Monday, 9 May 2011

Prommer And Barck - Alex & The Grizzly (Derwin)

To call this album a house music album would do it a bit of a disservice as it wouldn't adequately allude to the sheer craft, musicality and creativity these 11 tracks contain and let's face it, the amount of good house music albums over the years is pretty minimal, whereas this is an enthralling, structured listen start to finish.

Prommer and Barck have always been involved in projects where good old live music has been married with studio trickery as their Drum Lesson and Jazzanova musical escapades will testify so as well as the boys singing the musician credits also include Dollkraut, Kim Sanders, James Teej, Eva Milner, Sascha Gottschalk and Uwe Karpa, To be honest the names didn't initially ring any bells but they certainly deliver the goods.

The whole album will be performed live as well which can only be a smart move in these days of diminishing revenues from record sales and they've also set up their own record label, Derwin, to release the album and it's ensuing remixes although Best Work, Permanent Vacation and Gigoloa have already given us single tasters of the album.

So it's always good to have a listen rather than be swayed by the opinions of others so check this little taster, 'Sleeping Beauty' a lovely soulful, life affirming, string laden, builder of a track:

Latest tracks by Derwin Recordings

As for the rest of the album, musicality and variety is where it's at. From the dreamy soulful opener 'Pictures Of The Sea' which floats you gently into the album to the deep brooding Detroit multi tempo soul of'Lovin', which you might have heard on our radio show a couple of weeks back. You get the warm summer sounds of 'Everything', the classic old school vibes of 'Gladys Knight' and 'The Barking Grizzle' not to mention the slo-mo folk sounds of 'Faces From The Past'. There really is something here for everyone but we recommend starting at the start, finishing at the finish and going along for the 80 minute ride, it really is time well spent.

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