Saturday, 3 November 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 26, 2012

So the Jess Boykins III and Melo-X album, Zulu Guru, is finally here and is living up to all our future soul/hip hop expectations, next level urban vibrations start to finish. The first of two Loops Haunt tracks then followed, how could a percussive gem like that go overlooked? So Amir is on a reissue mission with a difference, targetting unreleased gems initially from the vaults of the impeccable Strata catalogue kicking off with some island jazz flavours from Kenny Cox. My Dry Wet Mess then provided some deep electronica and the show's best track title with "My Warped Tits" before Frederic Mercier provided the vintage interstellar disco vibes, another taster from the wicked new Sadar Bahar compilation on BBE.

Loops Haunt then served up their second helping of deep, dark beat smithery which led nicely into Ital and the charmingly entitled Eat Shit, Waterfalls remix. Monokle have just realised a nice album of beats and pieces and we are particularly liking the sounds of "Even". It seems like Falty DL is going from strength to strength and we can't get enough of his latest single on Ninja, pure future Balearic business which led very nicely into the best reworking of Nina Simone's, "See Line Woman" we've ever had the pleasure to play. Boddhi Satva then provided his trademark blend of deep ancestral Afro flavours before a Theo Parrish classic on Third Ear was given an incredible live reworking from the Upperground Orchestra. Lando Kal then finished the show with a great wobbly, slice of soul infused house which we apologise for having to cut short.

Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X - Outta My Mind feat. Chris Turner (Ninja Tune)
Loops Haunt - Fathom (Black Acre promo)
Kenny Cox - Island Song (Strata/180 Proof promo)
My Dry Wet Mess - My Warped Tits (Brainfeeder promo)
Frederic Mercier - Spirit (BBE promo)
Loops Haunt - Galleon (Black Acre promo)
Ital - Eat Shit, Waterfalls Mix (Planet Mu)
Monokle - Even (Ki)
Falty DL - Straight & Arrow (Ninja Tune)
Ogris Debris vs Nina Simone - See Line Woman (White)
Boddhi Satva - Nankoumandjan (BBE promo)
Theo Parrish - Falling Up, Upperground Orchestra Live reimagining (Third Ear)
Lando Kal - Help Myself (Icee Hot promo)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Audio Texure Radio Show - Octobe 19th, 2012

So a really mixed bag this week kicking off with some new, classic sounding soul music courtesy of Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers and the wonderful 'Work It Out' which paved the way for some reworked soul with DJ Izem's leftfield twist of Michael Kiwanuka. We then had to drop a cut from the killer, and we mean killer, Colonel Red EP that dropped on Apollo earlier this year, 3 tracks of deep, forward looking soul, perhaps if it had dropped on a different label we might have heard about it earlier? We then went back to the old school with some vintage latin jazz vibes from the great new Analogue Africa excursion into the joys of classic Colombian music.

Things then took a turn for the modern with a great percussive dub techno number from the great JuJu & Jordash album just released on Dekmantel which pleasingly led into some classic Caribbean disco sounds unearthed by the deep digging Soundway records. Sadar Bahar, Chicago's best kept secret, has compiled an incredible selection of deep, uncompromising disco for BBE and we then plundered the underground sounds of Johnny Harris's, 'Odyssey Pt. 1' for a classic disco moment before the Letherettte, disco reimagined for 2012, sounds of 'Ettewards' which led pleasingly into the hard to define, about to be released, Jets project from Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum.

One of our recent discoveries has been the delicate and exciting electronic musings of Slime and his summer released EP, Increased II. We have also been enjoying recently Bullion's metamorphisis from beat don to indie pop maverick ably showcased by the 'Collision' track in this weeks show which paved the way for another one of this week's discoveries the versatile and talented Ergo Phizmiz and a taster of his forthcoming album on Care In The Community. Things then went a bit rock with a track from one of our favourite guitar inclined groups, Pop Levi, which perfectly paved the way for a funky, vocal finish to the show from Lance Ferguson's new spiritual jazz inclined project, Menagerie.

Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers - Work It Out (Record Kicks)
Michael Kiwanuka - DJ Izem remix (White)
Colonel Red - Sleeper (Apollo)
Cresencio Camacho - Santana en Salsa (Analogue Africa promo)
JuJu & Jordash - Shakshuka Dub (Dekmantel)
Lancelot Layne - Carnival Drum Sound (Soundway)
Johnny Harris - Odyssey Pt. 1 (BBE promo)
Letherette - Ettewards (Ninja Tune)
Jets - Sin Love With U (Leisure System promo)
Slime - Lean Over (Getme!)
Bullion - Collision (Deek Records)
Ergo Phizmiz - Fingerwings (Care In The Community promo)
Pop Levi - Medicine (Counter promo)
Menagerie - The Quitening (Tru-Thoughts promo)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 12, 2012

Another really quick blog post this week, just the player and tracklist. Enjoy.

Woods - Give Your Light Off (Woodsist)
Studnitzky - Grandola (Sonar Kolletiv promo)
Tondrae Kemp - Baby Girl (Kwality)
Dorando - Didn't I, Guts re-edit (Heavenly Sweetness)
Tapes - Dungeness (Astro:Dynamics promo)
WIFE - Shards (Left Blank promo)
Lumisokea - Diserta (Eat Concrete promo)
Lukid - Manchester (Ninja Tune)
Strange U - Scarlet Jungle (Eglo promo)
Group Rhoda - Hi Rise (Night School)
Mizgir - Surya (Atjazz promo)
Stubborn Heart - Need Somone (Kaya Kaya)
Cain - Maasai (Fine Grains promo)

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 5th, 2012

Just a quick blogpost this week. Thought we would mainly drop a more soulful, jazzy vibe this week and explore loads of the great reissues and new/old tunes around. Here's the tracklist and player, enjoy.

That's Why - Mattheus 25 (Jazzman)
Binder Quintet - Vasvirag (Jazzman)
The Equatics - Merry Go Round (Now Again)
Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex & Friends - Bati (Terp)
Cleon & Jazzy Pidjay - Freedom Sound (Favourite)
The Inversions - Rub The Lamp (Daptone)
Wrongtom Meets Deemas J - Jump+Move+Rock (Tru-Thoughts)
Joe Bataan - Ordinary Guy, Jazzanova instrumental rework (Sonar Kolloktiv promo)
Newban - Let's Have It All, M&M remix (BBE promo)
Sixtus Preiss - Samba Feelin Beein This, Cid Rim remix (Affine)
Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins - Sixth feat. Beegs Alchemy (Doumen promo)
Offshore - Fraser (Ninja Tune promo)
Zara McFarlane - Until Tomorrow, Ogris Debris remix (Brownswood)
Nick Sinna - Voyager, James T Cotton Remix (Prime Numbers)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 28, 2012

So quite the mellow selection this week kicking off with the killer title track from the thoughtful new Yoggyone album which we like a lot. Sunday morning listening was then the order of the day first with a bit of Ky, whose new album floats and swirls around you in a dreamy, jazz sort of way. Matthew Halsall then kept up the mellow jazz vibes with the title track from his incredible new album which was on repeat most of last week. Brazilian pysche business then ensued courtesy of a brilliant Mr. Bongo reissue of the Flaviola E O Bando Do Sol, back in the day, rarity - good digging.

Things then got all 2012 first with a vocal excursion from Lapalux and a taster of his new Brainfeeder EP folled by soome bass heavy chilled vibrations from Kromestar and J5ive before Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins blurred the lines between live and electronic production to amazing effect with 'First', make sure you check the EP on the excellent Doumen records when it drops. Reset Industries is a new label set up by some of Belfast's finest, David Baxter and Boxcutter included, and their first release is a stellar album of, less is more, beat making from Defcon. Beat Inc. then got a bit rowdy compared to the rest of the weeks show with 'Black Tea Morning'.

The new album from Robert Glasper is a wonderful thing and some healthy remixes have just dropped and we particularly like the Georgia Anne twist before Mo Kolours showed off his ongoing mission to fuse great beats with some great roots music. I'm not going to say much about the Simba & Milton Gulli track as I know a well known label is chasing their output and we're sure you now know why. Jacaranda Muse then kept the deep spiritually inclined vibes rolling before Emanuele de Raymondi showed that in the right hands electronics and musical instruments are like toast and marmite.

Yoggyone - Canopee (Eklektic promo)
Ky - Grandola (Sonar Kollektiv)
Matthew Halsall - Fletcher Moss Park (Gondwanan Records)
Flaviola E O Bando Do Sol - Canto Funebre (Mr. Bongo)
Lapalux - Forgetting and Learning Again featuring Kerry Leatham (Brainfeeder)
Kromestar & J5ive - Words (Deep Medi promo)
Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins - First (Doumen)
Defcon - Salvia Funk (Reset Industries)
Beat Inc. - Black Tea Morning (Original Cultures)
Robert Glasper Experiment - The Consequencies of Jealousy feat. Meshell Ndegeocello, Georgian Anne Muldrow's Sassy Geemix (Blue Note promo)
Robert Glasper Experiment - The Consequences of Jealousy, original snippet (Blue Note)
Mo Kolours - Brave (One Handed Music)
Simba & Milton Gulli - Intro (Unsigned)
Jacaranda Muse - Let You Go (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Emanuele de Raymondi - BV_06 (Zero Killed Music)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 14, 2012

A soulful start to this weeks show with the nu-soul sounds of S3 aka Miles Bonny & Brenk Sinatra  followed by jazzier, soulful strains of Jose James given an outstanding remix by Oddisee, look out for his album forthcoming soon on Blue Note. Homeboy Sandman then got busy over the mad breaks of 'Sputnik' before Kid Koala gave the term nu-blues a whole new twist. Things then took a darker, pysched up turn with 'In The Dark' by The Gaslamp Killer before Pop Levi rocked up with 'Medicine'.

Romanian jazz is a bit of a minority sport to be quite honest but Sonar Kollektiv are trying to change that with their excellent genre compilation which has just seen the digital light of day and the killer sounds of Ion Baciu are testimony to the quality. We then couldn't resist playing another slice of beat craftmanship from Praezisa Rapid 3000 as we love the album so much and they also get the track title of the day award with 'Thin Air Bottled to Garbage Cans'. Now Daisuke Tanabe makes a lot of music that only gets released in Japan and it's always a pleasure to check what's he's doing, this time on the remix of the really interesting new beat producer Monokle from the promising Ki Records label, the original cuts are great as well.

Ital Tek marches on with a new album on Planet Mu and we're down with about half of it and the dramatic strains of 'Intercruise' are a particular highlight. Now the edits markets is overhyped and under quality but when you get Theo Parrish editing some great original material you know you are in trouble. Just listen to his twist of The Invisible's 'Generational' and then go and buy the single when it drops as he also provides an epic 15 minute remix of the same track. With an Anna Calvi version of a different track, it really is one of the EPs of the year. God knows who U is but we are liking his, all too short, beat excursions that are forthcoming on Man Make Music which nicely led into a taster of Lukid's killer new canine flavoured EP. More quality beats then followed as the Hot Flush unearthed strains of 'Braille' from new boys Shelter Point hit home. Rael then soundscaped the show's ending to perfection and showcased the increasing quality of Nonine records output, hunt down the EP.

S3 - Don't Stop (MPM promo)
Jose James - It's All Over Your Body, Oddisee remix (Blue Note promo)
Homeboy Sandman - Sputnik (Stonesthrow)
Kid Koala - 11 Bit Blues (Ninja Tune)
The Gaslamp Killer - In The Dark (Brainfeeder)
Pop Levi - Medicine (Counter promo)
Ion Baciu - Nu Privi Inapoi (Sonar Kollektiv)
Praezisa Rapid 3000 - Thin Air Bottled To Garbage Cans (Noble)
Monokle - Swan, Daisuke Tanabe rmx (Ki Records promo)
Ital Tek - Intercruise (Planet Mu promo)
The Invisible - Generational, Theo Parrish Edit (Ninja Tune promo)
U - Eah (Man Make Music promo)
Lukid - The Dog Can Run (Werk promo)
Shelter Point - Braille (Hot Flush promo)
Rael - Dolphins At Home (Nonine promo)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 7, 2012

Two tracks from Teengirl Fantasy kicked off this weeks show as we do our bit to highlight the strength of their Tracer album which is an all killer, no filler affair and deserves to be in everyone's top ten end of year charts. It looks like The Stepkids are going from strength to strength if their new pysched up album taster is anything to go by and considering how good their debut was we are suitably excited. Medline has done what no one else has dared and taken 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' to the dance floor with a tasty little bruk version which led nicely into Joe's Balearic bassline adventure 'MB'

The Boogie Vol. 3 is about to hit the shops and it's another great selection of fresh modern boogie flavours as the Lay-Far remix of 'Disco Technic' ably highlighted and this paved the way nicely for the return of one of our favourite "less is more" producers Kelpe who is just about to drop some new material on Svetlana. The temperature was then raised by the delicately entitled 'Fuck This' from Chairman Kato before scuzzy, soulful house vibes ruled with 'Tried and Tried' from Anushka.

Now you are never far away from a bit of jazz at Audio Texture and those NY based, Paris boys The Rongetz Foundation are about to drop a great new album on Heavenly Sweetness. This was swiftly followed by some, about to be reissued, jazz niceness from Newban, watch out for this coming soon on BBE. Some epic, pop infused electronica swiftly followed from Rudi Zygadlo's new material before I pressed the stop button on the deck that was playing, mumbled some apologetic excuses, and then gave the East Coker version of Grasscut's, 'Blink In The Night' and unexpected rewind. Downliners Sekt then provided some deep, multi-speed, husky soul to give the show a fitting finale.

Teengirl Fantasy - Eternal (R&S)
Teengirl Fantasy - Vector Spray (R&S)
The Stepkids - Sweet Savation, instrumental (Stones Throw promo)
Medline - Everybody Loves The Sunshine, instrumental (MPM)
Joe - MB (Hemlock)
Stan Smith - Disco Technic, Lay-Far rmx (Tokyo Dawn promo)
Kelpe - Bags Of Time (Svetlana promo)
Chairman Kato - Fuck This (Shades Of Grey promo)
Anushka - Tried & Tried (Brownswood promo)
The Rongetz Foundation - Sams Intro (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Newban - Magic Lady (BBE promo)
Rudi Zygadlo - On (Planet Mu)
Grasscut - Blink In The Night (Ninja Tune)
Downliners Sekt - Trim/Trab, part one (Infine promo)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - August 31, 2012

Zambian pysch rock jump started this weeks show with the 'Introduction' track taken from the excellently entitled 'We Intend To Cause Havoc' album from Witch and came courtesy of more good digging from the Now Again crew. More upbeat vibes of a banging hip hop nature then ensued from the great new JJ Doom project before some more subdued beats from the new Kid Sundance album followed. One of the masters of deep leftfield dub, Pole, then showed why he's at the top of the tree with the 'Lurch' track from his new EP.

Now if atmospheric beats are your ticket then you should be seriously taking a look at the new Kane Ikin album on 12K, it's a winner start to finish as the great 'Oberon' track succinctly demonstrated. Urban music of a more soulful nature then followed courtesy of another taster from the excellent Jesse Boykins III and Melo-X's new album which is just about to drop on Ninja and we can't wait!! We are also happy to report that Kab Driver aka David Baxter, a long time show favourite, has finally dropped an album and it's full of super fresh beats with some inspired musical touches and good old live instrumentation, we strongly urge you to go and listen, it's getting great reviews all round.

If you want funky breaks with some beefy bass then you could do a lot worse than head over to the new NeferTT EP on Hot Flush, those samples will definitely ring some bells. One of our favourite all time compilations is making a return, yes Secret Love is up to volume six and just about to hit the shelves and Alex Barck has got his hands on Cecilla Stalin to help things launch things with a remix swing. Bassclef then kept the sweet vocal vibes but added a bit of bottom end menace with the new Idle Hands release 'You Don't Know, Don't You Know' before Praezisa Rapid 3000 gave another taster of why their new album is so special.

Quirky nu-soul then followed courtesy of Hadyn from the new and ever excellent Brownswood Bubblers Series, now up to volume 8 and still holding down the quality BIG time. Now we don't drop much drum and bass on the show but when the Odd Harmonics remix of Rumpistol/Red Baron is this good we just can't say no. Hidden Orchestra then ably completed this weeks show with a little taster of their new material with the 'Spoken' track from their new double A-side EP on Tru Thoughts.

Witch - Introduction (Now Again promo)
JJ Doom - Rhymin Slang (Lex)
Kid Sundance - The Diesel (Fremdtunes)
Pole - Lurch (Pole Music)
Kane Ikin - Oberon (12K promo)
Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X - The Perfect Blues (Ninja Tune)
Kab Driver - Headhunting (Airflex Labs)
NeferTT - Cleos Spos (Hot Flush)
Unforscene feat Cecilla Stalin - Dark Souls, Alex Barck remix (Sonar Kollektiev promo)
Bass Clef - You Don't Know You Don't Know (Idle Hands promo)
Praezisa Rapid 3000 - Thom LIwa (Noble promo)
Hadyn - Manchild (Brownswood promo)
Rumpistol/Reb Baron - Floating, Odd Harmonics rmx (unreleased)
Hidden Orchestra - Spoken (Tru Thoughts)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - August 10, 2012

No mellow start to the show this week as The Gaslamp Killer swaggered into the show with some attitude from his new EP about to drop on Brainfeeder. Deep Afro vibes then followed from new Ethiopian boy on the block, Samuel Yirga which paved the way for a deep, killer Simbad remix of Bongos Ikwue before LV threw down some future Anglo African beats with 'Primus Stove'. Forward thinking UK hip hop was then the order of the day first with The Insomniax daring to be different to great effect before new boys on the block Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X came through with the future deepness, we can' wait for that album, due in September.

Kasket dropped perhaps our favourite tune from the relaunched Apollo label before Mala single handedly started the nu-jazz revival with his Cuban bassline flavours recorded on his recent visit to the island. Lorn has been given some nice remix treatment from his new EP, it was a tough decision but the Illum Sphere remix just won out. Dead Western then changed the shows vibe with their scuzzy, pysched out folk before LTO showed what a force for good the new Sullen Tone label is shaping up to be. The new album from Kane Ikin on 12K is a wonderful thing, ably demonstrated by 'Titan' before we dropped a little taster from the latest and strongest Free The Beats comp courtesy of the THC saturated, Durban Poison.

Now one of our albums of the year is about to come out this Autumn from the Leipzig trio Praezisa Rapid 3000. Forget the alphabetically challenged 314159265 album title and just delve straight into a wonderful world of beats, wide ranging influences and expertly stitched together flavours - wonderful stuff with more to come in future shows. A Robot Koch & Rain Dog collaboration then finished the show off in fittingly deep style.

The Gaslamp Killer - Seven Years of Bad Luck, with Dimlite (Brainfeeder promo)
Samuel Yirga - Abet Abet, Punt rmx (Rough Guide)
Bongos Ikwue - Love of My Life, Simbad Lover mix (BIK)
LV - Primus Stove (Hyperdub promo)
The Insomniax - Friday Comes feat Roses Gabor (Earnest Endeavours promo)
Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X - Black Orpheus (Ninja Tune promo)
Kasket - Fallen (Apollo)
Mala - Calle F (Brownswood)
Lorn - Weigh Me Down, Illum Sphere remix (Ninja Tune)
Dead Western - What I Know (Discorporate promo)
LTO - Found Sounds (Sullen Tone promo)
Kane Ikin - Titan (12K promo)
Durban Poison - Slipping (Free The Beats)
Praezia Rapid 3000 - AAA Bateries (Noble promo)
Robot Kock x Rain Dog - Never Will (Project Mooncircle)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - August 3rd, 2012

No time for idle chatter or music musings, just some unlinked tracklist action for this week's show:

The Shaolin Afronauts - Forests Of Io (Freestyle)
Afrobeat Makers - Long Ride (Comet)
Charles Atangana & Emitais - Onguido (Hot Casa)
The Cutler - Sync Estate (Steel Tiger Records)
Teengirl Fantasy - Motif (R&S)
Jazzanova - I Human, Mike Huckaby rmx (Sonar Kollektiev)
Rain Dog - Keep Me (Project Mooncircle)
Falty DL - Hardcourage (Ninja Tune)
The Invisible - Wings, Floating Points rmx (Ninja Tune)
Strange U - Plastique (Eglo promo)
Blue Daisy x Unknown Shapes - All Night Long (Black Acre)
Empt - Far (Project Mooncircle)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - July 26, 2012

So the Audio Texture Radio Show is back to it's weekly musical shenanigans after a bit of a break and we have to say it's good to be back and sharing some of the unsung heroes of the musical underground once more.

Kid Koala kicked off the show with his raw, sample based, blues killer '6 Bit Blues' before Belleruche kept the vibes mellow and the Ross PTH mix stretched out the soulful goodness. Submerse then put more emphasis on the beats but protected the soul before Sculpture took Snorkel's insistent 'Wet Tongue' and remixed it in fine, unrelenting style. Hip Hop vibes were then the order of the day with the all too short, Madlib produced Freddie Gibbs track 'Terrorist' before Paul White and Homeboy Sandman's 'A Weird Day' was given a fresh vibe with The Room Below remix. LV then enlisted Okmalumkoolkat to provide the African lyrical goodness to his UK bassline beats.

Old Apparutus have kicked off their new label, Sullen Tone in more than fine fashion with 'Derren' giving you enough reason to want to know more. Senking then gave us all a lesson in low end vibes but included some lighter touches to partly soothe the underlying menace. Spinachprince are a great new music and beats crew signed to Eat Concrete with their musical touches making them stand out from the button pushing crowd and 'Bearings' is just one of the fine moments on their new Executive EP.

Om Unit's finest moment to date 'Ulysses' has been given a great Sweatson Klank remix before Gang Colours showed his talent with a great remix of Leon Vynehall's 'Gold Language'. Now we have to admit to not being massive on the Egyptology album but 'Airborne Corridor' jumped out a mile with it's extended, hypnotic, Balearic goodness - big tune. Medline then ended the show in fine style with his version of 'People Make The World Go Round' which features on the great new MPM compilation, Where The Wild Creatures Meet.

Kid Koala - 6 Bit Blues (Ninja Tune)
Belleruche - Wasted Time, Ross PTH Mix (Tru-Thoughts)
Submerse - Cream Soda (Project Mooncircle)
Snorkel - Wet Tongue, Sculpture remix (Slowfoot)
Freddie Gibbs - Terrorist (Stones Throw)
Paul White - A Weird Day feat. Homeboy Sandman, The Room Below version (OHM)
LV - Zulu Compurar feat Okmalumkoolkat (Hyperdub)
Old Apparatus - Derren (Sullen Tone)
Senking - Closing Eyes (Raster Norton)
Spinachprince - Bearings (Eat Concrete)
Om Unit - Ulysses, Sweatson Klank rmx (Civil Music)
Leon Vynehall - Gold Language, Gang Colours rmx (Man Make Music)
Egyptology - Airborne Corridor (Clapping Music)
Medline - People Make The World Go Round (MPM)

Audio Teture Radio Show - June 1, 2012

So the Audio Texture Radio Show went AWOL for most of June and July due in part to computer logic board meltdown and then the desire to actually take a bit of a break after producing 45-50 shows a year for the last 4 years.

I've got to admit to actually enjoying the break but also to missing the show so I'm glad to report it will be back to it's regular weekly slots on the various stations and all reputable streaming services from now on.

Here is the tracklist for the the last show before the logic board meltdown:

Policy - One Last Time, Falty DL Remix (Rush Hour)
Rey & Kjavik - Listen (Compost Black)
The Invisible - Wings (Ninja Tune)
Deco Child - Diamond Drops (Ninja Tune)
Portformat - Bitter Sweet feat Eagle Nebula & Trezure Empire (TDR)
Debruit - Ogene Udu (Civil Music)
Maga Bo - O Neguinho feat. Biguli (Post World Industries)
Sleepin Giantz - Badungdeng (Tru-Thoughts)
Wattville - Clan (Sonic Router)
Bandshell - Metzger (Hessle Audio)
Kilo - Dickicht (Experientalstudio Brigittenau)
Lorn - Ghosst(s), Shed Remix (Ninja Tune)
Snorkel - One Long Conundrum (Slowfoot)

Friday, 20 July 2012

FABRICLIVE 64: Oneman (including 30 minute radio mix)

Oneman kicks arse, there is no two ways about it, effortlessly mixing up the styles, if any proof is needed check out this little promo radio mix for his new Fabriclive mix CD:

1. Darkstar - Digital [free download]
2. Koreless - Lost In Tokyo [Vase]
3. Jay Weed - Illusion Axes [unreleased]
4. Ramadanman - Fall Short [Swamp81]
5. Addison Groove - Make 'Em Bounce [Tectonic]
6. GoldFFinch - Pixel Perfect [unreleased]
7. Boddika - ??? [unreleased]
8. Bok Bok - Look (Helix Remix) [Night Slugs]
9. Teeth - Busy Crack [Sound Pellegrino]
10. Jam City - The Courts [Night Slugs]
11. Mokona - Stewardess Rush [Templar Sound]
12. Martyn - Freidrichstrasse [fabric Records]

Press release blurb but worth checking:

There are DJs that are heavily tied to styles, people who go on to become figures synonymous with a certain sound or a particular approach to mixing; and then there are DJ’s DJs – a different breed of people who manage to make the whole process of blending records from disparate genres look (and sound) seamless. Often, it’s not just about beat matching perfectly, it’s as much about capturing a mood and evolving it through your record selections as it is locking on to a consistent rhythm and that’s something that Streatham bred DJ, Steve Bishop, has proven himself to be mightily adept at over the years. As much as his sets under the Oneman moniker may have started turning heads by melding old school UK garage with DMZ style dubstep, he’s proven through his regular presence on London institution Rinse FM that he can do so much more than just marry classics with current beats. Acting as a credible barometer for fresh material from a bevy of influential producers he’s also driven by sounds that drove him to music in the first place...

“I think my first real experience with music was when I was about 11, with Kiss Smooth Grooves ’97 - mainly CD2. It came out during my first year at secondary school and there was a run of tracks on that CD that went:9. Faith Evans - Stressed Out 
10. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - 1st of the Month 
11. KRS-One - Step into a World (Rapture's Delight) 
12. Warren G - This DJ
These four tracks changed everything about music for me, forever. It wasn't like hip hop was a new experience to me at all; I think it was the calibre of those 4 tracks on a CD like a Kiss FM comp, among bloody Des'ree and The Lighthouse Family, which really blew me away!” - Oneman
It comes as no surprise that Bishop’s been as vocal (through his DJ sets) about his love of underground hip hop like Odd Future as much as he has Joy O, when you learn that the first album he bought with his own money was DMX’s It's Dark & Hell Iz Hot. Fully acknowledging his sweet love affair with Masta P’s No Limit Records and MTV, Oneman’s always seemed to have that edge; that musical multiple interest that can ignite real sparks on a dancefloor through hearing old records re-appropriated into new and weird situational blends. It’s never been about the gimmick of what he’s playing either, it’s all about the way he makes things fit and how it all feels completely effortless as he does it.

“I think my first ‘project’ was probably trying to recreate a DJ EZ mix or something from Pure Garage Vol. 2 and then doing these tapes with my MC mate Andy. It was just us recreating the pirate radio shows we listened to like Milkyman, SMS Crew, Red Alert, So Solid Sundays (all on Delight FM 103). We did a few tapes around that time. I was buying new records; Andy had a bunch of tracks that the guy he bought his decks off gave him - dark instrumental tracks from So Solid, Zoom & DBX, stuff like that - and I’d pick up new Sticky tracks and some of the first proper EastBeat stuff that was starting to hit South London after So Solid gained popularity.”- Oneman

Whether he knew it back then or not it seems that in Bishop’s unknowing emulation of people like DJ EZ (someone he’s cited as a major influence numerous times before) and the MC/DJ partnerships he was making he was destined for radio, a platform that would be a constant outlet for his mixes, from the start.

Radio was always an opportunity I missed having grown up with garage as an early to mid teen. I heard so many stories at my school of kids going for trial sets at pirates in Battersea, coming out and having their records taken at the bottom of the block and I really loved my records so I didn't ever take that risk! By the time I hit 18 I wasn't willing to let any more chances slip so I emailed Heny G (React FM Manager) and sent him a guest slot I'd been on over at SubFM (one of the first internet stations) and he gave me a Sunday evening show. I started to do those shows with Asbo, my MC who still does my Rinse shows now. It was a cool little community down at React and initially I didn't want to leave, but it kind of fell apart quickly so I took Sarah Souljah’s offer to join Rinse more seriously.” -Oneman

Since then his profile has risen and Oneman’s rightly become an essential part of the station’s roster, broadcasting his own agenda for two hours every Sunday night. He’s already known for his flawless mixing, his impeccable selection and his old meets new school mergers - that’s why he’s already a lot of people’s favourite DJ – but his FABRICLIVE mix manages to cement all of the above in an incredibly understated way. The selection bounds through choice cuts from the last couple of years by Joy Orbison, Fis-T, SBTRKT, Grievous Angel and Mosca to current productions from Pearson Sound, Lando Kal, Teeth and Thefft, all the time peppered by garage classics from Nu Birth, Steve Gurley, Tuff Jam and Youngstar.

I wanted the mix to primarily be a representation of what I would typically play at fabric in current terms, so bearing that in mind I decided to draw on a lot of new house crossover stuff. The beginning of the mix is kind of a throwback to 2010, where I felt this UK Funky sound really started developing into another darker strand of UK dance music. The rest is really a mix of 128-134bpm music through the years; there’s some old Locked On garage classics in there too…  I never really think out these things too much, it just has to make sense when I listen back to it.” - Oneman

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - May 25, 2012

Jesse Futerman kicks off the show this week with his beat tribute to Yusef Lateef before one of modern funks finest, Sugarman 3, get all new retro and show most of the others how it's done. Heatsick then provided the raw, lo-fi Casio vibes which sound a whole lot better than most tunes produced in double expensive studios. The raw, vintage, electronic experiments of Bruck Haack were then given a little twist from Prince Language for good measure.

We've slept a bit on The Internet but we were happy to pick up the album a couple of weeks ago as they're definitely one of the more interesting Odd Future acts as 'Lincoln' ably demonstrates. Now we are happy to announce, after championing them since day one, that the Mancini & The Creepers album has finally arrived and it's great, fresh, UK urban vocal business - well done Jakarta records for making it happen. XL records have dragged the one and only, Bobby Womack back into the studio with the intent of doing a "Gil Scott" on him. From what we've heard it hasn't all worked but 'The Bravest Man' is certainly sounding fine.

Traxman then juked up the dance, Chicago style, with the mellowest track from his recent and good (by Chicago standards) album, out on Planet Mu. Things then took a turn for the mellow with Simon Scott and part of his tribute album to the flat and boring, Fens in East Anglia of all places. Trapist kept things generally horizontal but with some nice percussive and abrupt wake up moments to keep you on your toes before Fetsum kept the mellow vibes rolling, nice and steady style.

Now we're suckers for a good cover version and Gabriele Poso has come up with a really fresh jazz take on the Dawn Penn classic 'You Don't Love Me'. Atjazz then provided a super musical, souful house take on GP's  Cuban project before from out of hiding Dobie comes through with a little taster of his great new EP for Big Dada.

Jesse Futerman - Yusef feat. Milo of Sibian & Faun (Jus Like Music)
Sugarman 3 - Rudy's Intervention (Daptone promo)
Heatsick - Deviation (Pan promo)
Bruck Haack - Party Machine, Prince Language rmx (Stonesthrow)
The Internet featuring Left Brain & Mike G - Lincoln (Odd Future)
Mancini & The Creepers - Dont You Remember (Jakarta)
Bobby Womack - The Bravest Man In The Universe (XL promo)
Traxman - Chilllll (Planet Mu)
Simon Scott - 1._Sealevel.5 (12K)
Trapist - Pisa (Experimedia promo)
Fetsum - Birth Of A River (Sonar Kollectiv promo)
Gabriele Poso - You Don't Love Me feat Osunade (Infracom)
Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Orisa feat Dreiser & Sexto Sentido, Atjazz Love Soul rmx (Brownswood)
Dobie - Hustle With Speed (Bid Dada promo)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - May 18, 2012

So the show is back on the road and on the regular with a great, generally soulful, selection this week - it should sound pretty good during what looks like the start of summer for large parts of the northern hemisphere. Portformat kicked things off in fine style from his great album about to drop on Tokyo Dawn. The album is full of great beats and production and with a dazzling array of guest vocalists, this boy just gets better and he was pretty good to start off with! The Jazzanova live group album has just dropped and if you like the classic sounds of black America then it will be right up your street. Vintage soulful jazz was then the order of the day from the reissued Solis Lacus album on Heavenly Sweetness as Favourite recordings also carry on their reissue series with another of the great Ray Stephen Oche albums, out about now.

Guido Mobius then weirded up the show a bit with 'All Evil Ways' from his interesting new album on Karaoke Kalk before sonic adventurer RYAT kept things off the beaten track from her forthcoming album on Brainfeeder, a bit Bjorkish vocally but certainly none the worse for that and generally a great unique sound. Slugabed's album on Ninja has finally dropped and we're particularly liking the cosmic soul vibes of 'Unicorn Suplex'. Best use of a blues sample award goes to the debut single from The Allergies and their 'Big Star' tune on Riddim Fruit, a really fine start to the recording project from mix king DJ Moneyshot & Rackabeat. HornDogz then kept the funk flowing and enlisted the vocal talents of Ty to make some of that classic sounding hip hop, nice.

A little 4/4 section finished the show kicking off with a taster of the new Fantastic Mr. Fox EP on Black Acre, great leftfield house vibes. Auntie Flo then carried on the deep house mission from one of our albums of the year, Future Rhythm Machine - check it! Pitchben then went super deep and soulful with surely one of the warmest tunes of the summer, the Alexander Maier 1to11 remix of 'Unique' - lovely! Enawadan then kept the soul vibes flowing before Lone finished the show in fine style with 'Earths Lungs' from his excellent new album on R&S.

Portformat - It's Been So Long feat. Astrid Engberg (Tokyo Dawn Records promo)
Jazzanova with Band & Paul Randolph - No Use (Sonar Kollectiv)
Solis Lacus - Utopic Cities (Heavenly Sweetness)
Ray Stephen Oche & His Matumbo - Peace Upon Kenemaland (Favouite promo)
Guido Mobius - All Evil Ways (Karaoke Kalk)
RYAT - Object Mob (Brainfeeder promo)
Slugabed - Unicorn Suplex (Ninja Tune)
The Allergies - Big Star (Riddim Fruit)
HornDogz - Movin' On feat Ty, Breis & Peeda (Uptown Records)
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Yesterdays Fall feat Alby Daniels (Black Acre promo)
Auntie Flo - Futurismo (Huntleys & Palmers)
Pitchben - Unique, Alexander Maier 1to11 remix (Compost Records promo)
EnaWadan - Reborn, Inner Dimensions mix (Sonar Kolletiv Records)
Lone - Earths Lungs (R&S)

Audio Texture Radio Show - April 13th & May 4th

Work can really get in the way sometimes of doing the things you really love so unfortunately there has only been 4 shows in the last 7 weeks. Here are the track listings for a couple of the shows that never made it on-line on our various music sharing sites although you can still hear them through the various radio station websites.

We also have to say a sad farewell to Paulius & Jonas from Gaudeamus FM who have departed the station to set up their own IT company focussing on mobile apps, CMS, website design etc.( They really did a great job promoting an alternative musical agenda in Kaunus, Lithuania - hopefully they'll be back with more creative ventures in the future and we wish them all the best. We're not sure whether the new team will take on the show but we'll keep you posted.

April 13, 2012

Marbert Rocel - Whether The Night (Compost Records)
Leon Ware & Quadron - Orchid For The Sun (Quired Chicle)
THEESatisfaction - God (Sub pop)
THEESatisfaction - Sweat (Sub pop)
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - Titel 10 (Hyperdub)
S. Maharba - French Maid, Extended version (BTS)
Gilla and The Wageira Le Drummers - Guribiyua (Soul Jazz)
Francis Bebey - La Condition Masculine (Wedoo)
Bola - Makamiba (Awesome Tapes from Africa)
Beaumont - Never Love Me (Hot Flush)
Protect-U - Motorbike (Planet Mu)
Noapre - Canoa Boogaloo (Ho_Tep)
Jack Dixon - You Wont Let Me (Apollo)

May 4, 2012

The Insomniax - Daydreaming (Earnest Endeavours)
Sweatson Klank - Always You (Project Mooncircle)
Jeremiah Jae - Money (Brainfeeder)
Debruit - Cuivree (Civil Music)
Fabulous/Arabia - Perm (Jakarta)
Ceu - Falta De Ar (Six Degrees)
Filfla - Wst-Est (Someone Good)
Wild Honey - Gold Leaf, Gummy Soul Remix (Lovemonk)
Monty Adkins - Permutations (Audio Bulb)
Philippe Petit & Friends - Motion-Pictured (Home Normal Home)
Kuedo - Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space, Laurel Halo rmx (Planet Mu)
Last Step - Somno (Planet Mu)
Dave Aju - Ms Reposado (Circus Company)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - April 6, 2012

An unrepentantly electronic selection is the order of this weeks show with Dean McPhee kicking things off with a long meandering electroacoustic adventure from the Son Of The Black Peace album before the prolific Me Raabenstein drops the abstract beatscape 'Jabbering and Jam'. A deep future Afroelectronic experiment then seemed fitting from the Damon Albarn led DRC Music project, pieced together deep in Kinshasa with a load of local musicians and a fine roster of western producers.

A little Project Mooncircle section then seemed appropriate as they are putting out a load of beat tapes (as in actual tapes) with a few new artists that I'm happy to now know about. Vienna boy Szenario kicked things off with 'Shy' before Krakow native Good Paul fed us electronic dreams. Ninja new boy and sample fiend Hot Sugar then gatecrashed the PMC party but brought the right flavoured beats before tagging South Carolina homey Kwala. To finish off the Mooncircle love in we had to drop another track from the excellent Rumpistol/Red Baron album coming to all good record stores soon.

A little mish mash mix up took care of the second half of the show kicking off with the deep dub stylings of Deadbeat & Daniel Tate which led nicely into an Osunalde Palenque remix from the excellent Jende Ri Palenge comp on Soul Jazz. If deep bassline beats are your flavour then make sure you check the forthcoming Bass Clef album soon to drop on Punch Drunk. We then dropped a new remix of Trus'me and said a warm welcome back to the Prime Numbers label, it has seemed like ages. Tennis, with some great vocals from Fink, then injected the soul vibes before we gave you a little taster from the exciting new album from Dave Aju which is currently on repeat at Audio Texture HQ.

Dean McPhee - Golden Bridge (Blast First Petite)
Me Raabenstein - Jabbering and Jam (Nonine)
DRC Music - Ah Congo featuring Jupiter Bokondji & Bokatola System (Warp)
Szenario - Shy (Project Mooncircle promo)
Good Paul - Midnight With Tatoo Girl (Project Mooncircle)
Hot Sugar - Coconut Powder (Ninja Tune promo)
Kwala - Sail The Wooden Horse feat Roof Light (Project Mooncircle)
Rumpistol/Red Baron - Anywhere (Project Mooncircle promo)
Deadbeat & Daniel Tate - Lazy Jane (Blkrtz promo)
Curramberos De Gamero - La PreƱa, Osunlade's Yoruba Soul mix (Soul Jazz)
Bass Clef - Hackney-Chicago-Jupiter (Punch Drunk promo)
Trus'me - Good God, Norman Nodge Dub (Prime Numbers promo)
Tennis - Make It Good (Life and Death promo)
Dave Aju - Rise (Circus Company promo)