Monday, 2 May 2011

Paul White - The Strange Dreams Of Paul White ( OHM - Free download)

Paul White album cover
So the last ever physical copy of Paul White's debut album, The Strange Dreams Of Paul White has finally sold out and if you didn't buy it you missed out on a well packaged treat as the accompanying photo ably demonstrates, respect to Wahab Tailors of Whitechapel!. OK so it doesn't really slot too well into your CD racks and will probably need dry cleaning once in a while but it's great to see an artist and label thinking outside the (plastic CD) box.

If that wasn't enough then there is also some damn fine music in that cute little exterior. Paul White has been making his own blend of widely influenced, instrumental and pleasingly musical beats for a while and as the label has decided to offer up this album for free download we suggest you head over to his bandcamp page and grab it double quick.  We're checking it again and it's getting us all juiced up about his forthcoming Rapping With Paul White album release. Don't forget his other little delights as well like the pysch rock MPC meeting of worlds Paul White & The Purple Brain.

Paul White - The strange Dreams Of Paul White (OHM) - Free Download
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