Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Saturn Never Sleeps - Yesterday's Machine (Saturn Never Sleeps)

So you may remember back in May we gave you a taster from the Saturn Never Sleeps album in the form of the excellent 'Tory' single, well happy days the album is now here and living up to the early promise of being an outhere future soul gem.

Most of the tracks feature the vocal talents of Rucyl, which although her ethereal style isn't going to grab everyone, it perfectly suits King Britt's interstellar production like a tailored glove and even on the instrumental cuts, her vocal snippets are finely chopped, manipulated and haunt the tracks like her future ghost floating around the vocal booth.

'Lotus' with it's loose and intermittent beats that provide the vaguest of frameworks for the dreamlike vocals, cosmic synth washes and snippets of intergalactic radio static disconnects you from your earthy existence and gets the album off to a pleasing trouble free launch. 'Bit By Bit', 'Hearts On Fire' and 'Tory' are then anchored more firmly by some alien hand claps and more traditional nu-soul style beats although the production is more Close Encounters than Philly.

Just as you are getting a little groove on Britt then drops the beats, dusts off the drones and ramps up the sci-fi soundtrack vibes before the short future soul of 'Grace' dumps you down into more familiar musical territory once again. The future folk of 'The Machines Are The Stars' follows before some tribal drums from a different dimension provide some stability in a turbulent sea of found sound on the great instrumental cut, 'Divine'.

Rucyl enters the fray once more for 'Yesterday Is Gone' before another beatless cosmic wind interlude blows from the speakers. Britt then ups the tempo with some stripped back, deep dubby vocal house before the almost normal soulful house sounds of 'Take It Out' end a pleasing 43 minute ride through the future soul sounds of Saturn Never Sleeps.

Now, reluctantly we're guessing, seeing as how much work has obviously gone into the project, Saturn Never Sleeps have actually offered up the album as a free download as well as putting it through the usual channels for sale but as always if you are getting pleasure from the release then we do urge you to throw some money their way, so they can fund future recordings and tours - you know deep down it makes sense and is the right thing to do.
Have a good listen to the album below:

BUY the album at our favourite on-line music store Boomkat or at the more traditional ITunes for a damned reasonable $8.99

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