Sunday, 10 July 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - July 8, 2011

Adventures from the more experimental side of jazz kicked off this weeks show courtesy of Splice and a track from their new album LAB before the more credible side of the whole cover band phenomenon reared it's head and Moondog lovers, Hobocombo, dropped the delicate, vocal delights of 'All Is Loneliness'. Now we've been keeping an eye on Raffertie and his ascent into the electronic music hall of fame and he just seems to get better and better as his new ep for Ninja Tune and the track  'You Could Be Forgiven For Thinking That' ably testifies. The new Mount Kimbie album is very near release and it's good to see the boys are not resting on their laurels as the melodic post dubstep tones of 'Flux' float out of the speakers.

Tokyo Dawn have been ploughing a solid release furrow over the last few years with a string of strong albums and they are about to release the second installment of their The Heart compilation series of nu-soul talent and it's another winner with everyone from Colonel Red and Reggie B to a whole host of lesser known but rising soulsters like Rachel Claudio, Amalia and Erik Rico, amongst others. We couldn't resist following that by a nice instrumental version of the ever fresh 'Get Down Saturday Night' which laid the carpet for the classic 'A New You In '82' from back in the day's Sheila Hutchinson-Whitt and yet another Mr. Peabody's classic from the latest in their Chicago series for BBE.

Now Marsmobil is a beat programming, multi-instrumentalist singer and the little taster from his new album is sounding wonderful as the prog rocky folds of 'Is It Tomorrow Now?' more than capably demonstrate and which, surprisingly and quite perfectly led, into 'A Devil Lay Here' a killer melodic bassline cut from the new Zomby album. Fresh beats were then the order of the day with the instrumental cut from the new Paul White EP, 'Trust' and then another quirky programmed winner from the prolific and amazingly consistent Jame Blake.

Now Deep Medi have signed a Robbie Williams style 3 album deal with graphic designer and electronic experimentalist Ulrich Troyer for a series of dub albums, the first of which, Songs Of William, which is coupled with a comic-novel, is about to hit the world and it's well worth checking it's deviant dubbed delights. Now Ezekial Honig is another consistent performer with a great line in thoughtful track titles and his new offering on Type, Folding In On Itself, is yet another winner. Diverse house music was the order of the day to end the show kicking off with the musical Arabic tones of 'Midnight Mawal' from Zepherin Saint before things got deep, dark and dirty with my favourite cut from new Martyn sampler for his forthcoming Brainfeeder offering the London's Arches edit of 'Viper'.

Splice - Ballade Fortuite (Loop)
Hobocombo - All Is Loneliness (Trovarobato/Parade)
Raffertie - You Could Be Forgiven For Thinking  That (Ninja Tune promo)
Mount Kimbie - Flux (Hot Flush promo)
Bobby - Amends (Tokyo Dawn promo)
The Wonderful Sound Of Induce - Get Down Saturday Night (Wondersound promo)
Sheila Hutchinson Whitt - A New You In '82 (BBE promo)
Marsmobil - Is It Tomorrow Now? (Compost promo)
Zomby - A Devil Lay Here (4AD)
Paul White - Trust, instrumental (One Handed Music promo)
James Blake - Order (Hemlock)
Ulrich Troyer - At The Workshop (Deep Medi promo)
Ezekiel Honig - Subverting The Memory Of Your Surroundings (Type)
Zepherin Saint - Midnight Mawal (Tribe promo)
Martyn - Viper, London's Arches Edit (Brainfeeder promo)