Monday, 16 May 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - May 13, 2011

Happy Days, Red Snapper have got a new album, always something to celebrate in my book and this one doesn't disappoint and with quite a few mellower tracks on as the opening 'You Read My Cards Wrong' track testifies. Caural has a 'new' project with long term collaborator Jason Hunt which was originally conceived in 1995 and is now finally seeing the light of day, swapping the beats for a rockier edge - check it. Somethinksounds, the label of the Somethinkblue crew, aren't releasing much but what they are is quality, as the new Lucky Paul EP testifies - look out for the wicked Elephino remix as well. Electric Cowbell have realized not everyone has got a record player and are about to put out a CD and digital compilation of it's collectible 45's showcasing the varied sound of the big apple.

Zackey Force Funk is usually more at home robbing banks with baseball bats but has found the time to come out with an EP of grimy electro funk on fledgling label Machino Muerte, nasty shit as the 'Pistolgrip' track testifies. I like him. Letherette then showed that, after the Young Montana? album, the west midlands is the next hottest beat making center of the universe, I like their fresh take on vintage music. Now Mo Kolours has been getting a lot of love and rightly so and his debut EP is now in the shops, go buy, it's as fresh as anything out there as the 'Dead Of Night' taster shows. Also out about now is the LV album and it's a great fusion of dubstep's ruder roots and the new more sophisticated post dubstep sounds.

The Jono McCleery hype machine is gearing up and rightly so. The album is out end of year but Counter are starting to tease with some new bits and choice remixes including a killer Seiji remix, easily the most interesting thing he's done in years. Holly Cook then brightened up proceedings with 'Milk and Honey' from her reggae meets soul and pop, debut album, set to soundtrack many a BBQ it could be massive, she's the daughter of Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols don't you know. Now Birdy is a 14 year old being swept up by the hype machine and making Bon Ivor fans hate her in equal measure and some cheecky remixes arrived this week. I dropped the Lunice remix but the Jack Sparrow twist is growing on me, seek them out.

Mayer Hawthorne has just released a free download of 6 cover versions, 'Work It Out' being my favourite, check my Mayer blog post for more info. Americana is a new comp coming from BBE focussing on the murky world of AOR (look it up) and it's fusions with the world of black American music from days gone by - smooth, sexy, grooving and your mum will like it as well. SoulParlor is putting out an album on Tokyo Dawn soon and it's full of progressive beats, soul jazz flavours and a hip hop/spoken word twist not to mention some nice remixes, look out for it. As promised I finally dropped the Erodiscotique cut from Dimitri from Paris and DJ Rocca which led nicely into a new Moodyman remix of Billie Holiday from a generally pretty poor set of new Verve remixes before finishing off with some great techno bassline business from Breach and T. Williams.

Red Snapper - Your Read My Cards Wrong (V2 Benelux promo)
Boy King Islands - Lights In My Sky (Eat Concrete promo)
Lucky Paul - Thought We Were Alone (Somethinksounds promo)
Superhuman Happiness - Human Happiness (Electric Cowbell promo)
Zackey Force Funk - Pistolgrip (Machino Muerte promo)
Letherette - Shoe Be Do (Ho_Tep promo)
Mo Kolours - Dead Of Night (One Handed Music)
LV ft Joshua Idehen - Murkish Delights (Keysound promo)
Jono McCleery - Garden, Seiji remix (Counter Records promo)
DZA - Twat (Project Moon Circle/Jus Like Music promo)
Hollie Cook - Milk and Honey (Mr Bongo promo)
Birdy - Skinny Love, Lunice remix (White)
Mayer Hawthorne - Work To Do (free download)
Midnight Flyer - I Just Want To Love You (BBE promo)
SoulParlor - Real feat Colonel Red, Opolopo rmx (Tokyo Dawn promo)
Erodiscotique - Downtown (Gomma)
Billie Holiday - That Ol Devil Called Love, Moodyman rmx (Verve promo)
Breach - Fatherless, T. Williams remix (PTN promo)