Monday, 19 December 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - December 16, 2011

The Analog Players Society provided a nice skanking jazzy version of 'Let The Music Play' for the show's opener and they seem like a project to watch as Finnish crew, Yot, dip their toes into the Swedish Skwee scene to great effect and kept the submerged reggae vibes running. Barcelona's, The Ink Project then went all deep and atmospheric aided by a nice Gang Colours twist before DJ Food got all raucous with a taster of his new, heavier than heavy album.

Homeboy Sandman showed why arbiters of hip hop tastefulness, Stones Throw, have signed him up - we can't wait for more from him. Emmanuel Trep Kormann has given Raphael's operatic jazz a suitably bonkers remix before Krystal Klear and Olivier Day Soul dropped some brand new old school soul flavour, one for the ladie and lovers. Bonobo's last album  was one of the years highlights and some of the tracks have been remixed with Mark Pritchard's version being the best of an excellent bunch. Back to the hip hop, Versus showed that their live jazzy vibes mark them as a group to watch out for, especially on stage.

Morlockko Plus then laid down the instrumental hip hop flavours which was a taste of the new Beat Fight comp on MPM. Now Again showed why they are one of the best re-issue labels about after unearthing the, until now, forgotten soul delights of New World Generation. Lana Del Ray showed off her shiny new Joy Oribison remix before next years release, Mr. Fingers then gave a lesson to the youngsters with his Gerd remix on Royal Oak, before John Gazoo and Compost Disco teamed up again and provided a bumping modern disco end to this weeks show.

So that's all the new material for this year, we'll still be at it over Christmas though as this week sees the preparation of a couple of programs containing some of our faves from 2011. We will then take a short break and then hit the ground running refreshed and raring to go in 2012 to provide you with some more quality radio focusing on the deeper and more esoteric releases that come our way.

Analog Players Society - Let The Music Play (Redbud Records promo)
Yot - Real Dub (Raha & Tunteet promo)
Ink Poject - Rewind Forward Replay, Gang Colours rmx (Blind Colour promo)
DJ Food - Percussion Map, Pt.1 (Ninja Tune promo)
Homeboy Sandman - New York Nights (Stones Throw promo)
Raphael - Dead Sea Scrool, Emmanuel Trep Kormann Spiritual Dust rmx (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Krystal Klear & Olivier Day Soul - Never Thought Would Go (Eglo)
Bonobo - Stay The Same, Mark Pritchard rmx (Ninja Tune promo)
Versus - Almost Noon (Sound Sculpture promo)
Morlockko Plus - Mittagssonne (MPM)
New World Generation - Curious Soul (Now Again promo)
Lana Del Rey - Video Games, Joy Orbison rmx (Interscope promo)
Gerd - Palm Leaves, Mr Fingers Afropsychojungledub (Royal Oak)
John Gazoo - Midnight Runner, John Gazoo's Vintage Version (Compost Disco)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Some of Barcelona's finest beat makers Debilorithmicos kicked off this week with another great release on their own Molts Records imprint and it's a great thoughtful slice of beat craftmanship before things then went even mellower with the soundscape noodlings of Andrew Thomas and the delicate strains of Perter Broderick. El Kid then threw down a loose slice of fresh sounding and wobbly deep house before Downliners Sekt do what they do and took things to the outer musical realms.

Common is back with another album due anytime now and 'Celebrate' was a taste of it's, seemingly more mainstream, intentions before East of Underground showed just because you're paid to kill people it doesn't mean you can't sing. One of my pet favourites, Dub Colossus,  are currently being given the remix treatement and the results being given away for free which is a result given the quality of the Wehgene remix. Doubleheart then dropped some deep and dirty bassline beats with only the most tenuous of links to the tracks 'Salsa' title.

A little mix then finished the show with the twisted disco delights of J.R. Plankton followed by the deeper than deep house tones of Vakula's 'Mama Said Go Slow'. Gagarin, given a little edit by Bass Clef, then livened up proceedings before Cessa's 'Nameless' came through with a peak time, feelgood banger before Daddykshun closed the show in perfect emotional end of night style.

Debilorithmicos - Loser For You (Molts Records promo)
Andrew Thomas - Black Sky Bright Sun (Luftbeschaffenheit Air Texture)
Peter Broderick - Solace In Gala (Erased Tapes)
El Kid - Mud (Left Blank)
Downliners Sekt - Lorem Ipsum (Infine promo)
Common - Celebrate (Warner promo)
East Of Underground - Walk On By (Now Again promo)
Dub Colossus - Wehgene, Almamegretta Rmx (Real World freeload)
Doubleheart - Salsa (Nonplus)
J.R. Plankton - Sundance (Karaoke Kalk promo)
Vakula - Mama Said Go Slow (Firecracker)
Gagarin - Third Radio, Bass Clef edit (Geo)
Cessa - Nameless (Missing Link)
Daddykshun - Love To Learn (Ratio Music)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Audio Texture Radio Show - December 2, 2011

This weeks show is a steady builder kicking off with the gentle tones of Ryuichi Sakamoto tinkling over some lovely soundscapes from Fennesz, one to sink and think into. The Lund Quartet then provided some lovely jazz with subtle hip hop undertones from their forthcoming album before Nostalgia 77's 'Sleepwalker' was given a forward thinking Ambassadeurs Remix which led to great future soul from the excellent new Drive Me Home EP. New Ninja Tune signing Deco Child was then given an electronic makeover by Crewdson, who's star seems to be shining ever more brightly, since his great album on Slowfoot earlier this year.

Great nu-soul was then the order of the day from Theriak as Opolopo lovingly recrafted and bumped up 'The Crush' featuring the vocals of Alicia Renee. Things then took a skanking tropical turn with a taster from the Prince Fatty meets The Mutant Hi-Fi album a modern retro exercise in ska, cumbia and spaghetti western soundtracks. Burnt Friedman then gave the Shangaan excessive tempos a much needed reduction and some great dub touches before some funky Pharrel beats got the party started.

Heatsick then showed that house music is a feeling despite only using a crappy old Casio keyboard and various guitar pedals before Sapphire Slows from Tokyo followed with more twisted loose house vibrations. Things then got all dark, sweaty and tribal courtesy of Sandman with an nasty, killer of a tune. QQ then hardly brightend the mood with a dark, brooding dancehall workout goes modern bassline workout from the Greensleeves dubstep remix album. Two man Rocketnumbernine then made a lot of noise for such a small combo and provided a nice live musical end to the show.

Fennesz & Sakamoto - 0319 (Touch)
Lund Quartet - Tulipan (A Future Without promo)
Nostalgia 77 - Sleepwalker, Ambaddadeurs rmx (Tru-Thoughts)
Deco Child - Nocturne, Crewdson rmx (Ninja Tune promo)
Drive Me Home - Don't Play Around With That (Citinite)
Theriak - The Crush feat Alicia Renee, Opolopo rmx (Tokyo Dawn)
Prince Fatty meets The Mutant Hi-Fi - Plague of Locusts (Mr. Bongo)
Burnt Friedman Meets Zinja Hlungwani - Shangaan Shake (Honest Jons)
Freesol - Hoodies On, Hats Low, instrumental (Interscope promo)
Heatsick - Tertiary (PAN)
Sapphire Slows - Green Flash Mob (Not For Fun)
Sandman - No Prisoners (Blank Mind)
QQ - Tek It To Them, Kalbata rmx (Greensleeves)
Rocketnumbernine - Black and Blue (Soul Jazz)