Thursday, 2 June 2011

Miles Bonny - Lumberjack Soul (Melting Pot Music)

Miles Bonny could well be your next favourite soul singer. After gracing the soul underground for the last few years his debut album, on the ever excellent MPM record label from Cologne, could well be what deservedly pushes this singer into the wider consciousness.

Dubbed as "the missing link between D'Angelo and Willy Nelson" (!) this Kansas city resident is the son of professional trumpet player, Frances Bonny. He played his first notes at the tender age of two and whilst attending rehearsals with his dad he met and was inspired by the likes of Tito Puente and Max Roach, now that's what we call musical pedigree.

Miles has already released a few singles and collaborated with the likes of DJ Day, Shawn Lee, 74 Miles Away and Portformat amongst other Audio Texture favorites and the new album contains his early releases as well as five new tracks. Production credits are spread far and wide with DJ Day, The Ins, Suff Daddy, Kova, Testiculo Y Uno, Nicholas Kopernicus, 74 Miles Away and others all involved in the knob twiddling.

The album could probably be summed up as Sunday morning soul, with most tracks structured around languid beats and smokey trumpet licks with the exception a couple of tracks including his cover of The Meters, 'Handclapping Song' which gets all funky and uptempto just as you are sinking into the album's lazy, sensuous folds. Covers play an important part in the album with the Rapael Saadiq tracks 'Still Ray' & 'What's Life Like', Jerry Butler's 'Hey Birly' and even Kermit The Frog's, 'A Song From Kermit', we kid you not, intertwined amongst the original compositions.

There are no duffers on the album and it's a great listen start to finish right with particular highlights being the jazzy delights of 'Yes I Do', the uplifting 'Learning To Fly', the hoarse, "countrified", 'Nuthin' But Chu' and all the covers which are all exceptional, but there really is nothing that's going to make you want to skip a track.

Here is the video and slow sexy musical delights of 'J. Birly':

Check the full album and pre-order from Bandcamp:

Check 'Nuthin' but Chu' below and download for free on the MPM site here

Miles Bonny - Nothing But You by MPMCGN

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