Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Walton - Walton EP (Hyperdub)

Anything Hyperdub puts out has to be taken seriously, their track record is pretty impeccable, whether it's albums from Burial and King Midas Sound to killer 12"s from DVA, Ossie or Mark Pritchard and Om'Mas Keith, you always have to listen and then listen again just in case you missed the point first time round.

So it was with interest that we received a debut EP via Hyperdub from a young chap called Walton the other day. Now we've given up being surprised at the age of producers, it seems like today's youth when not looting and setting things on fire, are jumping into the world of production before they've stepped foot in a record shop or club and hence becoming studio proficient before they can drink legally. Walton at the age of 20 is another shining example of an old production head on young shoulders.

Hailing from Manchester's ever fertile musical breeding ground Walton has just sprung from being a Soundcloud page to relative instant fame due to the Hyperdub leggup and for good reason rather than PR hype, this boys beats are fresh. Another UK house mutation deviant he's  obviously soaked up Detroit and Chicago's rich legacy, stuck his head into the odd grime club and soaked up the endless dubstep variants now on offer and cooked up his own diverse stew which is ready to rip up this Autumn's dancefloors.

Kicking off with the schizo funky grime bleep mental banger 'Aggy' the EP then ducks into the loose bass, polyrhythmic  future tribal joys of 'Mangled Riddim'. Classic house vibes made relevant to today's dance and with a sunny disposition are the order of the day on '808 Vybzin' before 'Skrilla' gets all dark and deadly in a UK funky style.

Every track is a winner and this has to go down as one of the best value EP's you're going to buy all year and hopefully as a statement of intent for this rising star who obviously knows his roots but is starting to shape the future already.

Here's his Soundcloud page if you want to hear a bit more:

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