Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mount Kimbie - Carbonated EP (Hot Flush)

You are going to have to wait for this one as it's not out until June 27th on the ever reliable Hot Flush recordings but Mount Kimbie are releasing another single from the Crooks and Lovers album alongside two previously unreleased tracks 'Flux' and 'Bave's Chords'. There will also be some remixes as well from Airhead (album coming soon on Brainmath), DJ Peter Van Hoesen and Klaus

As a little taster you can grab this free download and stream of 'Baves Chords' from the EP - happy days.

If that's not enough to satisy you Kimbie cravings then you can also check some live footage of them recorded at Abbey Road of all places as part of the new Channel 4 programme Abbey Road Debuts. I can't embed but hit this link instead.

Mount Kimbie Myspace
Hot Flush Records Website