Sunday, 31 July 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - July 29, 2011

So this weeks show has a decidedly experimental slant with loads of hard to pronounce artists and track titles in the playlist which we feel is always a good sign. Fennesz kicked off the proceedings with some sublime electronic noodlings from his excellent new 10" before the great meeting of Scottish folk and subtle electronics which is the King Creosote & John Hopkins album kept the contemplative vibes flowing. Our senses were then teased by the no barriers sounds of Hertta Lussu Assu which sigueued nicely into the equally vague but more structured sounds of Tomutonttu.

Now I've still got a Danger Mouse mix CD he handed to me after a Jazzy Jeff dj session in London when he was still hustling hard, just before the Grey album changed his fortunes and his latest project with Daniele Luppi is a thing of cinematic joy despite EMI throwing Nora Jones into the equation. The wonderfully named 'The Gambling Priest' track is one of the many great tunes on the album. Nu Soul was then the order of the day with another winner from The Heart Vol. 2 compilation in the form of Colonel Red and 'I Will Be There' before Slakah The Beatchild dropped the equally as good 'The Cure' from his new deluxe EP on BBE.

King Midas Sound has had a couple of make overs, a broken beat purplization job from Kuedo and a dark dub from Mala, with the Kuedo twist making the show before Om Mas Keith dropped some cultured pop vibes from his All City EP before great Turkish disco edit vibes from Edip Akbayram & Dostlar prooves the Middle East also had the funk, if not the platforms and flairs. Nochexxx has ditched his computer for an MPC and Ramp are putting out the twisted results including our favourite 'Savage Herald' very soon. Now Raoul Sinier is a very talented producer and multi instrumentalist and we particularly liked the raucous beats of 'Green Lights' from his new Guilty Cloaks album.

Benjamin Brunn was responsible for the dreamy house vibes that changed the mood considerably before we gave you a little taster of the twisted disco delights of the new Nebraska material in the shape of, 'Phtalo Blues'. Zed Bias then ended the show in nice cover version style giving the Soul II Soul classic 'Fairplay' a great little update for today's bass obsessed dancefloors. Look out for his new album coming at the end of the summer on the ever diversifying Tru Thoughts.

Fennesz - July (Touch Tone)
King Creosote & John Hopkins - Bats In The Attic (Domino)
Hertta Lussu Assa - Mehukkaat Luut/Juicy Bones (De Stijl)
Tomutonttu - Lautta Lahtee (New Images)
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - The Gambling Priest (EMI)
Colonel Red - I Will Be There (Tokyo Dawn)
Slakah The Beatchild - The Cure (BBE)
King Midas Sound - Goodbye Girl, Kuedo rmx (Hyperdub promo)
Om Mas Keith - Girls A Player (All City)
Edip Akbayra & Dostlar - Ayrilik (Nublu)
Nochexxx - Savage Herald (Ramp promo)
Raoul Sinier - Green Lights (Ad Noiseam)
Benjamin Brunn - Don't Cry For Yesterday (Ashes promo)
Nebraska - Phtalo Blues (Rush Hour promo)
Zed Bias - Fairplay feat Jenna G (Tru Thoughts promo)