Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Young Montana - Limerence (Alpha Pup)

Young Montana is an old head on young shoulders. Tipped as one of the next bright young things by Mary Anne Hobbs in 2010 at 20 years of age already he is producing beats as cultured as anyone around. Not only is he putting in more flavours than Ferran Adria the soul and funk always shines through the density and complex programming, something a lot of his contemporaries struggle to do, often losing themselves in a swamp of fashionable plug-ins, dense compression and overly spasmodic beats.

A largely instrumental album he does manage to slip in a killer hip hop track with Stainless Steele flowing effortlessly over some crunchy, crackly yet melodic beats. Apart from that vocal duty is performed by small slices of cut up, heavily manipulated vocals lovingly splattered over the other ten cuts. There are no real duffers on the album and the album flows pleasingly from folk hop, via future electro boogie and neo classical tropical mutant hybrids to peak time twisted club bangers, largely at a hip hop tempo.

All in all this is a stunning debut album that is never formulaic or predictable, packed full of musical twists and turns and one that deserves repeated listens. We might even have a future classic on our hands and definitely one of the beat albums of the year.

Young Montana Soundcloud
Alpha Pup Records Website
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