Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Audio Texure Radio Show - Octobe 19th, 2012

So a really mixed bag this week kicking off with some new, classic sounding soul music courtesy of Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers and the wonderful 'Work It Out' which paved the way for some reworked soul with DJ Izem's leftfield twist of Michael Kiwanuka. We then had to drop a cut from the killer, and we mean killer, Colonel Red EP that dropped on Apollo earlier this year, 3 tracks of deep, forward looking soul, perhaps if it had dropped on a different label we might have heard about it earlier? We then went back to the old school with some vintage latin jazz vibes from the great new Analogue Africa excursion into the joys of classic Colombian music.

Things then took a turn for the modern with a great percussive dub techno number from the great JuJu & Jordash album just released on Dekmantel which pleasingly led into some classic Caribbean disco sounds unearthed by the deep digging Soundway records. Sadar Bahar, Chicago's best kept secret, has compiled an incredible selection of deep, uncompromising disco for BBE and we then plundered the underground sounds of Johnny Harris's, 'Odyssey Pt. 1' for a classic disco moment before the Letherettte, disco reimagined for 2012, sounds of 'Ettewards' which led pleasingly into the hard to define, about to be released, Jets project from Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum.

One of our recent discoveries has been the delicate and exciting electronic musings of Slime and his summer released EP, Increased II. We have also been enjoying recently Bullion's metamorphisis from beat don to indie pop maverick ably showcased by the 'Collision' track in this weeks show which paved the way for another one of this week's discoveries the versatile and talented Ergo Phizmiz and a taster of his forthcoming album on Care In The Community. Things then went a bit rock with a track from one of our favourite guitar inclined groups, Pop Levi, which perfectly paved the way for a funky, vocal finish to the show from Lance Ferguson's new spiritual jazz inclined project, Menagerie.

Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers - Work It Out (Record Kicks)
Michael Kiwanuka - DJ Izem remix (White)
Colonel Red - Sleeper (Apollo)
Cresencio Camacho - Santana en Salsa (Analogue Africa promo)
JuJu & Jordash - Shakshuka Dub (Dekmantel)
Lancelot Layne - Carnival Drum Sound (Soundway)
Johnny Harris - Odyssey Pt. 1 (BBE promo)
Letherette - Ettewards (Ninja Tune)
Jets - Sin Love With U (Leisure System promo)
Slime - Lean Over (Getme!)
Bullion - Collision (Deek Records)
Ergo Phizmiz - Fingerwings (Care In The Community promo)
Pop Levi - Medicine (Counter promo)
Menagerie - The Quitening (Tru-Thoughts promo)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 12, 2012

Another really quick blog post this week, just the player and tracklist. Enjoy.

Woods - Give Your Light Off (Woodsist)
Studnitzky - Grandola (Sonar Kolletiv promo)
Tondrae Kemp - Baby Girl (Kwality)
Dorando - Didn't I, Guts re-edit (Heavenly Sweetness)
Tapes - Dungeness (Astro:Dynamics promo)
WIFE - Shards (Left Blank promo)
Lumisokea - Diserta (Eat Concrete promo)
Lukid - Manchester (Ninja Tune)
Strange U - Scarlet Jungle (Eglo promo)
Group Rhoda - Hi Rise (Night School)
Mizgir - Surya (Atjazz promo)
Stubborn Heart - Need Somone (Kaya Kaya)
Cain - Maasai (Fine Grains promo)

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 5th, 2012

Just a quick blogpost this week. Thought we would mainly drop a more soulful, jazzy vibe this week and explore loads of the great reissues and new/old tunes around. Here's the tracklist and player, enjoy.

That's Why - Mattheus 25 (Jazzman)
Binder Quintet - Vasvirag (Jazzman)
The Equatics - Merry Go Round (Now Again)
Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex & Friends - Bati (Terp)
Cleon & Jazzy Pidjay - Freedom Sound (Favourite)
The Inversions - Rub The Lamp (Daptone)
Wrongtom Meets Deemas J - Jump+Move+Rock (Tru-Thoughts)
Joe Bataan - Ordinary Guy, Jazzanova instrumental rework (Sonar Kolloktiv promo)
Newban - Let's Have It All, M&M remix (BBE promo)
Sixtus Preiss - Samba Feelin Beein This, Cid Rim remix (Affine)
Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins - Sixth feat. Beegs Alchemy (Doumen promo)
Offshore - Fraser (Ninja Tune promo)
Zara McFarlane - Until Tomorrow, Ogris Debris remix (Brownswood)
Nick Sinna - Voyager, James T Cotton Remix (Prime Numbers)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 28, 2012

So quite the mellow selection this week kicking off with the killer title track from the thoughtful new Yoggyone album which we like a lot. Sunday morning listening was then the order of the day first with a bit of Ky, whose new album floats and swirls around you in a dreamy, jazz sort of way. Matthew Halsall then kept up the mellow jazz vibes with the title track from his incredible new album which was on repeat most of last week. Brazilian pysche business then ensued courtesy of a brilliant Mr. Bongo reissue of the Flaviola E O Bando Do Sol, back in the day, rarity - good digging.

Things then got all 2012 first with a vocal excursion from Lapalux and a taster of his new Brainfeeder EP folled by soome bass heavy chilled vibrations from Kromestar and J5ive before Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins blurred the lines between live and electronic production to amazing effect with 'First', make sure you check the EP on the excellent Doumen records when it drops. Reset Industries is a new label set up by some of Belfast's finest, David Baxter and Boxcutter included, and their first release is a stellar album of, less is more, beat making from Defcon. Beat Inc. then got a bit rowdy compared to the rest of the weeks show with 'Black Tea Morning'.

The new album from Robert Glasper is a wonderful thing and some healthy remixes have just dropped and we particularly like the Georgia Anne twist before Mo Kolours showed off his ongoing mission to fuse great beats with some great roots music. I'm not going to say much about the Simba & Milton Gulli track as I know a well known label is chasing their output and we're sure you now know why. Jacaranda Muse then kept the deep spiritually inclined vibes rolling before Emanuele de Raymondi showed that in the right hands electronics and musical instruments are like toast and marmite.

Yoggyone - Canopee (Eklektic promo)
Ky - Grandola (Sonar Kollektiv)
Matthew Halsall - Fletcher Moss Park (Gondwanan Records)
Flaviola E O Bando Do Sol - Canto Funebre (Mr. Bongo)
Lapalux - Forgetting and Learning Again featuring Kerry Leatham (Brainfeeder)
Kromestar & J5ive - Words (Deep Medi promo)
Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins - First (Doumen)
Defcon - Salvia Funk (Reset Industries)
Beat Inc. - Black Tea Morning (Original Cultures)
Robert Glasper Experiment - The Consequencies of Jealousy feat. Meshell Ndegeocello, Georgian Anne Muldrow's Sassy Geemix (Blue Note promo)
Robert Glasper Experiment - The Consequences of Jealousy, original snippet (Blue Note)
Mo Kolours - Brave (One Handed Music)
Simba & Milton Gulli - Intro (Unsigned)
Jacaranda Muse - Let You Go (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Emanuele de Raymondi - BV_06 (Zero Killed Music)