Saturday, 29 October 2011

Chris Watson kicked off this weeks show with intricately and rhythmically constructed field recordings taken from jouneys in the final month of the great Pacific to Atlantic Mexican rail road, a poignant sound collage which led nicely into a track from the new Kammerflimmer Kollektief album, Teufelskamin which we are happy to report has lived up to all our high expectactions. The increasingly scarce sounds of Garifuna music followed courtesy of Aurelio and a pleasing Sidestepper remix of his 'Laur Beya' tune which paved the way for Omar to come and smash up the airwaves with a reissue of his dance floor destroying 'It's So', thank you Tru Thoughts.

The Sepalcure album is about to drop and I'm pleased to report it is another Hotflush winner and remarkably cohesive and listenable for a largely high tempo dance music album, full of layered emotion, submerged soul and kick arse beats. Next up followed a tune from one of our albums of the year and nothing less than a modern Brazilian masterpiece. Upside Down from Mauricio Maestro feat Nana Vasconcelos is staggeringly well arranged, impeccably played and oozing soul and class - full blog post on this release coming very soon. Now we have to admit we overlook Czech music, not through any great grudge against the country but more to do with a lack of exposure of their output but we are happy to rectify that this week with a track from the excellent Floex album, Zorya - a lovingly crafted meeting of electronics and live instrumentation. DJ Food then provided a nice little ambient moment from his otherwise rocking, shocking new EP.

The second half of the show was given over to some of the slower, more interesting house cuts doing the rounds at the moment kicking off with one of this years emerging talents, Kevin McPhee, giving a track from Jack Dixon & Rick Grant's new single a lovely deep soulful, leftfield remix which then led nicely into Dro Carey, another of this weeks musical talent discoveries and a track from his killer new EP due out on Ramp in December. Some of the Wurst(sic) house music of the year then followed with some great deep soulful instrumental vibes from Chicago Damn before Tycho took us on a Balearic dreamboat ride with 'Hours' from his new album on Ghostly International. The boogie vibes of East Liberty Quarters from the excellent new Boogie Volume 2 comp on Tokyo Dawn warmed the seat nicely for the disco finale and Escort's 'Starlight' from their new discotastic album due about now on Tirk.

Chris Watson - El Divisadero (Touch promo)
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Teufelskamin Jam #2 (Staubgold)
Aurelio - Laru Beya, Sidestepper remix (Real World freeload)
Omar - It's So (Tru Thoughts promo)
Sepalcure - See Me Feel Me (Hotflush promo)
Mauricio Maestro feat Nana Vasconcelos - Upside Down (Far Out promo)
Floex - Petr Parler (Flow Records)
DJ Food - In Orbit Every Monday (Ninja Tune promo)
Jack Dixon & Rick Grant - Running Man, Kevin McPhee remix (Man Make Music promo)
Dro Carey - Journey With The Heavy (Ramp promo)
Chicago Damn - Romcom (Wurst promo)
Tycho - Hours (Ghostly International)
East Liberty Quarters - Lucky Charm (Tokoy Dawn promo)
Escort - Starlight (Tirk promo)