Monday, 16 May 2011

Hollie Cook - Hollie Cook (Mr. Bongo)

So let's get the hype out of the way first, Hollie is the daughter of Paul Cook, who if you are 50, you might remember as the drummer from the sex pistols. So growing up she was surrounded by music and musicians which could explain the career choice and the fact she ditched performing arts school to go on tour with Ari Up and the reformed Slits. Can't blame her really.

The next steps on her career were collaborations with Ian Brown, Jamie T and most importantly Prince Fatty where the seeds of this album were sown. Now Hollie is a fan of classic reggae singers like Janet Kay and Phyllis Dillon as well as classic 60's girl groups and with Prince Fatty she has produced a fresh sounding reggae hybrid which at first we found a bit unsettling but soon learnt to love, Hollie calls it 'Tropical Pop'. Her voice has a sweet innocence to it and coupled with some authentic roots reggae riddims it's a lethal combination. We're telling you this album could be everywhere over the summer, and if it is, the warmer months will sound a whole lot better for it.

If that wasn't enough you also get the likes of Omar, Dennis bovell, George Dicker (Pioneers), Style Scott and Horseman all involved for good measure. Now 'Milk and Honey' might not need an introduction as it got widespread radio play from the Prince Fatty album and featured on Grey's Anatomy but this album is far from a one trick pony. We are also loving 'Cry(Disco Mix)' which juxtaposes Hollies sweet vocals with some gruffer ruffer male vocals, her immense version of the Shangri-Las' 'Walkin In The Sand' and the affarirs of the heart winner 'That Very Night', though the album is full of crackers start to finish.
Here's a couple of little tasters for you:

Walking In The Sand by Hollie Cook

Milk & Honey by Hollie Cook

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