Sunday, 31 July 2011

Paul White - Rapping With Paul White (One Handed Music)

So One Handed Music has started teasing us about the new Paul White album and it's working, we're all juiced up and ready to dive into it.

Now if you don't know Paul White then you're missing out on one of the hottest young beatmakers in the UK whose been making waves since 2009. Amazingly Rapping With Paul White is the young producers third album so no writers block, good start.

Whilst the previous two albums were instrumental only the latest is the hip hop album that Paul White "always wanted to make" and we can only encourage him as modern hip hop definitely needs all the help it can get. We've also been musing for a while that adding some vocals over the avalanche of ever sophisticated and adventurous beats that have been hitting the market over the last couple of years could only be a good thing. Obviously getting quality MCs or singers over your bedroom beats takes time and support but we can only hope as the new beat generation develops and finds labels that actually have a budget/influence or people actually start buying music again this will be a growing trend.

So the first single from the album 'Trust' has already dropped featuring the vocal talents of Guilty Simpson and although the beats killed it (we played the instrumental on the radio show) we were a little disappointed with the generally great mans lyrics, not bad you understand but not the fire the beats deserved we felt. See what you think:

Don't worry though there are plenty more collaborations for the forthcoming album including Danny Brown, Marv Won, Homeboy Sandman, Jehst, Tranquil and Moe Pope not to mention Audio Texture non rapping favourite Nancy Elizabeth reading, in true quirky Paul White fashion, a 'peculiar' poem apparently.

If you're interest is still not perking up then the nice people at Paul's label, One Handed Music have, in proper hip hop fashion, just put out a mixtape mixed by underground Detroit hip hop stalwart DJ House Shoes. The mix is 30 minutes long and includes album tracks, unreleased remixes and exclusive beats - start to believe....

Rapping With Paul White - The DJ House Shoes Mixtape by alexchase

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