Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - May 25, 2012

Jesse Futerman kicks off the show this week with his beat tribute to Yusef Lateef before one of modern funks finest, Sugarman 3, get all new retro and show most of the others how it's done. Heatsick then provided the raw, lo-fi Casio vibes which sound a whole lot better than most tunes produced in double expensive studios. The raw, vintage, electronic experiments of Bruck Haack were then given a little twist from Prince Language for good measure.

We've slept a bit on The Internet but we were happy to pick up the album a couple of weeks ago as they're definitely one of the more interesting Odd Future acts as 'Lincoln' ably demonstrates. Now we are happy to announce, after championing them since day one, that the Mancini & The Creepers album has finally arrived and it's great, fresh, UK urban vocal business - well done Jakarta records for making it happen. XL records have dragged the one and only, Bobby Womack back into the studio with the intent of doing a "Gil Scott" on him. From what we've heard it hasn't all worked but 'The Bravest Man' is certainly sounding fine.

Traxman then juked up the dance, Chicago style, with the mellowest track from his recent and good (by Chicago standards) album, out on Planet Mu. Things then took a turn for the mellow with Simon Scott and part of his tribute album to the flat and boring, Fens in East Anglia of all places. Trapist kept things generally horizontal but with some nice percussive and abrupt wake up moments to keep you on your toes before Fetsum kept the mellow vibes rolling, nice and steady style.

Now we're suckers for a good cover version and Gabriele Poso has come up with a really fresh jazz take on the Dawn Penn classic 'You Don't Love Me'. Atjazz then provided a super musical, souful house take on GP's  Cuban project before from out of hiding Dobie comes through with a little taster of his great new EP for Big Dada.

Jesse Futerman - Yusef feat. Milo of Sibian & Faun (Jus Like Music)
Sugarman 3 - Rudy's Intervention (Daptone promo)
Heatsick - Deviation (Pan promo)
Bruck Haack - Party Machine, Prince Language rmx (Stonesthrow)
The Internet featuring Left Brain & Mike G - Lincoln (Odd Future)
Mancini & The Creepers - Dont You Remember (Jakarta)
Bobby Womack - The Bravest Man In The Universe (XL promo)
Traxman - Chilllll (Planet Mu)
Simon Scott - 1._Sealevel.5 (12K)
Trapist - Pisa (Experimedia promo)
Fetsum - Birth Of A River (Sonar Kollectiv promo)
Gabriele Poso - You Don't Love Me feat Osunade (Infracom)
Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Orisa feat Dreiser & Sexto Sentido, Atjazz Love Soul rmx (Brownswood)
Dobie - Hustle With Speed (Bid Dada promo)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - May 18, 2012

So the show is back on the road and on the regular with a great, generally soulful, selection this week - it should sound pretty good during what looks like the start of summer for large parts of the northern hemisphere. Portformat kicked things off in fine style from his great album about to drop on Tokyo Dawn. The album is full of great beats and production and with a dazzling array of guest vocalists, this boy just gets better and he was pretty good to start off with! The Jazzanova live group album has just dropped and if you like the classic sounds of black America then it will be right up your street. Vintage soulful jazz was then the order of the day from the reissued Solis Lacus album on Heavenly Sweetness as Favourite recordings also carry on their reissue series with another of the great Ray Stephen Oche albums, out about now.

Guido Mobius then weirded up the show a bit with 'All Evil Ways' from his interesting new album on Karaoke Kalk before sonic adventurer RYAT kept things off the beaten track from her forthcoming album on Brainfeeder, a bit Bjorkish vocally but certainly none the worse for that and generally a great unique sound. Slugabed's album on Ninja has finally dropped and we're particularly liking the cosmic soul vibes of 'Unicorn Suplex'. Best use of a blues sample award goes to the debut single from The Allergies and their 'Big Star' tune on Riddim Fruit, a really fine start to the recording project from mix king DJ Moneyshot & Rackabeat. HornDogz then kept the funk flowing and enlisted the vocal talents of Ty to make some of that classic sounding hip hop, nice.

A little 4/4 section finished the show kicking off with a taster of the new Fantastic Mr. Fox EP on Black Acre, great leftfield house vibes. Auntie Flo then carried on the deep house mission from one of our albums of the year, Future Rhythm Machine - check it! Pitchben then went super deep and soulful with surely one of the warmest tunes of the summer, the Alexander Maier 1to11 remix of 'Unique' - lovely! Enawadan then kept the soul vibes flowing before Lone finished the show in fine style with 'Earths Lungs' from his excellent new album on R&S.

Portformat - It's Been So Long feat. Astrid Engberg (Tokyo Dawn Records promo)
Jazzanova with Band & Paul Randolph - No Use (Sonar Kollectiv)
Solis Lacus - Utopic Cities (Heavenly Sweetness)
Ray Stephen Oche & His Matumbo - Peace Upon Kenemaland (Favouite promo)
Guido Mobius - All Evil Ways (Karaoke Kalk)
RYAT - Object Mob (Brainfeeder promo)
Slugabed - Unicorn Suplex (Ninja Tune)
The Allergies - Big Star (Riddim Fruit)
HornDogz - Movin' On feat Ty, Breis & Peeda (Uptown Records)
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Yesterdays Fall feat Alby Daniels (Black Acre promo)
Auntie Flo - Futurismo (Huntleys & Palmers)
Pitchben - Unique, Alexander Maier 1to11 remix (Compost Records promo)
EnaWadan - Reborn, Inner Dimensions mix (Sonar Kolletiv Records)
Lone - Earths Lungs (R&S)

Audio Texture Radio Show - April 13th & May 4th

Work can really get in the way sometimes of doing the things you really love so unfortunately there has only been 4 shows in the last 7 weeks. Here are the track listings for a couple of the shows that never made it on-line on our various music sharing sites although you can still hear them through the various radio station websites.

We also have to say a sad farewell to Paulius & Jonas from Gaudeamus FM who have departed the station to set up their own IT company focussing on mobile apps, CMS, website design etc.( They really did a great job promoting an alternative musical agenda in Kaunus, Lithuania - hopefully they'll be back with more creative ventures in the future and we wish them all the best. We're not sure whether the new team will take on the show but we'll keep you posted.

April 13, 2012

Marbert Rocel - Whether The Night (Compost Records)
Leon Ware & Quadron - Orchid For The Sun (Quired Chicle)
THEESatisfaction - God (Sub pop)
THEESatisfaction - Sweat (Sub pop)
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - Titel 10 (Hyperdub)
S. Maharba - French Maid, Extended version (BTS)
Gilla and The Wageira Le Drummers - Guribiyua (Soul Jazz)
Francis Bebey - La Condition Masculine (Wedoo)
Bola - Makamiba (Awesome Tapes from Africa)
Beaumont - Never Love Me (Hot Flush)
Protect-U - Motorbike (Planet Mu)
Noapre - Canoa Boogaloo (Ho_Tep)
Jack Dixon - You Wont Let Me (Apollo)

May 4, 2012

The Insomniax - Daydreaming (Earnest Endeavours)
Sweatson Klank - Always You (Project Mooncircle)
Jeremiah Jae - Money (Brainfeeder)
Debruit - Cuivree (Civil Music)
Fabulous/Arabia - Perm (Jakarta)
Ceu - Falta De Ar (Six Degrees)
Filfla - Wst-Est (Someone Good)
Wild Honey - Gold Leaf, Gummy Soul Remix (Lovemonk)
Monty Adkins - Permutations (Audio Bulb)
Philippe Petit & Friends - Motion-Pictured (Home Normal Home)
Kuedo - Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space, Laurel Halo rmx (Planet Mu)
Last Step - Somno (Planet Mu)
Dave Aju - Ms Reposado (Circus Company)