moe - Live Up (Tru Thoughts)
Kromestar - Don't Make Sense (Cosmic Bridge)
B Bravo - Right On Time, Synth Dub (Earnest Endeavors promo)
Sina - Just Shoot (Project Moon Circle promo)
Jean Wells - Somebody's Been Loving You, John Morales Edit (BBE promo)
Falty DL - Can't Stop The Prophet (Ninja Tune promo)
Robert Lippok - Sugarcubes (Raster Norton promo)
Gerry Read - We Are (Fourth Wave promo)
Timmy Regisford - In Da Club, Da Capo's Afro remis (Tribe)
Nkrumah Santiago - Mongo (Manz At Work Mixtape Volume 1)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 7, 2011

A fictitious soundtrack to an imaginary version of The Shining set in a Dubai hotel kicks off this weeks very real show before talented young Chilean producer Ocelote Rojo was responsible for  some great spiritual sample based vibes with 'Untitled #1' a 7" taster for his new album. A latin frenzy was then kicked off with Quantic Y Conjuncto which is part of his 'Best Of' compilation out now on Tru-Thoughts. More Chilean vibes followed with Chico Trujillo and a kick arse horn section laying down some wicked Cumbia vibes before the saucy vintage delights of Juaneco Y Su Combo kicked in, cheeky. Favourite are re-issuing the classic African jazz funk of Ray Stephen Oche & His Matumbo and the album definitely deserves a wider audience than the record collecting trainspotters (me included!) who paid too much for the original vinyl.

Paul Murphy has produced a great version of 'Moaning' by The Triptet from his new Hungarian HQ, some real swinging funky shizzle before another French re-issue alerted us and consequently you to the southern bluesy soulful delights of Levert Alisson. Some brand new old school funky hip hop vibes were then the order of the day with a new tune from down under's Katalyst followed by The (French) Funk League with the help of some classic US MCs. Things then took a progressive turn with the debut single from London based "art-led record label and magazine" Earnest Endeavors who have hit the ground running with their first release which sees the excellent 80's synth soul boy and funkateer B.Bravo laying down his best material yet, and that's saying something. Check the label, they are going to be one to watch. Mad electronic beats and bleeps were then the order of the day as we gave you a taster of Zanshin who, through all the electronic madness, still manages to keep the head nodding (partly in an effort to comprehend his sonic stew) - look out for the album coming on Affine, very soon.

Guy Andrews then dropped the UK house mutations with a killer track on his forthcoming EP for Hemlock which is never predictable before Makossa & Megablast laid down some killer jazzy funky tropical bassline vibes from their new album which led perfectly into the percussive madness of Cooly G's new single on Hyperdub featuring Karizma. Boo Williams then provided a taste of where it all started with his 'Home Town Chicago' track from a new retrospective release coming on Another Day Records.

Nettle - Shining One (Sub Rosa)
Ocelote Rojo - Untitled #1 (Hollie Records promo)
Quantic Y Conjuncto - Step Into A World, Raptures Delight (Tru- Throughts)
Chico Trujillo - Varga Varga (Barbes)
Juaneco Y Su Combo - Vacilando Con Ayahuasca (Barbes)
Ray Stepen Oche & His Matumbo - Alaglanu, Alaglano (Favourite)
The Triptet - Moaning (Second Floor Music promo)
Levert Alisson - Hear That River (En Avant La Zizique!)
Katalyst - U Can't Save Me featuring Buff1 & Stephanie McKay (BBE promo)
The Funk League - Through Good & Bad feat Large Professor, Breaking North Mix (Favourite promo)
B Bravo - Kiss 'n' Tell feat Zackey Force Funk (Earnest Endeavors promo)
Zanshin - Shadoubt Shaps (Affine promo)
Guy Andrews - Shades (Hemlock promo)
Makossa & Megablast - Jungo (Luv Lite)
Cooly G - It's Serious feat Karizma (Hyperdub promo)
Boo Williams - Home Town Chicago (Another Day Records promo)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 30, 2011

Another pleasingly mixed bag this week kicking off with some great progressive soul music from the mysterious Dirg Gerner fearuring Fatima on vocals followed by some slo-mo sci-fi beats from the new Kuedo album about to drop on Planet Mu. Tokyo Dawn have gone all pop with their latest release the solo project from one of Denmark's Boom Clap Bachelors under the Vindahl pseudonym and we're loving the boogie vibes of 'Not In Space'. Now Mello Music can always be relied on to deliver the hip hop goods and 95 Live are a great new addition to the roster and some great true school prospects. A hip hop base with more toppings than we care to mention then followed with another taster of the forthcoming Git album about to hit the streets from BBE.

The new Free The Beats comp is out and again offering a taste of unsigned beatmakers climbing the ladder and 'Strength and Science' from The Silent Titan is a little taste of what to expect from this uniquely packaged and limited CD run or free download compilation series. Now Mancini and The Creepers were sounding like Ghostpoet whilst he was still in his bedroom and we've always been a big fan and 'Don't You Remember' should be enough to make you want to discover more as well. Sarah Linhares then provided some sweet vocals over a catchy Kenlo Craqnuques riddim before Andreya Triana delivered an epic version of Fink's 'Perfect Darkness'. She is surely a major star in the making, buy the shares now!

David Minor then delivered some pleasingly twisted folk vibes from his new Nonine EP before we had to drop some more Gang Colours. Now there is a free download of some remixes of his original EP coming which are all nice but it sent us back to the originals again as the source material is amazing and well worth revisiting, we're looking forward to the album already. Now we hadn't heard of Dauwd before and we're feeling the deep bassline house vibes of 'Ikopol' and will explore more and all thanks to a nice new free download compilation of bassline royalty from the increasingly music obsessed Scion car company so big up to them. The Natacha Atlas remixes are about to drop with some nice new electronic versions of her more organic Arabic offerings and the Dog Beats remix of 'Batkallim' is alright with us and led nicely into a raw stripped down bassline riddim from Visionist and Lorca - rugged. Dub Gabriel feat The Spaceape then closed the show by laying down a politicised dubstep call to arms for the lazy arse millenials who seem to be slowly tearing themselves away from Facebook to the more dramatic surroundings of Wall Street and the like, let's hope that continues until the money starts to drip down again from that pesky 1%.

Dirg Gerner - Rubies & Diamonds feat Fatima (Ho_Tep promo)
Kuedo - Ant City (Planet Mu promo)
Vindahl - Not In Space (Tokyo Dawn promo)
DTMD - 95 Live feat Quartermaine (Mello Music freeload)
Git - Dreamz (BBE promo)
The Silent Titan - Strength and Science (Free The Beats)
Mancini and the Creepers - Don't Your Remember (Jakarta promo)
Sarah Linhares - Move Along (PTR promo)
Fink - Perfect Darkness, Andreya Triana version (Ninja Tune promo)
David Minor - Naked Commodore (Nonine promo)
Gang Colours - Dance Around The Subject (Brownswood)
Dauwd - Ikopol (Free download)
Natacha Atlas - Batkallim (Six Degrees)
Visionist/Lorca - WMID (Left_Blank)
Dub Gabriel feat The Space Ape - Is This Revolution (Destroy All Concepts promo)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 23, 2011

No time for blogging and links etc this week just the good old tracklisting - google is your friend.

Bnjmn - Hallowed Road (RHDC promo)
Space Dimension Controller - Last Sunset On Planet Earth (R&S)
Lumisokea - Fiftyfour (Eat Concrete promo)
Floating Points - Danger (Eglo promo)
Anchorsong - Plum Rain (Tru-Thoughts promo)
Nebraska - Soho Grand (Rush Hour promo)
Greeen Linez - Streetdance (Diskotopia)
Slugabed - Depth Perception (Ninja Tune promo)
BUG - Mechanical Soul (First Word)
Pole - Wipfel (Kompact promo)
Gecko Turner - Amane Mimame, Blundetto Dub (Lovemonk promo)
SonnyBoy - Special Friend (Artsoul)
The Stepkids - Legend In My Own Mind (Stones Throw)
Jonti - Batmilk (Stones Throw)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 16, 2011

So this weeks show is a beat loving yet musical affair, two things that don't always go hand in hand. Their really does seem to be a wave of exciting young producers at the moment that are looking beyond chopping up samples and throwing them together but are embracing the latest technology and combining the possibilities afforded by it  with more traditional song structures and instrumentation and we are all for it.

Tropics provided a suitably progressive Balearic opener with 'Parodia Flare' which also happens to be the title track of his excellent new album on Planet Mu before Vondelpark laid down a beautiful slice of soulful electro pop from their second EP on the resurgent and increasingly eclectic R&S. Brand new music from one of the most ambitious electronic live fusion outfits of recent time, Stateless, followed and was taken from the latest remix EP to be spun off from their excellent debut album. More traditional beat making, albeit with a distinctive flavour, followed from Brooklyn's KRTS the latest addition to the Project Moon Circle stable of accomplished beat makers.

Now Astro:Dynamics are a fledgling label but are fast turning into one of our favourites helped by the brilliant new Samoyed EP. Hailing from the Highlands of Scotland this boy is one to watch, he's got a real delicate touch, we would imagine he's a sensitive soul and you have to love anyone with the dedication to write their own music production software. Bill Orcutt has been one of our finds of the week and big thanks go out to Editions Mego (and Ed at Dense in Berlin) for turning us on to him - this boy takes the blues and that most traditional of instruments, the guitar, and manages to twist both things out of recognition and generate a sound all of his own - no mean feat after the instrument and genre have been around so long. More virtuoso guitar playing followed from flamenco don Pedro Soler accompanied by some contemporary classical cello from his son Gaspar Claus and from what we've heard the rest of the Barlande album is equally as wonderful and distinctive.

Now the new Kid Koala soundtrack/comic release is a lovely yet desolate and lonely thing as the soundtrack taster in the show testifies. We urge you to check it's audio visual delights although it's possibly not a good idea if you are the melancholic, loner type, it probably wont do much for your spirits. Now Tarwater have been drifting on and off our radar seemingly forever and we were amazed to find out this week they've been around for 15 years with about ten albums to their name and we are happy to report all that productivity hasn't affected their creativity, the new Inside The Ships album is great. Julien Dyne then gave us a little taster of his new beats and, from what we can tell, pop direction and it's as accomplished as you'd expect from this Kiwi, RBMA graduate.

Goapele has been floating about the extremities of the nu-soul scene for ages now without making that big break but we're loving the taster from her new album which has hopefully, like the preview single, ditched the nu-soul production cliches for a really progressive electronic vibe. The show then swerved violently into three of the best slices of UK Funky doing the rounds at the moment kicked off ably by the leftfield genius of Lukid's vampish 'My Teeth In Your Neck', the simple yet devastating peak time floor filling 'Trouble' from Funkystepz and culminating in an oddball ending from Lone and the aptly titled 'All Those Weird Things'.

Tropics - Parodia Flare (Planet Mu)
Vondelpark - Feat B (R&S)
Stateless - Blue Fire feat Amenta (Ninja Tune)
KRTS - Rooftop (Project Moon Circle promo)
Samoyed - Malamute (Astro:Dynamics promo)
Bill Orcutt - How The Thing Sings (Editions Mego promo)
Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus - Barlande (Infine)
Kid Koala - Hope (Ninja Tune)
Tarwater - Do The Oz (Bureau B)
Julien Dyne - Candy Apple Grey feat. Claire Duncan (BBE Promo)
Goapele - Play (Decon/Sky Blaze promo)
Lukid - My Teeth In Your Neck (Glum)
Funkystepz - Trouble (Hyperdub promo)
Lone - All Those Weird Things (Wigflex)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 9, 2011

Deep house vibes were the order of the day at the start of this weeks show ably initiated by Japanese duo Velveljin and a track from their Nostalghia album out soon on Noble - excellent deep house, techno and electronica vibes, really cultured stuff. K'bonus and Negghead then threw some slowish twisted disco vibes into the pot before we dropped the Damian Schwartz remix of Ribbon from the great new EP from Lovemonk who are taking the Spanish folk pop sounds of Pajaro Sunrise into different sonic realms. Scuba then finished the little mix in fine 80's soul fashion, of course given a little twist by the man for 2011.

We then switched to the world of hip hop with the pure summer, bump it in your convertible, vibes of Eric Roberson feat Chubb Rock, the impeccable Diamond D/Brand Nubian cover from the recent J-Live mixtape before Dilated People's Evidence threw down some great lyrics on a typically solid DJ Premier beat, nice. Things then got all bottom heavy and nasty as we dropped a little taste of the new Aardvarck album project coming soon on Eat Concrete which set the scene nicely for a great bass heavy, abstract, hip hop(sound)scape from the Portuguese/Belgium duo of Fujako featuring Native on the mic.

Robot Koch then offered a taste of his excellent new album on Project Moon Circle. There is no disputing his talent in the studio but for us he was always at his most interesting when combining music, melody and lyrics with his forward thinking productions rather than trying to give people heart attacks and melt their minds at bassline rave ups and we are happy to report the new album is a really musical affair, loads of vocals and a great start to finish listen. He's not quite in the music for dinner party circuit yet but this is his most accomplished and cohesive listening album to date.

Now best use of a well known sample award for this year goes to Tall Black Guy and his 'Water No Enemy' tune available on the latest of the consistently interesting Brownswood Bubblers series, now up the dizzy heights of volume 7. The mysterious new producer based in Dublin, DJ Izem, then graced the show with a musical treat - the reggae flavoured, electronic vocal fusion of 'Do Avesso' - look out for this emerging producer, who incidentally is still looking for a label home! The show then veered back into hip hop territory with the excellent Madlib produced MED album taster, 'Outta Control' before BK-One, with more than a little help from the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, finished the show in fine party rocking brass band style.

Velveljin - Strub (Noble promo)
K'bonus & Negghead - Harmonizing Pt.1 (Compost Black promo)
Pajaro Sunrise - Ribbon, Damian Schwartz rmx (Lovemonk promo)
Scuba - Everywhere (Hot Flush promo)
Eric Roberson feat Chubb Rock - Summertime Anthem (Dome promo)
J-Live - A Day In The Life (Mixtape)
Evidence - You (Rhymesayers promo)
Aardvarck - Gubby (Eat Concrete promo)
Fujako - Mal'ak (Angstrom)
Robot Koch - Bugs (Project Moon Circle promo)
Tall Black Man - Water No Enemy (Brownswood promo)
DJ Izem - Do Avesso (Unsigned)
MED - Outta Control feat Hodgy Beats (Stones Throw promo)
BK-One - Tema Do Canibal, BK-One Video Edit (Rhymesayers)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 2, 2011

So our August sojourn is over and the show is back and what a start with a track from the new Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band album, Rubber Orchestras, which is an absolute killer start to finish and another feather in the cap for this Caribbean poet, university lecturer and top drawer live showman. The album also marks the release of his new, same titled, book of poetry. DJ Diamond followed and his 160 BPM cultured juke productions strangely didn't seem out of place next to the afro jazz rock of Joseph. The unfortunately named Git, is a beat producer loosely basing his multi-faceted music on underground hip hop but flying off in all sorts of tangents and we like him. Check the album coming soon on BBE.

Now Roots Manuva is coming through with a new album and the first track  a cheeky little hip house number kick starts the hype machine in fine style though we're leaning towards the more broken, cultured Slugabed remix. Walton is Hyperdub's new sensation and his debut album is a four track slice of dynamite, ready to blow up this Autumn's dancefloors, though for the show we chose the sunnier vibes of '808 Vybzin'. Kevin McPhee is a young Toronto producer and his new EP on Idle Hands is a left leaning twisted house techno gem. The deep vibes rolled on further with a cut from the new Brownswood Bubbles 7 comp in the shape of Cubic Zirconia with Bilal on the vocals. The rest of the compilation is killer as well and it's nice to see such a prolific compilation series consistently holding down the quality and introducing so many new faces to the listening world.

Not only is Oddisee one of our favourite MCs but he's a killer producer as 'The Carter Barron' track testifies, oozing musicality and class - can't wait for the album dropping any time now. Now we were slightly unsure about Fatima's soul credentials when we first heard her but she's growing on us and 'Mind' is another reason why. Colonel Red is undoubtedly Holland's leading soul light and has been floating about on all sort of soul jazz leaning productions for some time but it feels like his new album on Tokyo Dawn is a real coming of age release. The production is super tight and his vocals are deep, the largely bland 'nu-soul' scene has rarely sounded as good.

We've been warning you about the Holly Roller label coming soon to act as a showcase for IG Culture's work and just to wind us up even more they've just released another free download of hard to find remixes, bootlegs and unreleased gems which in most people's hands would be a lame collection, well not this one. Seek out the Manz At Work mixtape series quick style is our advice. Now Dels has been leaving us a bit cold but his new offering and specifically the Lucasse Island Redub of 'Capsize' is a deep slice of underground hip hop with lyrics (post riots) that have never been more relevant.

The Saturn Never Sleeps album is now out and doing the rounds so we thought we'd give you another taster of its Sun-Ra inspired depths with the deep broken beats of 'Divine'. Now if you've any interest in beats and jazz I'm sure you've been heard a whisper about the new Thundercat album so we thought we'd drop you a couple of tracks to let you know what all the well justified fuss is about. Klaus then finished the show in fine minimal beats and bassline style.

Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - She Is The Sea (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
DJ Diamond - Vibe (Planet Mu)
Git - Higher featuring Big Brooklyn Red (BBE promo)
Roots Manuva - Get The Get, Slugabed Remix (Ninja Tune promo)
Walton - 808 Vybzin (Hyperdub promo)
Kevin McPhee - Sleep (Idle Hands promo)
Cubic Zirconia feat Bilal - Night Or Day (Brownswood promo)
Oddisee - The Carter Barron (Mello)
Fatima - Mind (Eglo)
Colonel Red - I Will Be There (Tokyo Dawn Records)
Scienz Of Life - Break The Spell, SOS rmx (Manz At Work Mixtape #2)
DELS - Capsize, Lucasse Island Redub (Big Dada promo)
Saturn Never Sleeps - Divine (SNS)
Thundercat - Seasons (Brainfreeder)
Thundercat - For Love I Come (Brainfeeder)
Klaus - Tusk (R&S)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

BLNRB - Welcome To The Madhouse (OutHere)

'Ma Bhoom Bhoom Bhoom' is on repeat for the 4th time in a row as we bounce along to this house tune with the sounds of raw African percussion swinging in the background and the insanely catchy track title repeated over and over locking us into it's deep dubbed hypnotic groove. Welcome to the sounds of BLNRB - Welcome To The Madhouse the latest journey into the sounds of urban Africa from one of the genre's most reliable chroniclers and disseminators - Out Here Records.

Out Here kick started life and were brought to our attention when they started releasing some well selected compilations of the better produced and more African music flavoured slices of the continents urban music, as opposed to the raw slices of often hash, music light, urban tunes that more often than not drive the scene. The sounds of Africa for western ears well detached from the realities of young urban Africa or discerning selections, depending on your point of view. All we knew was most of the tunes became staples in our dj sets and we were grateful to be able to get our hands on some of the then more elusive tunes rocking the continent.

Well with this project Out Here are championing a more pro-active approach to Urban African music by releasing the fruits of a Goethe-Institut & Debruder Teichmann project that took some well known faces on the Berlin music scene down to Nairobi, Kenya to collaborate, meet and mingle with the local talent and the results are electric. As mentioned a lot of African music suffers from poor production values, which is perfectly understandable due to lack of facilities not to mention often intermittent power supplies and more pressing funding issues than the wealthy north, so to hear the immensely talented Nairobi crew: Mister Abbas, Kimya, Lon'Jon, Naziai, blind singer Michel Ongaru, Just A Band and Ukoo Flani to mention just a few riding some sick bang up to date, tightly produced, well mastered riddims is a wonderful thing.

The collaborations came to fruition in two studios established in a Nairobi townhouse where everyone in the project worked, performed and lived together. The previously named bands were invited but word spread like swine flu around Nairobi and there was soon a frenzy of artists coming and going and the now famous Madhouse was born.

After a first concert in Nairobi in 2009 the Berliners went back to Kenya in 2010 for a few weeks and it was during this period, that the first recordings of the presented tracks were made. In December 2010, the musicians from Nairobi went to Berlin for a concert night to celebrate the collaboration, the project being hailed a great success.

Now after the live show the CD has dropped and you really have to check it. From the catchy electro hip house vibes of 'Madhouse', Jahcoozi, Little King & Robo riding the ominous bass heavy dubstep of 'Take It Higher', Just A Band indie rocking out in 'Room For Me', the deep dubbed house vibes of 'Ma Bhoom Bhoom Bhoom' and 'Everyday Without You' to a whole host of more traditional hip hop tempo riddims all laced with the sounds of cutting edge production gear and a catchy, infectious African musical sensibility which lights up every track it touches. This is the sounds of joy, cultural curiosity, musical exploration and new friendships and a real winner of an album start to finish.

Check out the Dala Dala (Out Here's killer sound system crew) album mix for a healthy taster of the projects musical delights:


Here's a little video about the making of the project: