Monday, 25 July 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - July 22, 2011

The Southern hemisphere's Jonti kicked off this weeks show with some wonderful musical beats and it looks like he's going to be hitting everyone's radar with the release of his debut album, Twiligi, on Stones Throw this autumn - bring it on. Stones Throw subsidiary Now-Again then provided some classic soul vibes courtesy of Thomas East from their hard earned, labour of love compilation True Soul. Buy association vs Organica feat. Bilal and Bilal Salaam then kept the soul vibes flowing and I'm happy to announce that the Manz At Work mixtape the track was gleaned from announces the imminent arrival of not one but two record labels which will initially be focused on the work of the one and only IG Culture. You will be hearing more about this as and when the labels develop, needless to say we are super excited.

We then had to remind you of how good Mathisas Stubo was with the fresh boogie vibes of 'I Never Knew' before the ever interesting David Borsu kept the disco vibrations vibrating with the unfortunately named but worthy 'Murtis Kayfield'. Om-Unit, like so many new producers these days, have just set up a record label called Cosmic Bridge (great name!) and their debut is a fine mix of bass heavy beats and some nice melodic keys. fLako then kept the beats rolling with some deep beats and soul flavours from the excellent fresh new compilation from Project Moon Circle focussing on the new beat making talent from the UK and Ireland. Mark Pritchard then provided the riddim for UK MC Trim, who is all over everywhere at the moment,  to drop some lewd London lyrics.

Afro vibes were then the order of the day, first off with the Jesse Hackett remix of the Owiny Sigoma Band and then surprisingly with 'Fassirimar' from the latest Soundspecies EP, which is more Konono no. 1 than UK soul boy, those boys are versatile. Alex HotFlush then provided the remix under his new Incyde moniker that strips down Falty DL's, 'Eight 18 Ten' to the bare essentials. Now Naive Machine is coming through with a new EP and it contains a couple of killer cuts and we are particularly liking the twisted percussive beats of 'Afrika'

Now Shabazz Palaces, once of the Digable Planets has come through like a modern day Watts Prophets with his new album, deep, dark, leftfield and uncompromising as the 'Youlogy' track ably demonstrates. We then had a guilty pleasure moment when we dropped Widowspeak's version of Chris Isaacs, 'Wicked Game' before Diagram launched some great quirky beats and a lyrical tribute to 'Woking' of all places. My favourite modern Italian soundtrack producer Teho Teardo then provided a great live soundscape recording which sees the launch of his new Specula label which we will be keeping a keen eye on.

Jonti - Begone Slumber (Stones Throw promo)
Thomas East - Slipping Around (Now-Again)
Buy association vs Organica feat. Bilal and Bilal Salaam - Space Volume/Change My Mind (Manz At Work Volume 1)
Mathias Stubo - I Never Knew (BBE)
David Borsu - Murtis Kayfield (Broadcite promo)
Om Unit vs Kromestar - Solar Cycle (Cosmic Bridge)
fLako - Blurry Dream (Project Moon Circle promo)
Pritch & Trim - Kiss My Arse (Planet Mu promo)
Owiny Sigoma Band - Margaret Okudo, Jesse Hackett Dancehall remix (Brownsood)
Soundspecies - Fassirimar (Round In Motion)
Falty DL - Eight 18 Ten, Incyde remix (Planet Mu promo)
Naive Machine - Afrika (Hit & Hope promo)
Shabazz Palaces - Youlogy (Sub Pop)
Widowspeak - Wicked Game (Captured Tracks)
Diagrams - Woking (Full Time Hobby)
Teho Teardo - Oh Hook (Specula promo)