Thursday, 28 April 2011

Amon Tobin - ISAM (Ninja Tune)

So some nice person has leaked the new Amon Tobin album, ISAM, prior to release so Ninja Tune have rushed out the digital release to try and salvage some sales, you can buy it at the Ninja Shop or less supportively through Itunes. The particularly well packaged physical releases will go ahead as planned on May 23rd - oh the joys of running a record label in 2011. Here's a little preview of it's delights:

'ISAM' Preview by Amon Tobin

We have only listened to the album briefly due to it's recent arrival and can't comment fully but it's as intriguing as you'd expect with more depth and ideas than your usual and plenty of hidden layers to keep your attention through repeat listening. What we were ABSOLUTELY blown away with though was the live show which is just next level Audio Visual shizzle - check it!

We also liked the press release so check it out:

"What is "ISAM"? A transmission from a distant planet? A gateway into an alternate reality? A codename for a new psychotropic? A freshly discovered planet? A secret swinger's network? A liberation theology? A soundtrack to the ultimate snuff movie? Nonsense? The only sense in town?

Re-drawing and blurring the lines between psychedelia and sci-fi, between art and entertainment, between sound design and melody, Amon Tobin has created the finest, most intense work of his very considerable career, an extension and refinement of everything he has achieved thus far, a crowning achievement in the process that he describes as "re-ordering the things around me."

Tobin’s earliest work, in his own words, "took bits of existing music from old records and tried to find new contexts for them." This led to albums like "Bricolage" and "Supermodified" (the clues being in the titles). Gradually, though, the samples “got smaller and smaller and more processed until they became less about context or reference and more like a physical reincarnation of sounds."This led to the next stage in Tobin’s development, his last album, "Foley Room," where he followed a Cage-ian tack and "looked at all sounds as potentially musical," ending up using his own field recordings of lions, wolves, bees, factories and so on. With "ISAM" Amon started with field recordings but then synthesised the sounds and built them into actual playable instruments. With these instruments he then created the album. The vocals are Amon Tobin's for the first time, synthesised and gender modified. "It's by far the most exciting development in my personal quest for some control over
nature," Tobin explains. "Anything from a grain of found sound to my own voice can be transformed into something new."

The result is a record of uncharacteristic depth and richness (intellectual, emotional and aural), one which sets your synapses crackling with dread and beauty, reminiscence and speculation, or just the pure apprehension of sound, accomplishing most of the hopes and dreams of dubstep, for instance, without even bothering to limit itself to having to be dubstep (which isn’t to say it doesn’t have some of the most terrifying bass rumbles your sternum will feel this side of Hell). Rarely has a piece of music made the listener feel so completely immersed in a new world, with all the strangeness, excitement and, occasionally, fear that entails. Once you begin listening to "ISAM," anything written about it becomes redundant. A truly outstanding piece of work, it should establish once and for all Amon Tobin's well-earned right to sit at the very top table of electronic music making.

To celebrate the (scheduled) album release Tobin has collaborated with artist Tessa Farmer combining her trademark sculptures (constructed from bits of organic material, such as roots, dead insects and bones) with his sound design and elements of the forthcoming album to help capture the themes surrounding ISAM: sensory deprivation, disorienting situationism and the mechanisation of natural things. Exhibition details:
26th May - 5th June (11am - 5pm everyday) Crypt Gallery, below St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BA

Here's a little taster of what the installation will look like:

Amon Tobin Website
Tessa Farmer Website
Ninja Tune Website

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Fatima - Innervision (Eglo)

This is a stunning new track from Fatima produced by Floating 'cant do no wrong' Points. Fatima just lets it all out over a rumbling bassline and minimal keys and that my friends is more than enough. Unfortunately the bottom end doesn't come out too well when played through Youtube so make sure you pick up the single when it drops for the full audio monty and if you can't wait check next weeks radio show!

Fatima Myspace
Eglo Records Soundcloud

Mount Kimbie - Carbonated EP (Hot Flush)

You are going to have to wait for this one as it's not out until June 27th on the ever reliable Hot Flush recordings but Mount Kimbie are releasing another single from the Crooks and Lovers album alongside two previously unreleased tracks 'Flux' and 'Bave's Chords'. There will also be some remixes as well from Airhead (album coming soon on Brainmath), DJ Peter Van Hoesen and Klaus

As a little taster you can grab this free download and stream of 'Baves Chords' from the EP - happy days.

If that's not enough to satisy you Kimbie cravings then you can also check some live footage of them recorded at Abbey Road of all places as part of the new Channel 4 programme Abbey Road Debuts. I can't embed but hit this link instead.

Mount Kimbie Myspace
Hot Flush Records Website

Blitz The Ambassador - Native Sun (Jakarta)

We haven't been as excited about an African hip hop album since Emmanuel Jal's, 'Ceasefire' album. Most African hip hop seems to ignore their rich musical heritate as a ready source of sample material or inspiration but Blitz has incorporated Afrobeat, highlife and kora music into an old school hip hop framework to produce a wonderfully warm, cohesive album with some conscious lyrics.

We're really happy to give you this opportunity to stream the album via Youtube a week before it's official release date. Don't forget to buy the album though if you like it and want him to produce more great records. You can pre-order the album here.

Blitz The Ambassador Myspace
Jakarta Records Website

Tokimonsta - Creature Dreams EP (Brainfeeder)

The press release says:
"Jennifer Lee aka TOKiMONSTA prefers to work late - or early, depending on how you look at it. Most of her music is made between two and seven in the morning, because at that time of night "my mind works in strange and mysterious ways." Hence the title of this EP, a series of warm but decidedly woozy pieces of music, the soundtrack to the oddest, most beautiful dreams you've ever had.

From the bouncing bass-beds of "Bright Shadows," the Cocteau's-meet-LA-Beat of "Darkest Dim" (like "Little Pleasures," featuring the exquisite vocals of Gavin Turek), on into "Moving Forward" (which sounds like the music R2D2 makes love to), the driving, relentless beat of "Day Job," this is an EP suffused with both warmth and creativity.

We say:
For us this is Tokimonsta's best work to date. The tracks have an extra depth and musicality to them compared to her previous work, giving this release a timeless quality so lacking with a lot of todays beat generation. The EP is strong start to finish and an evolutionary leap for this promising producer..

If you want a little taste of what the lady can do then here's a little bootleg mix of Télépopmusik’s 'Breath' track she knocked up. If you like it hit up her Soundcloud page I believe you might still be able to download it.
Breath on my Contacts by TOKiMONSTA

Tokimonsta Website
Brainfeeder Website