Sunday, 5 August 2012

Audio Teture Radio Show - June 1, 2012

So the Audio Texture Radio Show went AWOL for most of June and July due in part to computer logic board meltdown and then the desire to actually take a bit of a break after producing 45-50 shows a year for the last 4 years.

I've got to admit to actually enjoying the break but also to missing the show so I'm glad to report it will be back to it's regular weekly slots on the various stations and all reputable streaming services from now on.

Here is the tracklist for the the last show before the logic board meltdown:

Policy - One Last Time, Falty DL Remix (Rush Hour)
Rey & Kjavik - Listen (Compost Black)
The Invisible - Wings (Ninja Tune)
Deco Child - Diamond Drops (Ninja Tune)
Portformat - Bitter Sweet feat Eagle Nebula & Trezure Empire (TDR)
Debruit - Ogene Udu (Civil Music)
Maga Bo - O Neguinho feat. Biguli (Post World Industries)
Sleepin Giantz - Badungdeng (Tru-Thoughts)
Wattville - Clan (Sonic Router)
Bandshell - Metzger (Hessle Audio)
Kilo - Dickicht (Experientalstudio Brigittenau)
Lorn - Ghosst(s), Shed Remix (Ninja Tune)
Snorkel - One Long Conundrum (Slowfoot)