Sunday, 11 September 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 9, 2011

Deep house vibes were the order of the day at the start of this weeks show ably initiated by Japanese duo Velveljin and a track from their Nostalghia album out soon on Noble - excellent deep house, techno and electronica vibes, really cultured stuff. K'bonus and Negghead then threw some slowish twisted disco vibes into the pot before we dropped the Damian Schwartz remix of Ribbon from the great new EP from Lovemonk who are taking the Spanish folk pop sounds of Pajaro Sunrise into different sonic realms. Scuba then finished the little mix in fine 80's soul fashion, of course given a little twist by the man for 2011.

We then switched to the world of hip hop with the pure summer, bump it in your convertible, vibes of Eric Roberson feat Chubb Rock, the impeccable Diamond D/Brand Nubian cover from the recent J-Live mixtape before Dilated People's Evidence threw down some great lyrics on a typically solid DJ Premier beat, nice. Things then got all bottom heavy and nasty as we dropped a little taste of the new Aardvarck album project coming soon on Eat Concrete which set the scene nicely for a great bass heavy, abstract, hip hop(sound)scape from the Portuguese/Belgium duo of Fujako featuring Native on the mic.

Robot Koch then offered a taste of his excellent new album on Project Moon Circle. There is no disputing his talent in the studio but for us he was always at his most interesting when combining music, melody and lyrics with his forward thinking productions rather than trying to give people heart attacks and melt their minds at bassline rave ups and we are happy to report the new album is a really musical affair, loads of vocals and a great start to finish listen. He's not quite in the music for dinner party circuit yet but this is his most accomplished and cohesive listening album to date.

Now best use of a well known sample award for this year goes to Tall Black Guy and his 'Water No Enemy' tune available on the latest of the consistently interesting Brownswood Bubblers series, now up the dizzy heights of volume 7. The mysterious new producer based in Dublin, DJ Izem, then graced the show with a musical treat - the reggae flavoured, electronic vocal fusion of 'Do Avesso' - look out for this emerging producer, who incidentally is still looking for a label home! The show then veered back into hip hop territory with the excellent Madlib produced MED album taster, 'Outta Control' before BK-One, with more than a little help from the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, finished the show in fine party rocking brass band style.

Velveljin - Strub (Noble promo)
K'bonus & Negghead - Harmonizing Pt.1 (Compost Black promo)
Pajaro Sunrise - Ribbon, Damian Schwartz rmx (Lovemonk promo)
Scuba - Everywhere (Hot Flush promo)
Eric Roberson feat Chubb Rock - Summertime Anthem (Dome promo)
J-Live - A Day In The Life (Mixtape)
Evidence - You (Rhymesayers promo)
Aardvarck - Gubby (Eat Concrete promo)
Fujako - Mal'ak (Angstrom)
Robot Koch - Bugs (Project Moon Circle promo)
Tall Black Man - Water No Enemy (Brownswood promo)
DJ Izem - Do Avesso (Unsigned)
MED - Outta Control feat Hodgy Beats (Stones Throw promo)
BK-One - Tema Do Canibal, BK-One Video Edit (Rhymesayers)