Saturday, 29 October 2011

Chris Watson kicked off this weeks show with intricately and rhythmically constructed field recordings taken from jouneys in the final month of the great Pacific to Atlantic Mexican rail road, a poignant sound collage which led nicely into a track from the new Kammerflimmer Kollektief album, Teufelskamin which we are happy to report has lived up to all our high expectactions. The increasingly scarce sounds of Garifuna music followed courtesy of Aurelio and a pleasing Sidestepper remix of his 'Laur Beya' tune which paved the way for Omar to come and smash up the airwaves with a reissue of his dance floor destroying 'It's So', thank you Tru Thoughts.

The Sepalcure album is about to drop and I'm pleased to report it is another Hotflush winner and remarkably cohesive and listenable for a largely high tempo dance music album, full of layered emotion, submerged soul and kick arse beats. Next up followed a tune from one of our albums of the year and nothing less than a modern Brazilian masterpiece. Upside Down from Mauricio Maestro feat Nana Vasconcelos is staggeringly well arranged, impeccably played and oozing soul and class - full blog post on this release coming very soon. Now we have to admit we overlook Czech music, not through any great grudge against the country but more to do with a lack of exposure of their output but we are happy to rectify that this week with a track from the excellent Floex album, Zorya - a lovingly crafted meeting of electronics and live instrumentation. DJ Food then provided a nice little ambient moment from his otherwise rocking, shocking new EP.

The second half of the show was given over to some of the slower, more interesting house cuts doing the rounds at the moment kicking off with one of this years emerging talents, Kevin McPhee, giving a track from Jack Dixon & Rick Grant's new single a lovely deep soulful, leftfield remix which then led nicely into Dro Carey, another of this weeks musical talent discoveries and a track from his killer new EP due out on Ramp in December. Some of the Wurst(sic) house music of the year then followed with some great deep soulful instrumental vibes from Chicago Damn before Tycho took us on a Balearic dreamboat ride with 'Hours' from his new album on Ghostly International. The boogie vibes of East Liberty Quarters from the excellent new Boogie Volume 2 comp on Tokyo Dawn warmed the seat nicely for the disco finale and Escort's 'Starlight' from their new discotastic album due about now on Tirk.

Chris Watson - El Divisadero (Touch promo)
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Teufelskamin Jam #2 (Staubgold)
Aurelio - Laru Beya, Sidestepper remix (Real World freeload)
Omar - It's So (Tru Thoughts promo)
Sepalcure - See Me Feel Me (Hotflush promo)
Mauricio Maestro feat Nana Vasconcelos - Upside Down (Far Out promo)
Floex - Petr Parler (Flow Records)
DJ Food - In Orbit Every Monday (Ninja Tune promo)
Jack Dixon & Rick Grant - Running Man, Kevin McPhee remix (Man Make Music promo)
Dro Carey - Journey With The Heavy (Ramp promo)
Chicago Damn - Romcom (Wurst promo)
Tycho - Hours (Ghostly International)
East Liberty Quarters - Lucky Charm (Tokoy Dawn promo)
Escort - Starlight (Tirk promo)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Torn Sail and the dreamy Claremont 56 label provided the lovely Balearic opener to this weeks show before fLako messed up the vibe with some twisted quirky beats from his excellent new EP forthcoming on Project Moon Circle which is his best work todate. Freestyle Fellowship then provided a taster of their forthcoming new album which if the promos are anything to go by is top quality and very diverse. Now new beatmakers are ten a penny but we've just stumbled across Baconhead who are sounding fresh and on the nicely titled 'Brainglue' track have enlisted the mental MC talents of Mindbender.

We keep coming back to the new Anthony Joseph album so thought we'd drop another taster from it and rather aptly, considering the current anti capitalist climate, the track is called 'Money Satan'. Not content with dropping an excellent album already this year Long Arm has just dropped another EP of killer beats and we're particularly liking the instrumental cut of 'Organic'. Now Red Snapper have been gracing the Audio Texture turntables since day one and we were more than happy to receive a killer Elementz remix of the 'Architectronic' track from their recent album, look out for the Elementz, they're a crew to watch.

Phaeleh is yet another in the long line of UK 'post dubstep' producers and another Bristol boy but what sets him apart is his multi-instrumental ability which adds a pleasing musicality to his quality beats and bass. DVA then followed this up with a crazy off kilter slice of nu-soul featuring the excellent vocal talents of Vikter Duplaix before more musical bassline adventures followed from London's Deptford Goth which led nicely into a great cumbia flavoured remix of the Gotan Project by Axel Krygier. Killer deep dark and moody house finished the show off with the amazing 'Atlantis' title track from Falty DL's new Ninja Tune LP before Madteo dropped some deep twisted sampledelic house vibes from his great new EP on the Belgium label Meakusma.

Torn Sail - Birds (Claremont 56)
fLako - Broken Toy (Project Mooncircle promo)
Freestyle Fellowship - Popular (Decon promo)
Baconhead - Brainglue feat Mindbender (Eat Concrete promo)
Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Money Satan (Heavenly Sweetness)
Long Arm - Organic, Instrumental version (Project Mooncircle)
Red Snapper - Architectronic, Elementz remix (V2 promo)
Phaeleh - From A Distance (Afterglo)
DVA - Madness feat Viketer Duplaix (Hyperdub promo)
Deptford Goth - No Man (Merok)
Falty DL - Atlantis (Ninja Tune promo)
Madteo - Bangin On The Ceiling featuring Sensational (Meakusma)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 14, 2011

So Jazzanova are raising their heads again after a conspicuous absence with a nice new compilation called 'Coming Home' and their 'Behold These Days' track was a lovely way to ease into this weeks show. Ensemble Du Verre then carried on the cinematic jazzy vibes with the title track from their great new album 'The Contemporary Cowboy'. Inspired by the global protest marches on October 15 we then dropped a series of tracks reflecting some of todays concerns kicking off, rather aptly, with an Egyptian protest tribute track from Natacha Atlas, before the ever political global beatsmith Filastine dropped the 'Gendjer2' which is from his new EP of killer beats which is looking for a good home at the moment. I then dropped Roots Manuva's perceptive slice of social commentary 'Skid Valley' from his just released 4Everevolution album before dropping Rodney P's party skanking conscious call to arms 'Live Up'. All tracks with great messages whilst not compromising the musical quality - long live independent and internet radio where presenters can play this sort of music freely without restrictions.

Kromestar then came through with the catchy as hell bassline beats of 'Don't Make Sense' and continued the healthy start for Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge label. We then had to drop another track from the excellent debut EP on Earnest Endeavors from B Bravo, a really top drawer release, which led nicely into some more fresh boogie fueled beats from Sina from his great EP forthcoming on the ever dependable Project Moon Circle before hitting you with a slight cock up(!) and some impeccable, long forgotten soul music from Jean Wells which is dropping soon courtesy of those nice boys at BBE.

Falty DL then took the show into more experimental territory with a real curve ball of a tune from his forthcoming and excellent EP on Ninja Tune. Robert Lippok then provided some of the freshest synth sounds we've heard in a while and some nice beats - look out for one of our favourite Raster Norton albums for a while dropping from him in the coming weeks. Gerry Read has been cropping up on a lot of releases recently and for good reason and we're happy to help him up the ladder as he's coming through with some fresh vibes as the rather odd house sounds of 'We Are' aptly displayed. Sexier, more traditional, late night house vibes were then provided by the excellent Da Capo's Afro remix of Timmy Regisford's 'In Da Club' before we dropped some more IG Culture tribal funky tribute to Mongo Santamaria from his recent mix tapes in anticipation of some new material coming soon (pleaseeeeee!)

Jazzanova - Behold These Days, Berlin '74 (Sonar Kollektiv)
Ensemble Du Verre - The Contemporary Cowboy (Batterie)
Natacha Atlas - Egypt: Rise To Freedom feat Basha Beats (Six Degrees promo)
Filastine - Gendjer2 (Unreleased and looking for a home!)
Roots Manuva - Skid Valley (Big Dada)
Rodney P feat The People's Army & Mighty Moe - Live Up (Tru Thoughts)
Kromestar - Don't Make Sense (Cosmic Bridge)
B Bravo - Right On Time, Synth Dub (Earnest Endeavors promo)
Sina - Just Shoot (Project Moon Circle promo)
Jean Wells - Somebody's Been Loving You, John Morales Edit (BBE promo)
Falty DL - Can't Stop The Prophet (Ninja Tune promo)
Robert Lippok - Sugarcubes (Raster Norton promo)
Gerry Read - We Are (Fourth Wave promo)
Timmy Regisford - In Da Club, Da Capo's Afro remis (Tribe)
Nkrumah Santiago - Mongo (Manz At Work Mixtape Volume 1)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 7, 2011

A fictitious soundtrack to an imaginary version of The Shining set in a Dubai hotel kicks off this weeks very real show before talented young Chilean producer Ocelote Rojo was responsible for  some great spiritual sample based vibes with 'Untitled #1' a 7" taster for his new album. A latin frenzy was then kicked off with Quantic Y Conjuncto which is part of his 'Best Of' compilation out now on Tru-Thoughts. More Chilean vibes followed with Chico Trujillo and a kick arse horn section laying down some wicked Cumbia vibes before the saucy vintage delights of Juaneco Y Su Combo kicked in, cheeky. Favourite are re-issuing the classic African jazz funk of Ray Stephen Oche & His Matumbo and the album definitely deserves a wider audience than the record collecting trainspotters (me included!) who paid too much for the original vinyl.

Paul Murphy has produced a great version of 'Moaning' by The Triptet from his new Hungarian HQ, some real swinging funky shizzle before another French re-issue alerted us and consequently you to the southern bluesy soulful delights of Levert Alisson. Some brand new old school funky hip hop vibes were then the order of the day with a new tune from down under's Katalyst followed by The (French) Funk League with the help of some classic US MCs. Things then took a progressive turn with the debut single from London based "art-led record label and magazine" Earnest Endeavors who have hit the ground running with their first release which sees the excellent 80's synth soul boy and funkateer B.Bravo laying down his best material yet, and that's saying something. Check the label, they are going to be one to watch. Mad electronic beats and bleeps were then the order of the day as we gave you a taster of Zanshin who, through all the electronic madness, still manages to keep the head nodding (partly in an effort to comprehend his sonic stew) - look out for the album coming on Affine, very soon.

Guy Andrews then dropped the UK house mutations with a killer track on his forthcoming EP for Hemlock which is never predictable before Makossa & Megablast laid down some killer jazzy funky tropical bassline vibes from their new album which led perfectly into the percussive madness of Cooly G's new single on Hyperdub featuring Karizma. Boo Williams then provided a taste of where it all started with his 'Home Town Chicago' track from a new retrospective release coming on Another Day Records.

Nettle - Shining One (Sub Rosa)
Ocelote Rojo - Untitled #1 (Hollie Records promo)
Quantic Y Conjuncto - Step Into A World, Raptures Delight (Tru- Throughts)
Chico Trujillo - Varga Varga (Barbes)
Juaneco Y Su Combo - Vacilando Con Ayahuasca (Barbes)
Ray Stepen Oche & His Matumbo - Alaglanu, Alaglano (Favourite)
The Triptet - Moaning (Second Floor Music promo)
Levert Alisson - Hear That River (En Avant La Zizique!)
Katalyst - U Can't Save Me featuring Buff1 & Stephanie McKay (BBE promo)
The Funk League - Through Good & Bad feat Large Professor, Breaking North Mix (Favourite promo)
B Bravo - Kiss 'n' Tell feat Zackey Force Funk (Earnest Endeavors promo)
Zanshin - Shadoubt Shaps (Affine promo)
Guy Andrews - Shades (Hemlock promo)
Makossa & Megablast - Jungo (Luv Lite)
Cooly G - It's Serious feat Karizma (Hyperdub promo)
Boo Williams - Home Town Chicago (Another Day Records promo)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 30, 2011

Another pleasingly mixed bag this week kicking off with some great progressive soul music from the mysterious Dirg Gerner fearuring Fatima on vocals followed by some slo-mo sci-fi beats from the new Kuedo album about to drop on Planet Mu. Tokyo Dawn have gone all pop with their latest release the solo project from one of Denmark's Boom Clap Bachelors under the Vindahl pseudonym and we're loving the boogie vibes of 'Not In Space'. Now Mello Music can always be relied on to deliver the hip hop goods and 95 Live are a great new addition to the roster and some great true school prospects. A hip hop base with more toppings than we care to mention then followed with another taster of the forthcoming Git album about to hit the streets from BBE.

The new Free The Beats comp is out and again offering a taste of unsigned beatmakers climbing the ladder and 'Strength and Science' from The Silent Titan is a little taste of what to expect from this uniquely packaged and limited CD run or free download compilation series. Now Mancini and The Creepers were sounding like Ghostpoet whilst he was still in his bedroom and we've always been a big fan and 'Don't You Remember' should be enough to make you want to discover more as well. Sarah Linhares then provided some sweet vocals over a catchy Kenlo Craqnuques riddim before Andreya Triana delivered an epic version of Fink's 'Perfect Darkness'. She is surely a major star in the making, buy the shares now!

David Minor then delivered some pleasingly twisted folk vibes from his new Nonine EP before we had to drop some more Gang Colours. Now there is a free download of some remixes of his original EP coming which are all nice but it sent us back to the originals again as the source material is amazing and well worth revisiting, we're looking forward to the album already. Now we hadn't heard of Dauwd before and we're feeling the deep bassline house vibes of 'Ikopol' and will explore more and all thanks to a nice new free download compilation of bassline royalty from the increasingly music obsessed Scion car company so big up to them. The Natacha Atlas remixes are about to drop with some nice new electronic versions of her more organic Arabic offerings and the Dog Beats remix of 'Batkallim' is alright with us and led nicely into a raw stripped down bassline riddim from Visionist and Lorca - rugged. Dub Gabriel feat The Spaceape then closed the show by laying down a politicised dubstep call to arms for the lazy arse millenials who seem to be slowly tearing themselves away from Facebook to the more dramatic surroundings of Wall Street and the like, let's hope that continues until the money starts to drip down again from that pesky 1%.

Dirg Gerner - Rubies & Diamonds feat Fatima (Ho_Tep promo)
Kuedo - Ant City (Planet Mu promo)
Vindahl - Not In Space (Tokyo Dawn promo)
DTMD - 95 Live feat Quartermaine (Mello Music freeload)
Git - Dreamz (BBE promo)
The Silent Titan - Strength and Science (Free The Beats)
Mancini and the Creepers - Don't Your Remember (Jakarta promo)
Sarah Linhares - Move Along (PTR promo)
Fink - Perfect Darkness, Andreya Triana version (Ninja Tune promo)
David Minor - Naked Commodore (Nonine promo)
Gang Colours - Dance Around The Subject (Brownswood)
Dauwd - Ikopol (Free download)
Natacha Atlas - Batkallim (Six Degrees)
Visionist/Lorca - WMID (Left_Blank)
Dub Gabriel feat The Space Ape - Is This Revolution (Destroy All Concepts promo)