Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - January 28, 2013

Weedy of 40 Winks kicked off this weeks show in his own inimitable, sample chopping style before we gave you a little taste of the new I'm Not A Gun album with the title track "Sub-Tones" - surely a future Balearic classic? Millenium then provided a peek of their new EP with some bass heavy, melodic vibes. Houndstooth is the new Fabric night club record label and they are about to drop their debut 12" in February and if the Call Super debut's quality and deepness are sustained they will get all the support we can muster.

TM404 then treated us to some deep, .dubbed out, poly rhythmic vibes with the geekily entitled, "303 303 303 606" before Jose James changed the styles with a long, sultry slice of soul from his great new album on Blue Note. Keeping the soul flowing we then dropped the standout track from the self released, down under future soul crew, Hiatus Kaiyote. Soweto Kinch then waded in with some proper jazz from his new EP dropping soon on his own label.

Al Kent is coming through with a new Disco Love compilation on BBE and "The Healing" by North By Northeast demonstrated why it is one of our favourite disco compilation series of all time. Taprikk Sweezee then provided the abstract, future disco flavour with a little help from a Kontan Chok remix. Bonobo then dropped a wonderful slice of building, melodic house which led nicely into the really promising Pharoahs from LA and their deep, Balearic finish to the show, "Ahumbo"

Weedy of 40 Winks - Now (Project Mooncircle)
I'm Not A Gun - Sub-Tones (Palette Recordings promo)
Millennium - Q&A (Greco Roman promo)
Call Super - Leosengor (Houndstooth promo)
TM404 - 303 303 303 606 (Kontra Musik promo)
Jose James - Bird Of Space (Blue Note promo)
Hiatus Kaiyote - Nakamarra (Bandcamp)
Soweto Kinch - The Healing (Soweto Kinch promo)
North by Northeast - Disco Unusual (BBE promo)
Taprikk Sweezee - Thingsallup, Kontan Chok rmx (Good Price promo)
Bonobo - Cirrus (Ninja Tune promo)
Pharoahs - Ahumbo (ESP Institute promo)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - January 21, 2013

So another largely soulful, jazz flavoured show again this week kicking off with Headnodic from Crown City Rockers and his hip hop flavoured vintage fusion vibes which led nicely into the, equal parts sad and beautiful, "The Fall" from Rhye - great video as well. Daedelus then provided a taste of his free download EP he produced for the Scion A/V project and very nice it as well. This led nicely into up and coming, Lisbon based, producer DJ Izem and a glimpse of his new EP before Empt showed his talents by remixing Long Arm for the new deluxe version reissue of last years album, The Branches.

Brace & Kabanjak started the jazz vibes flowing with their great slice of musical beat making "Everything We Do" which led nicely into the deep fusion vibes of The Heliocentrics and a cut from their new EP, "Collateral Damage" and what a tune, can't wait for the album! More funky jazz fusion then followed in the shape of BRZZVLL and a taster of this Antwerp group's album due to drop in February on Melting Pot Music. Sample heavy hip hop from L'Orange then ensued which led nicely into Clear Soul Forces who showed that Detroit hip hop is alive, well and with a bright future.

One of the show favourites, Mo Kolours, then dropped some crazy scuzzed out tropical dub before Odd Harmonics showcased the more cerebral side of the drum and bass scene. The new Hermutt Lobby on Eat Concrete is sounding great, loads of chopped about musicality, shrouded in some forward thinking beat making which segued nicely into Falty DL's, "Straight and Narrow" probably still our favourite cut from his, now available, LP. LV then ended the show in fine Kwaito style due to a tasty little DJ Clock remix.

Headnodic - Blue In Green (Ropeadope)
Rhye - The Fall (Innovative Leisure)
Daedelus - Endless Sea (Scion A/V free download)
DJ Izem - Belen feat Yolanda Reyes (Bandcamp Business)
Long Arm - When Children Sleep, Empt remix (Project Mooncircle promo)
Brace & Kabanjak - Everything We Do (Switchstance)
The Heliocentrics - Colateral Damage (Now & Again promo)
BRZZVLL - The Gathering of the Manna (MPM promo)
L'Orange - Alone feat. Blu (Jakarta)
Clear Soul Forces - Won Too feat. Brogainz (Bandcamp Business)
Mo Kolours - Promise (OHM)
Odd Harmonics - Balance M (White)
Hermutt Lobby - Major Grubert (Eat Concrete)
Falty DL - Straight and Arrow (Ninja Tune)
LV - Sebenza feat Okmalumkoolkat, DJ Clock rmx (Hyperdub)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ben UFO - Fabriclive 67, 30 Minute Promotional Radio Mix

We have always liked Ben UFO as not many DJs dig as deep across so many genres of modern dance music and make sense of them all quite as well as him.

So when we were given an opportunity to post a 60 minute radio promotional mix for his upcoming Fabriclive mix CD we jumped at the chance.

Down below we've posted the official press release and the full CD tracklisting. Just below is the actual tracklisting for the 60minute radio mix for all you trainspotters and diggers.

Ben UFO - FABRICLIVE 67 radio mix: 30 minute version tracklist

1. Pev and Kowton - Junked (Unreleased)
2. Fennesz - Fa [Mark Fell remix] (Editions Mego)
3. Funkineven - Beat Crash (Apron)
4. Kassem Mosse - Staat Aus Glas (Forthcoming Sounds of the Universe)
5. Daphni - Pairs (Jialong)
6. NY House'n Authority - Ravenswood House (Nu Groove)
7. Carls Davis - Sketch 6 (Planet E)
8. Pearls - Pearls (Unreleased)
9. STL - Your Turn (Smallville)
10. 2400 Operator feat. Rev-S - Nws Pt-1 (Underground Quality)
11. Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes - Deep Pit [Kenny Larkin mix] (Dance Pool)

Ben UFO - Fabriclive 67, 30 Minute Promotional Radio Mix by Audiotexture on Mixcloud

In a world where illegal downloads, cracked software and sync buttons are helping to create swarms of young DJs with bottomless libraries of digital music they’re vaguely familiar with, you might question the role and relevance of the specialist DJ in today’s musical landscape. Not everyone possesses the talent, care and breadth of taste required to project their personality through other people’s records, or to create narratives which transcend dancefloors; Ben UFO is someone who does.

Over the years Ben has increased in confidence and proficiency, and in devoting himself to highlighting the shared characteristics between and beyond 2-step garage, dubstep, classic house and techno, he has learned to expertly navigate and bridge tempos and genres in as natural a fashion as possible, allowing tracks from disparate areas to co-exist and function comfortably alongside one another to form a unique and well-defined aesthetic. 

Moving to Leeds to study in 2004, Ben applied for a show on student radio but was declined a slot - a setback which he identifies as setting him on his path towards establishing Hessle Audio as a record label and DJing in club environments. As a result he pitched for a show on SubFM alongside David Kennedy (Pearson Sound) and Kevin McAuley (Pangaea), naming the show after the club night he and Kevin had started with several of their friends (Ruffage) in order to promote dubstep in Leeds, at a time when the genre had very little representation outside of London and Bristol. The radio show ran for three years, at which point they were offered a regular slot on RinseFM, where they continue to broadcast twice a month.

In 2007, after finishing university, the three friends started Hessle Audio. The label was formed with the idea of providing a platform for the release of Pangaea and Pearson Sound’s own records, but its scope quickly expanded, resulting in the release of genre-defying records by Objekt, Untold, Cosmin TRG, James Blake, Blawan and more. In May 2009 they started their residency at Fabric, which has been ongoing ever since. The club night reflects what they do as a record label and as DJs, showcasing expansive, varied lineups and drawing connections between artists as diverse as Kassem Mosse, Kode 9, Livity Sound and Randall.

“A release like this seems like a good opportunity to contextualise music for people at a time where information is spread pretty chaotically, and this mix is hopefully a good representation of how the music we release relates to the music we play in clubs.”  Ben UFO.The primary purpose of this FABRICLIVE release is to represent exactly what Ben does as a DJ, and to give him the opportunity to showcase the different aspects of the music that he stands for. Accordingly, it is not a straightforward mix of house, bass music or techno; neither is it filled with exclusives or unreleased material. It is an indicator of where we are at and where we have come from, and a statement of intent. It is a considered and highly textured mix consisting of 28 tracks and traversing multiple styles.

Emerging from the moody introversion of Mix Mup’s “Before (Dub),” the mix starts in earnest with an aggressively distorted cut from Delroy Edwards, which bleeds into the off-kilter rhythms and sub-bass intensity of an exclusive from Pev & Kowton. From there we’re thrown into the bizarre future-tribal world of DJ Sotofett remixing Tim ‘Love’ Lee’s “The Tortoise” and onwards through tracks and decades, as Chicago Skyway’s “It’s OK” combines with K-Hand, Fluxion, Jam City, Pearson Sound and Mr. Fingers. There are truly inspired transitions here: the acid tones of “Zug Island” by Kyle Hall & Kero drip languidly over Shackleton vs Kasai Allstars’ “Mukuba Special”; the shattered percussion of A Made Up Sound’s “Malfunction” is pulled into line by the loop-driven techno of Grain’s “Untitled”; the dissonant bassline drone of Pangaea’s “Release” swallows up and consumes whole the kick-drum barrage which defines Blawan’s “And Both His Sons.”

With Hessle Audio releases represented heavily alongside labels such as L.I.E.S., Hinge Finger, Night Slugs, Hemlock and Eglo, there are clear indications of a tightly-knit community working collectively to push things forward. Ben is central to this movement, and with this mix he manages to communicate not just who he is and what he does, but ultimately where we are at.

1. Mix Mup - Dub [Mikrodisko]
2. Delroy Edwards - Feelings [L.I.E.S.]
3. Pev & Kowton - Raw Code [unreleased]
4. Tim ‘Love’ Lee - The Tortoise (Sex Tags Mania NYC Mix) [Tummy Touch]
5. Elgato - Zone [Hessle Audio]
6. Gesloten Cirkel - Twisted Balloon [Murder Capital]
7. Chicago Skyway - It's OK [Eargasmic]
8. K Hand - Project 5 (Untitled B1) [Acacia]
9. Fluxion - Pendoulous [Chain Reaction]
10. Minimal Man - Consexual [Guerilla]
11. Jam City - Club Thanz [Night Slugs]
12. Herbert - Take Me Back [Accidental]
13. Lowtec - Looser [Nonplus]
14. Pearson Sound - Clutch [Hessle Audio]
15. Mr. Fingers - I'm Strong (Instrumental) [Alleviated]
16. Shackleton vs Kasai Allstars - Mukuba Special [Crammed]
17. Kyle Hall and Kero - Zug Island [Wild Oats]
18. Circuit Breaker - Ping [Plus 8]
19. Osborne - Bout Ready to Jak (Shake Remix) [Spectral Sound]
20. Juniper - Jovian Planet [Ominira]
21. A Made Up Sound - Malfunction (Despair) [50WEAPONS]
22. Grain - Untitled [FatCat]
23. Bandshell - Perc [Liberation Technologies]
24. Blawan - And Both His Sons [Hinge Finger]
25. Pangaea - Release [Hessle Audio]
26. Joe - Studio Power On [Hemlock]
27. Floating Points - Danger (Locked Groove) [Eglo]
28. Grown Folk x Main Attrakionz - I.C.E. (Kuedo Remix) [Templar Sound]


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - January 14, 2013

So after a bit of a hiatus in the radio show at the end of the year we are glad to be back and spreading the musical word again. Azymuth got the show off to a fine fusion start with a track from the reissue of their classic album Light As A Feather which amazingly sold 500,000 copies in 1979 and spent 8 weeks in the UK top 20. The reissue will probably sell about 500 and the thought of its jazz fusion joys entering the UK mainstream charts are laughable, how times change. Greg Foat then carried on the jazz fusion vibe with a track from their great new album dropping round about now on Jazzman records. The first great discovery of 2013 has arrived in the shape of Lycoriscoris a young Japanese producer with a great debut album of deep electronica with some soothing jazz flavours and a great listen start to finish.

We then, better late than never, had to drop a track from the Hello Skinny album from last year. It was released late 2012 but was on repeat in the office for a while, got better with every listen and ended up one of our albums of the year - well recommended. Nice jazz flavoured hip hop vibes were then the order of the day from Broke and Repeat Pattern before Flying Lotus' rap alter ego Captain Murphy kept the deep hip hop vibes rolling. Two long sprawling jazz tracks then ensued. The first was our little tribute to Austin Peralta the all too young and incredibly gifted pianist who passed away last year, swiftly followed by young British don, Nostalgia 77 and a tune from his album that dropped at the tail end of last year.

 John Foxx (from Ultravox) and The Maths then led us into the world of machine soul with a great deep little taster from their new album due soon on Metamatic before Daisuke Tanabe grabbed the baton, ran with it and then thrust it to 1000Names who both ably carried the soulful electonic vibes to the finish line. Amalia and the very promising Cutty Lark then crafted some modern boogie badness before Positive Flow, also on the great Tokyo Dawn label, dropped some modern soulful bruk which took us back to the broken beat good old days. Shoebox then ended our return to the airwaves with some great modern disco.

Azymuth - O Pedcador (Far Out promo)
The Greg Foat Group - Have Spacesuit Will Travel, Part 1 (Jazzman)
Lycoriscoris - Undulations (Moph promo)
Hello Skinny - Crush (Slowfoot)
Broke & Repeat Pattern - Take Notes (Cascasde)
Captain Murphy - Immaculation ft. Azizi Gibson & Jeremiah Jae (White)
Austin Peralta - The Underwater Mountain Odyssey (Brainfeeder)
Nostalgia 77 & The Monster - Angels and Demons at Play (Tru-Thoughts)
John Foxx & The Maths - Neon Vertigo (Metamatic promo)
Daisuke Tanabe - Wana (Original Cultures)
1000Names - Oxigonals (Eklektic)
Cutty Lark - Cuttify It! feat Amalia (Tokyo Dawn)
Positive Flow - Phaedra's Flight (Tokyo Dawn)
Shoebox - I Got A Feeling (Shoebox)