Thursday, 12 April 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - April 6, 2012

An unrepentantly electronic selection is the order of this weeks show with Dean McPhee kicking things off with a long meandering electroacoustic adventure from the Son Of The Black Peace album before the prolific Me Raabenstein drops the abstract beatscape 'Jabbering and Jam'. A deep future Afroelectronic experiment then seemed fitting from the Damon Albarn led DRC Music project, pieced together deep in Kinshasa with a load of local musicians and a fine roster of western producers.

A little Project Mooncircle section then seemed appropriate as they are putting out a load of beat tapes (as in actual tapes) with a few new artists that I'm happy to now know about. Vienna boy Szenario kicked things off with 'Shy' before Krakow native Good Paul fed us electronic dreams. Ninja new boy and sample fiend Hot Sugar then gatecrashed the PMC party but brought the right flavoured beats before tagging South Carolina homey Kwala. To finish off the Mooncircle love in we had to drop another track from the excellent Rumpistol/Red Baron album coming to all good record stores soon.

A little mish mash mix up took care of the second half of the show kicking off with the deep dub stylings of Deadbeat & Daniel Tate which led nicely into an Osunalde Palenque remix from the excellent Jende Ri Palenge comp on Soul Jazz. If deep bassline beats are your flavour then make sure you check the forthcoming Bass Clef album soon to drop on Punch Drunk. We then dropped a new remix of Trus'me and said a warm welcome back to the Prime Numbers label, it has seemed like ages. Tennis, with some great vocals from Fink, then injected the soul vibes before we gave you a little taster from the exciting new album from Dave Aju which is currently on repeat at Audio Texture HQ.

Dean McPhee - Golden Bridge (Blast First Petite)
Me Raabenstein - Jabbering and Jam (Nonine)
DRC Music - Ah Congo featuring Jupiter Bokondji & Bokatola System (Warp)
Szenario - Shy (Project Mooncircle promo)
Good Paul - Midnight With Tatoo Girl (Project Mooncircle)
Hot Sugar - Coconut Powder (Ninja Tune promo)
Kwala - Sail The Wooden Horse feat Roof Light (Project Mooncircle)
Rumpistol/Red Baron - Anywhere (Project Mooncircle promo)
Deadbeat & Daniel Tate - Lazy Jane (Blkrtz promo)
Curramberos De Gamero - La PreƱa, Osunlade's Yoruba Soul mix (Soul Jazz)
Bass Clef - Hackney-Chicago-Jupiter (Punch Drunk promo)
Trus'me - Good God, Norman Nodge Dub (Prime Numbers promo)
Tennis - Make It Good (Life and Death promo)
Dave Aju - Rise (Circus Company promo)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - March 30, 2012

Warmer music for warmer days is the ticket for the start of this weeks show, kicking off with some great Kiwi soul from the newly formed group Fabulous/Arabia. Vintage vibes from Meirelles then added some Brazilian sunshine to the mix - look out for the excellent Bossa Jazz compilation it was taken from if you fancy more of the same. The modern dream team of Quantic, Alice Russell & The Combo Barbaro then provided some classy soul vibes. You really do need to buy their album that has just been released, trust us. More modern vintage vibes were then provided thanks to Mr. Day and the soulful delights of 'Right On' from the soon to be released 'Dry In The Sun' album.

We don't drop enough Barcelona made music on the show mainly because, to be brutally honest, most of it  just isn't up to standard but Seward are beyond reproach and our favourite band in the city. Starting off as a sprawling live project, they've trimmed down the group size and started putting some recordings down and both live and recorded they are great. If you are a label, they are also unsigned -tip! Don't say we didn't warn you. Sven Kacirek our favourite German drum experimentalist then followed with a track from his forthcoming album on Pingipung before Bang On! provided the Liverpool urban music flavour. Portland duo, Blaktronics then kept the slo-mo beats rolling, Ostinato waved the flag for the Sydney beat making massive and Lo Tide represented for the rejuvenated Future Sounds Of Jazz comp, now at the dizzy heights of volume 12.

Mathias Stubo is spreading his wings, away from disco deviance as the genre fusing 'Those High Frequency Feelings' showed, which led nicely into the feel good house vibes of 'Magic' from Recloose. Jazzanova are about to drop a new album with help from a full contingent of musicians and the disco vibes of 'Theme From Belle Et Fout' are a little taste of things to come. Ebo Taylor then finished the show with some great Ghanain funk vibes from his great new album Appia Kwa Bridge.

Fabulous/Arabia - Up To My Neck In Shit (Jakarta promo)
Meirelles - Mulhe Rendeira (Soul Jazz)
Quantic & Alice Russell With The Combo Barbaro - Travelling Song (Tru-Thoughts)
Mr. Day - Right On (Favourite promo)
Seward - Avocado (Self Released)
Sven Kacirek - Or Other Stirring Or Boring Tales (Pingipung promo)
Bang On! - The Whinge (Big Dada promo)
Blaktroniks - Keep Reakting (Tokyo Dawn)
Ostinato - Echoes From The Past (Free The Beats)
Lo Tide - Yello Brick (Compost)
Mathias Stubo - Those High Frequency Feelings (BBE promo)
Recloose - Magic feat B.Slade, Carl Craig Edit (Rush Hour)
Jazzanova with Band & Paul Randolph - Theme from Bell Et Fout (Sonar Kollectiv promo)
Ebo Taylor - Assom Dwee (Strut)