Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Banda Black Rio - Super Nova Samba Funk (Far Out)

We almost spat our tea all over the computer screen when we got the notification this morning of a new Banda Black Rio album. Having just revovered we then almost choked on our toast and marmite when we read they had also dragged Seu Jorge, Marcio Local, Elza Soares and Caetano Veloso amongst others into the studio as well. They've even enlisted Flame Killer and GOD PT3 from the Mobb Deep crew on 'Back to the Project' to share their ghetto drug and violence tales, all too familiar in the favelas, to keep the cross cultural vibes right up to date.

Now that wouldn't be much good if the music didn't sound good and from the track snippets below it look like the album is going to be one of the soundtracks to our summer. There is uptempo vocal jazz fusion on 'Louis Lane' feat Seu Jorge, one of our favourite modern samba soulsters, Marcio Local doing the business on the broken, building soul killer 'Quem Vem Lá', the fresh Brazilian boogie of 'Som De Preto' and the classic sounding string laden mellow vibes of 'Aos Pes do Redentor' featuring Caetano Veloso.

So with no further ado check out what it sounds like:

Banda Black Rio - Super Nova Samba Funk by Far Out Recordings

Here's a classic slice of Banda Black Rio doing it live back in the day followed by a bit more info about the group and the project from the press release:

Formed in Rio De Janeiro, 1976, Banda Black Rio pioneered the soul-funk movement in Brazil led by renowned saxophonist Oberdan Magalhaes. As global stars of the politically charged Black Rio movement, emerging almost a decade earlier from the Soul Brasileiro genre, BBR brought together Rio’s black funk scene to rally against repression, a conservative record industry and white middle class press to mobilise disenchanted black Brazilian youth against the military dictatorship that mirrored the struggles in North America. Banda Black Rio released a string of unforgettable recordings in the late-1970s from 1977 debut album, Maria Fumaça, on Warner Music to 1978’s Gafieira Universal on RCA Recordings that is considered one of the all-time great Brazilian jazz-funk records. The third album, SaciPererê, was also released in 1978 by which point the band had made a lasting impact both in Brazil and abroad. Following the death of original band leader Oberdan Magalhães in 1984 the band stopped recording and performing. Far Out’s Joe Davis helped the rare-groove scene rediscover BBR in the early 90s supplying the top DJs such as Gilles Peterson and Norman Jay with the imported vinyl before celebrated artists such as Mos Def and Incognito recorded their songs to further resurrect the legendary band’s name. With a renaissance in Brazil's black music culture led by a new generation of soul, funk and hip hop artists BBR finally arrived back with a brand new formation for comeback album Rebirth in 2000, before launching their most ambitious project to date with 2011’s Super Nova Samba Funk – the group’s sixth studio album produced and led by William Magalhães.

The philosophy on Super Nova Samba Funk remains the same: celebrating the musicality of black Brazil through strong lyrical representation and its unique combination of jazz, funk, soul, samba and gafieira. Title track opener Super Nova Samba Funk and Samba Nova are two instrumental tracks that showcase Rio’s finest players who together form BBR. Isabela combines elegant brass, jazz and gafieira swing that counts the special input of Elza Soares – the legendary scatting samba singer – and Cesar Carmargo Mariano – the famed pianist and arranger, father of Maria Rita, and husband to Elis Regina. Irerê is built around a beautiful melody sung to Africa by Gilberto Gil – bossa nova MPB and tropilcalia revolutionary. Nossa Jornada, Final Feliz and Aos Pés do Redentor, featuring Tropicalia and bossa pioneer Caetano Veloso, confirm Afro-Brazilian roots exist in bossa nova and samba.

Seu Jorge – world famous Brazilian musician, singer, songwriter and actor famed for his roles in City of God and Life Aquatic whose latest music project with Almaz signed to Stones Throw Records – distinctive samba vocals fire the infectious Brazilian soul-pop of Louis Lane; Marcio Local – a major new Brazilian star signed to David Byrne’s Luaka Bop imprint – combines samba and soul on the swinging “carioca” melody Quem Vem lá. Rap and R&B brings respected artists such as Dom Pixote and Mano Brown as well as notorious Queens, New York, rappers from the million-selling Mobb Deep crew Flame Killer – extensively featured with Mobb Deep – and God Pt3 – leading member in Blaq Mobb & Infamous Mobb – on US East Coast hip-hop collaboration track Back to the Project.