Monday, 4 July 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - July 1, 2011

It's the third week running we've played a track from the new Finest Ego 12" from Project Moon Circle and for good reason -it's great, especially the Pavel Dovgal side as 'Faust' again proves. Experimental AngloArabic fusion was then the order of the day courtesy of the interesting new Aida Nadeem album, Beyond Destruction. The experimentalism continues with 'Heist' by Softland followed by a pleasing (albeit not so experimental) Natural Magnetic remix of Beautiful Lie from the recent and recommended Nostalgia 77 album.

The intriguing Vegetable Orchestra then twisted their home made vegetable instruments into a moody, crackly, stringy, atmospheric downbeat killer before Sqaramouche injected some melody into his quirky and engaging beats. Offshore then provided some great, catchy, indie vocal drum and bass which deserves a bigger audience. Now we almost didn't play any Com Truise on the show because his name is so bad but 2 or 3 tracks from the recent album are pretty dope as the stuttering beats and synth funk melodies of 'Cathode Girls' showed.

Now La Fine Equipe have just released a monster compilation showcasing the next generation of French beat making talent so we picked out 3 of the best tunes with a soul heart and a progressive outlook. Look out for the likes of oOgo, Blanka and Hoosky to be taking up the mantles laid down by Onra and the like in 2012. Now Michael Kiwanuka is a hot young soul talent from London in the great tradition of the genre and his 'Tell Me A Tale' is almost as good as it gets.

Ilyas Ahmed then graced the show with some loose, scuzzy, pysched out folk vibes before B.Bravo dropped some of his trademark instrumental soul. As you may have read in our previous blog post Banda Black Rio are back with a new album and 'Isabels' featuring Elza Soares and Cesar Camargo Mariano, not to mention the large part of the album, showed they have lost none of their quality and fusion expertise. BBII then provided a nice jazz funk fusion end to the show.

Pavel Dovgal - Faust (Project Moon Circle promo)
Aida Nadeem - Ahlam (URUK)
Softland - Heist (Spezialmaterial)
Nostalgia 77 - Beautiful Lie, Natural Magnetic Rmx (Tru-Thoughts)
Vegetable Orchestra - Nightshades (Transacoustic Research/Monkey promo)
Sqaramouche - Traitarious Queue (Nonine)
Offshore - Pearls & Butler feat. Cienfuegos (Big Dada promo)
Com Truise - Cathode Girls (Ghostly International)
oOgo - Canistrelli (La Fine Equipe promo)
Blanka - Fraisier ((La Fine Equipe promo)
Hoosky - Dog Cookies (La Fine Equipe promo)
Michael Kiwanuka - Tell Me A Tale (Communion Records)
Ilyas Ahmed - Ignored The End (Immune)
B.Bravo - Bubble Showers (Earnest Endeavours)
Banda Black Rio - Isabela feat. Elza Soares & Cesar Camargo Mariano (Far Out)
BBII - Car Chase (Fresh Up)