Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fabric Live 59 - Four Tet

There's not too many producers or DJs that when asked to do a mix for a club would send their audio engineer friend (Sasha Lewis) into the club in question to make field recordings and then incorporate those recordings into the finished mix. Well Four Tet did. Just to make his life more difficult during the compilation process every track is also recorded from original vinyl which meant long hours searching for long forgotten and hard to find records. It also meant he had to go and cut acetates of his own exclusive tracks.

If that isn't attention to detail enough when the tracks were then recorded from vinyl they weren't digitally cleaned so the original hiss, pop and crackle of the wax was retained. The final mix was then surprisingly put together on a new fangled computer thingy, which from a sad trainspotter point of view, spoils slightly the analogue, old school vibe but is understandable. We'll forgive him just this once.

The music ranges from the experimental electronics of Michel Redolfi's 'Immersion Partielle', seminal UK funky in the form of Apple's 'Mr. Bean', the classic grime of Youngstar's 'Pulse X' to the fresher sounds of Burial's 'Street Halo'. Also expect to hear C++, Caribou, Floating Points, Ricardo Villalobos weaving in and out of the mix. These tracks are then split up by the aforementioned field recordings to recreate the feel of walking around the different rooms during a night out at Fabric.

The mix is a representation of Hebden's club sets rather than his more musical production side. Melody and vocals are stripped back, dubs largely the order of the day rather than full on vocals but what is never in short supply is musical adventure as he trawls through the boundary pushing, largely UK side of progressive dance music. The selection and sequencing is on point and the attention to detail thrown in with the field recordings and vinyl vibe just goes to show why the man is always worth checking behind the decks and is also one of the stand out producers of his generation.

As usual with music a listen is worth more that a 1000 biased words so get you ears around this 30 minute radio mix below and look out for the full release coming on September 19th.

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