Sunday, 26 February 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - February 24, 2012

The Colman Brothers got this weeks show off to a nice mellow jazzwise start with 'On A Better Day' taken from the new Heavenly Sweetness compilation, Digging the Blogosphere, before the beautiful sound of Joyce bathed the show in some Brazilian sunshine and served as a little taster of her forthcoming live album on Far Out due out in March. Our new discovery of the week Goran Kajfes then kept the jazz but added some great African vibes from his excellent album X/Y - a great blend of jazz, Africa, eastern vibes and electronica - a bit expensive (plush packaging) but worth it. Boddhi Satva's ancestral soul vibes have been infiltrating the house scene for a while and we're pleased to report that his debut album is about to drop on BBE records and it's one of those rare things, a house album that actually works start to finish, the production is deep and there's some great vocalists on there as well, as 'Ngari Konon' featuring Oumou Sangare, more than ably demonstrates.

Hyperdub seem increasingly determined to transcend their reputation as a home for bass music and their forthcoming release from Fhloston Paradigm aka King Britt is deep, dark, raw, stripped back, hypnotic electronica which will probably educate and confuse Hyperdub bass heads in equal measures. This paved the way for a stripped back, less is more, Ethiopian electro experiment courtesy of Fresh Touch, make sure you check the video as well for some great footage of Haile Selassie. Chopped and heavily screwed vibes were then the order of the day as Caracal, another producer who prefers to remain anonymous, gave us a taster of his forthcoming EP on Black Acre. Australian pianist and composer, Anthony Pateras then kept the vibes dark with the unsettling 'Infectious' from his OST, Errors Of The Human Body before Felix Kubin and Venetian Snares dropped some, quite frankly, mental beats.

Now we've been keeping tabs on Airhead's all too sparse output since day one and were happy to receive a promo single from R&S this week with new material and also news that this young, guitar playing producer has seemingly been saving all his output for an album release also due on R&S later this year. Two classically trained, adventurous, producers named Colo, then kept the leftfield beats rolling with 'Rick' from their inspired debut EP on Take. Uptempo beats then finished the show off nicely led by Duct, a music technology professor who practices what he teaches before Sisi Bakbak (allegedly Thom York) gave Sbtrkt's 'Hold On' a pleasing twist and ended the show in fine fashion. 

Colman Brothers - On A Better Day (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Joyce - Adeus América (Far Out promo)
Goran Kajfes - Subtropics/Kankani Boulila (Headspin)
Boddhi Satva - Ngari Konon feat Oumou Sangare (BBE promo)
Fhloston Paradigm - The Chase (Hyperdub promo)
Fresh Touch - Harar Rhythm (Angular Records)
Caracal - Elements (Black Acre promo)
Anthony Pateras - Infectious (Editions Mego promo)
Felix Kubin - Total No.1 (It's)
Venetian Snares - Ego DSP (Planet Mu promo)
Airhead - Wait (R&S promo)
Colo - Rick (Take promo)
Duct - Jessica's Garden (Shades Of Grey promo)
Sbtrkt - Hold On, Sisi Bakbak rmx (Young Turks)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - February 17, 2012

So the show is back in full effect after a rare missed week due to work commitments and we kick off in fine style with a track from the Project Mooncircle 10th anniversary boxset, a nice slice of deep bassline action from Rain Dog, one of many great tunes celebrating this ever improving label and their dedication to unearthing fresh beat making talent. A 10th anniversary is a real milestone for a label in todays difficulty record selling climate and to have put out over a 100 releases in that time makes it even more so. Fink then kept the deep vibes flowing with an excellent Close remix of his 'Perfect Darkness' track from last year before Shlohmo kept the future soul vibes flowing with the excellent 'Wen Uuu' from his recent EP on FoF music.

We couldn't resist dropping more Jeb Loy Nichols as his new album is about to drop on Decca. We'd already hit you with 'Hard Times' but this time the track has been given a little reggae remix courtesy of Curtis Lynch to take the tune back to it's JA roots. Ruder dancehall bassline vibes then invaded the airwaves as Belleruche's DJ Modest gave Hint's 'Crash and Burn' a little dubstep refix. Lorca has been on our radar since last year and showed why by supplying a nice slice of swinging, jazz flavoured, funky house niceness before Micatone dropped the tempo and injected some country edged soul with their welcome return.

Now we've been on the case of Mancini and The Creepers since day one and I'm happy to report their debut album is about to drop. Now some people are going to say they sound a bit Ghostpoet like and we're not going to dispute that but to be honest we'd heard them before Ghostpoet and to be honest we don't care who was first as they both rock. Joash with a little help from Chocolate Garage then single handedly revived hip house with the killer 'Mission'. Subsequent featuring Festa then rounded off a trio of leftfield hip hop gems in a German stylee, thanks to Nonine for that one. Mo Kolours then dropped a real slice of Mauritian flavoured beat madness as he is wont to do before Bullion, if he hadn't already, cememented his stylistic versatility with 'Say Arr Ee' from his new R&S release before Maddslinky's Azymuth rerub ended the show in fine Brazilian beats style.

Rain Dog - Spatial Separations (Project Mooncircle promo)
Fink - Perfect Darkness, Close rmx (Freeload)
Shlohmo - Wen Uuu (FoF Music)
Jeb Loy Nichols - Hard Times, Curtis Lynch rmx (Decca promo)
Hint - Crash & Burn, DJ Modest rmx (Tru-Thoughts promo)
Lorca - Can't See Higher (Dummy Records promo)
Micatone - Handbrake (Sonar Kollektiv Promo)
Mancini & The Creepers - Killers (Jakharta promo)
Joash - Mission, Chocolate Garage Oldschool mix (Compost)
Subsequent feat Festa - Daglicht rmx (Nonine)
Mo Kolours - Banana Wine (One Handed Music promo)
Bullion - Say Arr Ee (R&S)
Azymuth - Heavy Up, Maddslinky rmx (Far Out promo)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - February 3, 2012

So the whole original Chicago footwork scene, that blew up on the back of Planet Mu's crusade, was a bit of disappointment musically but the dancing was out of this world. Now a whole heap of producers, with broader palettes, have jumped on board the wagon things are starting to get more interesting and the latest mutation is Dream Continuum's fusion of footwork and 90's drum and bass which is set to smash up the dance in 2012, check 'Side Set It' that opens the show and get your rave on. Around this time every year the J Dilla tributes to commemorate his passing start, thus prompted, I thought I'd give you his classic take on 'Think Twice' which led nicely into some Propaground action with Gusby's deep soul groover, 'Analogik Love Pt II'. Jeb Loy Nichols then provided some 'Countrymusicdisco' in fine blue eyed soulful style, look out for his new album dropping anytime now on Decca.

As mentioned recently the new Blundetto album is sounding great start to finish, so just to prove we're not lying we thought we'd drop you another little taster, this time Ethio jazz style with the excellent Akale Horns in full effect. Afrobuddha with the aid of the Kakatsitsi Drummers then provided some hyper real Afro House Sounds before Dancing Turtle's new signing Elpoep provided some deep hypnotic beats from their excellent new release. DVA then dropped the future soul from his new album on Hyperdub which funnily sounds largely like vintage broken beat with a slightly poorer choice of vocalists and obviously is none the worse for it.

Whilst I'm at easy comparisons the new Gang Colours album is sounding like a slightly less melancholic James Blake, you probably don't need much more encouragement than that to check him out. There is a nice Slugabed EP floating about at the moment with some cheeky tunes on. It was a tossup which one to drop but we opted for the soulful strains of 'Rockin U' featuring the one and only Leon Ware. Deep Medi new boy Dark Tantrums then provided some deep, simple but atmospheric dub step flavours before NonGenetic & Cooptrol showed that dubstep is a perfect riddim for some lyrical expression, if only more beat producers thought that way. Uptempo beats then led the show to its conclusion with some great bassline action from Dark Sky and then Magic Wire's, Neon Jung who really gave the sub woofers a good testing.

Dream Continuum - Side Set It (Planet Mu promo)
Jay Dee - Think Twice (BBE)
Gusby - Analogik Love Pt II (Propaground promo)
Jeb Loy Nichols - Countrymusicdisco45 (Decca promo)
Blundetto with Akale Horns - Crowded Places (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Afrobuddha Meets Kakatsitsi Drummers - Obame, Radio Mix (Round In Motion)
Elpoep - Feed Your Love (Dancing Turtle promo)
DVA - Eye Know feat Natalie Maddix (Hyperdub)
Gang Colours - I Don't Want You Calling (Brownswood promo)
Slugabed - Rocking U feat Leon Ware (White)
Dark Tantrums - Unborn (Deep Medi promo)
NonGenetic & Cooptrol - Revolution (Spezialmaterial Records)
Dark Sky - Technology (Black Acre promo)
Neon Jung - Delirium Tremens (Magic Wire promo)