Sunday, 13 November 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - November 11, 2011

Some shows flow better than others, the tempos & styles just match and the mix is more natural but this weeks show is probably best described as a hotch-potch and it's none the worse for it. Discovery of the week has been Wechsel Garland a wonderfully diverse producer with a craftsmen's ear and a lightness of touch so we've included an older cut and a forthcoming tune from his excellent new EP. Now after the disappointment of missing the Portico Quartet in concert recently due to bad weather we are happy to report they are readying a new album and giving away a little taster which is boding well for next year's release. Kuhn then laid down some slightly odd but quality beats.

Owiny Sigoma Band are just about to drop another single from their great recent album in the form of some nice languid Afro pop and don't forget to check the great remixes as well. Kouyate and Neerman then kept the Afro flavour, jazzed it up and darkened the mood with a little taster from their eagerly anticipated new album, if it's anything like their first we'll be more than happy. The mysterious Dirk Gerner then confirmed his versatility and promise with 'My Queen' before Achilles belied their youth and rural location with some well crafted post rock, a band to watch for sure.

Ital Tek has jumped on the Juke/Footwork bandwagon with his new EP and it's great to see the Europeans adding some cultured production touches to this overly raw Chicago ghetto phenomenon. Pitchben then funked things up with a track from his great new album on Compost before we hit you with Gregory Porter again but this time given an excellent house rub from OpolopoRainer Trueby then kept the house vibes flowing with a lovely deep soulful cut from his super strong EP coming soon on Compost Black before we drifted out of the show and into a modern tribal haze courtesy of Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit.

Wechsel Garland Trio - Blind (Parapop Stereo)
Portico Quartet - Ruins (Real World FREE download)
Kuhn - Slime Beach (Civil Music promo)
Wechsel Garland - Hearts (Strzelecki-books promo)
Owiny Sigoma Band - Here On The Line (Brownswood)
Kouyate Neerman - Requiem pour un Con (No Format promo)
Dirg Gerner - My Queen (Ho_Tep promo)
Achilles - It's A Falcon Richard (A Future Without)
Ital Tek - Cobalt (Planet Mu promo)
Pitchben - Time Machine (Compost)
Gregory Porter - 1960 What?, Opolopo Kick & Bass Remix (Tokyo Dawn promo)
Rainer Trueby - Welcome To Our World (Compost Black promo)
Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit - 128.5 (Nonplace)