Saturday, 17 September 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 16, 2011

So this weeks show is a beat loving yet musical affair, two things that don't always go hand in hand. Their really does seem to be a wave of exciting young producers at the moment that are looking beyond chopping up samples and throwing them together but are embracing the latest technology and combining the possibilities afforded by it  with more traditional song structures and instrumentation and we are all for it.

Tropics provided a suitably progressive Balearic opener with 'Parodia Flare' which also happens to be the title track of his excellent new album on Planet Mu before Vondelpark laid down a beautiful slice of soulful electro pop from their second EP on the resurgent and increasingly eclectic R&S. Brand new music from one of the most ambitious electronic live fusion outfits of recent time, Stateless, followed and was taken from the latest remix EP to be spun off from their excellent debut album. More traditional beat making, albeit with a distinctive flavour, followed from Brooklyn's KRTS the latest addition to the Project Moon Circle stable of accomplished beat makers.

Now Astro:Dynamics are a fledgling label but are fast turning into one of our favourites helped by the brilliant new Samoyed EP. Hailing from the Highlands of Scotland this boy is one to watch, he's got a real delicate touch, we would imagine he's a sensitive soul and you have to love anyone with the dedication to write their own music production software. Bill Orcutt has been one of our finds of the week and big thanks go out to Editions Mego (and Ed at Dense in Berlin) for turning us on to him - this boy takes the blues and that most traditional of instruments, the guitar, and manages to twist both things out of recognition and generate a sound all of his own - no mean feat after the instrument and genre have been around so long. More virtuoso guitar playing followed from flamenco don Pedro Soler accompanied by some contemporary classical cello from his son Gaspar Claus and from what we've heard the rest of the Barlande album is equally as wonderful and distinctive.

Now the new Kid Koala soundtrack/comic release is a lovely yet desolate and lonely thing as the soundtrack taster in the show testifies. We urge you to check it's audio visual delights although it's possibly not a good idea if you are the melancholic, loner type, it probably wont do much for your spirits. Now Tarwater have been drifting on and off our radar seemingly forever and we were amazed to find out this week they've been around for 15 years with about ten albums to their name and we are happy to report all that productivity hasn't affected their creativity, the new Inside The Ships album is great. Julien Dyne then gave us a little taster of his new beats and, from what we can tell, pop direction and it's as accomplished as you'd expect from this Kiwi, RBMA graduate.

Goapele has been floating about the extremities of the nu-soul scene for ages now without making that big break but we're loving the taster from her new album which has hopefully, like the preview single, ditched the nu-soul production cliches for a really progressive electronic vibe. The show then swerved violently into three of the best slices of UK Funky doing the rounds at the moment kicked off ably by the leftfield genius of Lukid's vampish 'My Teeth In Your Neck', the simple yet devastating peak time floor filling 'Trouble' from Funkystepz and culminating in an oddball ending from Lone and the aptly titled 'All Those Weird Things'.

Tropics - Parodia Flare (Planet Mu)
Vondelpark - Feat B (R&S)
Stateless - Blue Fire feat Amenta (Ninja Tune)
KRTS - Rooftop (Project Moon Circle promo)
Samoyed - Malamute (Astro:Dynamics promo)
Bill Orcutt - How The Thing Sings (Editions Mego promo)
Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus - Barlande (Infine)
Kid Koala - Hope (Ninja Tune)
Tarwater - Do The Oz (Bureau B)
Julien Dyne - Candy Apple Grey feat. Claire Duncan (BBE Promo)
Goapele - Play (Decon/Sky Blaze promo)
Lukid - My Teeth In Your Neck (Glum)
Funkystepz - Trouble (Hyperdub promo)
Lone - All Those Weird Things (Wigflex)