Monday, 24 September 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 14, 2012

A soulful start to this weeks show with the nu-soul sounds of S3 aka Miles Bonny & Brenk Sinatra  followed by jazzier, soulful strains of Jose James given an outstanding remix by Oddisee, look out for his album forthcoming soon on Blue Note. Homeboy Sandman then got busy over the mad breaks of 'Sputnik' before Kid Koala gave the term nu-blues a whole new twist. Things then took a darker, pysched up turn with 'In The Dark' by The Gaslamp Killer before Pop Levi rocked up with 'Medicine'.

Romanian jazz is a bit of a minority sport to be quite honest but Sonar Kollektiv are trying to change that with their excellent genre compilation which has just seen the digital light of day and the killer sounds of Ion Baciu are testimony to the quality. We then couldn't resist playing another slice of beat craftmanship from Praezisa Rapid 3000 as we love the album so much and they also get the track title of the day award with 'Thin Air Bottled to Garbage Cans'. Now Daisuke Tanabe makes a lot of music that only gets released in Japan and it's always a pleasure to check what's he's doing, this time on the remix of the really interesting new beat producer Monokle from the promising Ki Records label, the original cuts are great as well.

Ital Tek marches on with a new album on Planet Mu and we're down with about half of it and the dramatic strains of 'Intercruise' are a particular highlight. Now the edits markets is overhyped and under quality but when you get Theo Parrish editing some great original material you know you are in trouble. Just listen to his twist of The Invisible's 'Generational' and then go and buy the single when it drops as he also provides an epic 15 minute remix of the same track. With an Anna Calvi version of a different track, it really is one of the EPs of the year. God knows who U is but we are liking his, all too short, beat excursions that are forthcoming on Man Make Music which nicely led into a taster of Lukid's killer new canine flavoured EP. More quality beats then followed as the Hot Flush unearthed strains of 'Braille' from new boys Shelter Point hit home. Rael then soundscaped the show's ending to perfection and showcased the increasing quality of Nonine records output, hunt down the EP.

S3 - Don't Stop (MPM promo)
Jose James - It's All Over Your Body, Oddisee remix (Blue Note promo)
Homeboy Sandman - Sputnik (Stonesthrow)
Kid Koala - 11 Bit Blues (Ninja Tune)
The Gaslamp Killer - In The Dark (Brainfeeder)
Pop Levi - Medicine (Counter promo)
Ion Baciu - Nu Privi Inapoi (Sonar Kollektiv)
Praezisa Rapid 3000 - Thin Air Bottled To Garbage Cans (Noble)
Monokle - Swan, Daisuke Tanabe rmx (Ki Records promo)
Ital Tek - Intercruise (Planet Mu promo)
The Invisible - Generational, Theo Parrish Edit (Ninja Tune promo)
U - Eah (Man Make Music promo)
Lukid - The Dog Can Run (Werk promo)
Shelter Point - Braille (Hot Flush promo)
Rael - Dolphins At Home (Nonine promo)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 7, 2012

Two tracks from Teengirl Fantasy kicked off this weeks show as we do our bit to highlight the strength of their Tracer album which is an all killer, no filler affair and deserves to be in everyone's top ten end of year charts. It looks like The Stepkids are going from strength to strength if their new pysched up album taster is anything to go by and considering how good their debut was we are suitably excited. Medline has done what no one else has dared and taken 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' to the dance floor with a tasty little bruk version which led nicely into Joe's Balearic bassline adventure 'MB'

The Boogie Vol. 3 is about to hit the shops and it's another great selection of fresh modern boogie flavours as the Lay-Far remix of 'Disco Technic' ably highlighted and this paved the way nicely for the return of one of our favourite "less is more" producers Kelpe who is just about to drop some new material on Svetlana. The temperature was then raised by the delicately entitled 'Fuck This' from Chairman Kato before scuzzy, soulful house vibes ruled with 'Tried and Tried' from Anushka.

Now you are never far away from a bit of jazz at Audio Texture and those NY based, Paris boys The Rongetz Foundation are about to drop a great new album on Heavenly Sweetness. This was swiftly followed by some, about to be reissued, jazz niceness from Newban, watch out for this coming soon on BBE. Some epic, pop infused electronica swiftly followed from Rudi Zygadlo's new material before I pressed the stop button on the deck that was playing, mumbled some apologetic excuses, and then gave the East Coker version of Grasscut's, 'Blink In The Night' and unexpected rewind. Downliners Sekt then provided some deep, multi-speed, husky soul to give the show a fitting finale.

Teengirl Fantasy - Eternal (R&S)
Teengirl Fantasy - Vector Spray (R&S)
The Stepkids - Sweet Savation, instrumental (Stones Throw promo)
Medline - Everybody Loves The Sunshine, instrumental (MPM)
Joe - MB (Hemlock)
Stan Smith - Disco Technic, Lay-Far rmx (Tokyo Dawn promo)
Kelpe - Bags Of Time (Svetlana promo)
Chairman Kato - Fuck This (Shades Of Grey promo)
Anushka - Tried & Tried (Brownswood promo)
The Rongetz Foundation - Sams Intro (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Newban - Magic Lady (BBE promo)
Rudi Zygadlo - On (Planet Mu)
Grasscut - Blink In The Night (Ninja Tune)
Downliners Sekt - Trim/Trab, part one (Infine promo)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - August 31, 2012

Zambian pysch rock jump started this weeks show with the 'Introduction' track taken from the excellently entitled 'We Intend To Cause Havoc' album from Witch and came courtesy of more good digging from the Now Again crew. More upbeat vibes of a banging hip hop nature then ensued from the great new JJ Doom project before some more subdued beats from the new Kid Sundance album followed. One of the masters of deep leftfield dub, Pole, then showed why he's at the top of the tree with the 'Lurch' track from his new EP.

Now if atmospheric beats are your ticket then you should be seriously taking a look at the new Kane Ikin album on 12K, it's a winner start to finish as the great 'Oberon' track succinctly demonstrated. Urban music of a more soulful nature then followed courtesy of another taster from the excellent Jesse Boykins III and Melo-X's new album which is just about to drop on Ninja and we can't wait!! We are also happy to report that Kab Driver aka David Baxter, a long time show favourite, has finally dropped an album and it's full of super fresh beats with some inspired musical touches and good old live instrumentation, we strongly urge you to go and listen, it's getting great reviews all round.

If you want funky breaks with some beefy bass then you could do a lot worse than head over to the new NeferTT EP on Hot Flush, those samples will definitely ring some bells. One of our favourite all time compilations is making a return, yes Secret Love is up to volume six and just about to hit the shelves and Alex Barck has got his hands on Cecilla Stalin to help things launch things with a remix swing. Bassclef then kept the sweet vocal vibes but added a bit of bottom end menace with the new Idle Hands release 'You Don't Know, Don't You Know' before Praezisa Rapid 3000 gave another taster of why their new album is so special.

Quirky nu-soul then followed courtesy of Hadyn from the new and ever excellent Brownswood Bubblers Series, now up to volume 8 and still holding down the quality BIG time. Now we don't drop much drum and bass on the show but when the Odd Harmonics remix of Rumpistol/Red Baron is this good we just can't say no. Hidden Orchestra then ably completed this weeks show with a little taster of their new material with the 'Spoken' track from their new double A-side EP on Tru Thoughts.

Witch - Introduction (Now Again promo)
JJ Doom - Rhymin Slang (Lex)
Kid Sundance - The Diesel (Fremdtunes)
Pole - Lurch (Pole Music)
Kane Ikin - Oberon (12K promo)
Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X - The Perfect Blues (Ninja Tune)
Kab Driver - Headhunting (Airflex Labs)
NeferTT - Cleos Spos (Hot Flush)
Unforscene feat Cecilla Stalin - Dark Souls, Alex Barck remix (Sonar Kollektiev promo)
Bass Clef - You Don't Know You Don't Know (Idle Hands promo)
Praezisa Rapid 3000 - Thom LIwa (Noble promo)
Hadyn - Manchild (Brownswood promo)
Rumpistol/Reb Baron - Floating, Odd Harmonics rmx (unreleased)
Hidden Orchestra - Spoken (Tru Thoughts)