Monday, 2 May 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - April 29, 2011

So it's the all new Audio Texture radio show. Well, all new in name, having previously been called the Global SoulJah & BBE Records Radio Show for the last 3 years. The show is still an hour long and exactly the same musical idea, an hour long 'mixtape' made up of a few of my favourite tunes and new releases that have been sent my way. Got to say a BIG BIG thank you to BBE for letting me collaborate with them over 150+ shows, it's been an honour to be associated with such a great label..

Kicking off this week with a beautiful, sparse new vocal winner from Fatima & Floating Points before ducking into a track from a dusty old C90 New York mixtape discovered by All City record store co-founder - Splyce, who are The Midnight Eez? Tokimonsta then provided the 2011 New York vibes with a track from her forthcoming EP on Brainfeeder, dreamy late night listening meandered nicely into a track from the pleasantly melodic new Amon Tobin album which has been digitally released early due to some nice person deciding to leak the album.

1000 Names then provided some incredibly soporific  beats before I dropped one of the deeper and darker Submotion Orchestra cuts from their forthcoming album. Live bass music never sounded so good. Machine Drum then provided some crazy psychedelic pop juke fusion to liven up proceedings which paved the way nicely for Japanese melodic beat smith Serph and a track from his about to be released new LP. JSBL then got a bit grimey and funky with a track called 'Project Mayham Sandwich' from the fresh What A Fine Mess We Made compilation from those nice Austrian chaps Affine records. Balding long haired French jazz fusionists Cortex then kept the funk flowing before Australian Afrobeat bad boys The Liberators graced the airwaves with a nice jazzy cut from their new album due on Record Kicks very soon.

I had to drop another taster from the Prommer and Barck album coming very soon on Derwin records. It really is an album with depth and variety, every track is a killer and it is that rare thing a really cohesive and timeless house music album and trust me those are few and far between. Milyoo then rudely cut in with some deep cosmic beats with more drum hits than John Bonham on speed and some lovely vibes. The show then finished with, due to time constraints, a loop of the new Erodiscotique track 'Downtown' which is a nice little collaboration between Dimitri from Paris and DJ Rocca on Gomma. I will play the track in it's entirety next week.

Fatima and Floating Points - Innervision (Eglo promo)
The Midnight Eez - Day Break (All City)
Tokimonsta - Darkest (Dim) feat. Gavin Turek (Brainfeeder promo)
Amon Tobin - Lost and Found (Ninja Tune)
1000 Names - 50 Elephants Mix 2 (Personal Records)
Submotion Orchestra - Back Chat (Exceptional Promo)
Machine Drum - Sacred Frequency (Planet Mu promo)
Serph - Film (Noble promo)
JSBL - Project Mayhem Sandwich (Affine)
Cortex - Huit Octobre 1971 (Tradvibe)
The Liberators - Monkey Face (Record Kicks promo)
Prommer and Barck - Pictures Of The Sea, Love Theme (Derwin promo)
Milyoo - Phonix (Saigon promo)
Erodiscotique - Downtown (Gomma)