Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - May 27, 2013

So a show of two halves again with musical electronica (for want of a better description) kicking things off and the deeper, leftfield side of house with a bit of disco and Afro finishing things off. Nancy Elizabeth got things rolling with our favourite track from her new album on the, always intriguing, Leaf Label and some cultured electronic folk. Cloud Boat followed that up with a great slice of James Blakesque future folk and displayed why they supported the man on tour before we dropped the most musical and melodic track from the otherwise dissapointing Mount Kimbie album. King Garbage then picked up the baton and delivered his otherworlldy R&B mutation, "Telephone" but it could have been any of 4 tracks from his great new EP on Styles Upon Styles.

Flako then got a bit more melodic with our favourite cut from his reissued and re-edited Mesektet Extnd album just about to drop on Project Mooncircle before Tall Black Guy showed why he's being increasingly talked about with a great slice of Detroit infused Hip Hop. Now Sonic Router are refusing to be pigeon holed but I'm going to file them under "adventurous and varied" as highlighted by the, soon to be released, decayed, distressed, house mutation "Bhlok" from man of many pseudonyms, Fuewa.

Debukas then layed down the deep house vocal action (which is naggingly familiar) before Lone marked his return with a new EP on R&S which will be out in June, with the warm summer vibes of "Begin To Begin" floating our boat the most. Broken Beat don of old, Nubian Mindz, then threw down some deep Detroit house action which paved the way for the post album return of Prommer & Barck and a great slice of old/new/good house music. Thundercat then nicked in flipped the vibe with some future disco before Super Sounds Namba with some help from Ebo Taylor finished the show in fine Afro disco style..

Nancy Elizabeth - Debt (The Leaf Label)
Cloud Boat - Youthern (Apollo)
Mount Kimbie - So Many Times, So Many Ways (Warp)
King Garbage - Telephone (Styles Upon Styles)
Flako - YeahYeahYeah (Project Mooncircle)
Tall Black Guy - Mon Amie De'Troit feat. Ozay Moore (First Word)
Fuewa - Blhok (Sonic Router promo)
Debukas - Satellite (20:20 Vision promo)
Lone - Begin To Begin (R&S promo)
Nubian Mindz - Ghost Dreams (Counterchange promo)
Prommer & Barck - I Want You (Derwin promo)
Thundercat - Oh Sheit It's X (Brainfeeder promo)
Super Sounds Namba - Yes Indeed (Strut)

Monday, 20 May 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - May 13, 2013

A nice deep selection this week kicking off with a track from the lovely new Saltland album on the, always worth checking, Constellation label. We then couldn't resist dropping another track from the impeccably selected If Music/Ninja tune Record Store Day compilation and a great little introduction to the work of Henri Texier who we weren't previously aware of. Calvin Keys then followed with a track from his killer, back in the day but now reissued courtesy of Snow Dog, album Shawn-Neeq, which has been on repeat all weekend. Deep Latin vibes then followed with another bygone classic, this time from the Cuban crew, Los Brito.

Two nice new African cuts then followed, firstly from multi talented/disciplinary artist Adesolse Wallece covering a slice of Fela before we then revisited the Doctor L album from last year with the deep dubby, pysched out Afro vibes of "Mistery Travels" laid down with some help from The Nairobi Descendents. It was then interesting to hear Hiatus Kaiyote on remix duties for a change, as opposed to their own material, with their great twist to the new Nia Andrews material which led nicely into the future hip hop vibes of the interstellar Clark remix of Rone, coming soon on Infine.

Now we've been a Dirg Gerner fan since day one and the first taster of his new EP due soon on Eglo hasn't disappointed, we love Dirg. A great tune from Rumpistol and John LaMonica then followed which will be available for free this week on an interesting little compilation called Rekompileret  which supports the big Copenhagen street party Distortion. Liquid Phonk then laid down the deep soulful house vibes which paved the way for the excellent Afrikanz on Marz dub remix from the Azymuth remixed EP due soon on Far Out - look out for the Opolopo remix as well. The excellent Nosaj Thing remix of the great Jon Hopkins track "Open Eye Signal" then finished the show in fitting style.

Saltland - Golden Alley (Constellation)
Henri Texier - Quand Les Blues S'en Ira (If Music)
Calvin Keys - B.E. (Black Jazz/Snow Dog)
Los Brito - Cuando Llego A Mi Casa (Waxing Deep)
Adesolse Wallece - Eko Ile (Ghetto Lounge promo)
Doctor L - Mistery Travels feat. The Nairobi Descendents (Comet)
Nia Andrews -Colours, Hiatus Kaiyote Transmutation (Freeload)
Rone - Let's Go, Clark remix (Infine promo)
Dirg Gerner - Vicious Cycle (Eglo promo)
Rumpistol & John LaMonica - It's Everywhere (Rekompileret)
Liquid Phonk - Heart & Soul (Compost Black)
Azymuth - E Mulher, Ashley Beedle Afrikanz On Marz Dub (Far Out promo)
Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal, Nosaj Thing remix (Domino promo)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - May 6, 2013

A show of two halves today, downtempo, soulful beats and bobs to start before the bassline and twisted house kicked in to shatter the quiet. Starting this weeks show was a track from the wonderful new project from Peter Wraight, arranger for the Matthew Herbert big band and his new project The Webster Wraight Ensemble before we dropped the most soulful cut from the intriguing recent release by Clouds on Ramp. Now we've been bigging up the Omar album recently from the sampler and it looks like the music is living up to the expectation. The album is a real soulful journey across the styles. Ty then followed up with some great Fela sampling hip hop before US soulboys Myron & E made a great first impression.

Dexter was next up with the pysch folk sampling beats from his pleasingly different new beat album on MPM, swiftly followed by some blues sampling beat science from the new Zo release, coming soon on Cascade. Fremdtunes are keeping things rolling nicely with the soon to be released Planes material before Dub Club got all classic dubwise style and reminded us constant "progression" is not always necessary. Herva and his twisted blend of house and techno started the uptempo section and it's nice to see someone so detached from the latest fashions doing his thing before Actress's finest moment for ages/ever ensued in the form of his classic house with a subtle twist remix of Legowelt.

DA-10 then added a break, beats and bassline before Chaos/Order got totally nasty with their epic slice of UK grimeyness from the new Grime 2.0 compilation on Big Dada. Fourtet was then responsible for giving Rocketnumbernine a crazy Afro bassline refix before Drumagick got all samba bassline on us as only a couple of brothers (literally) from San Paolo know how.

Webster Wraight Ensemble - The Ruins Of Britain (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Clouds - Get Over It (Ramp)
Omar - Come Speak To Me (Freestyle promo)
Ty - Lets Start (Tru-Thoughts promo)
Myron & E - If I Gave You My Love (Stonesthrow promo)
Dexter - Pictures feat Josa Peit (MPM promo)
Zo aka La Chauve-Souris - Be Allright (Cascade promo)
Planes - Voodoo Fetish ft Simon Panrucker (Fremdtunes promo)
Dub Club - Beware Dub (Stonesthrow promo)
Herva - Crocodile Tears (Delsin)
Legowelt - Elementz Of House, Actress Mix 1 (Clone Jack For Daze)
DA-10 - I Have To Survive (Wotnot)
Chaos/Order - Logan's Mind (Big Dada)
Rocketnumbernine - Rotunda, Four Tet refix (Soundcloud Freeload)
Drumagick - Maracatu (Tru-Thoughts promo)

DJ Mitsu the Beats - Beat Installments Volume 2

Now we've long been a fan of DJ Mitsu, right back from the 00's and his Planetgroove releases but frustratingly he is one of those great Japanese producers whose releases are hard to pick up due to lack of global distribution.

Anyway we were more than happy to see he has a new volume of his Beat Installments projects coming out on Jazzy Sport (another Japanese label with annoyingly erratic European distribution and lack of English translations on website etc) on May 29th and if you like your beats jazzy then you better hit play on the button below:

DJ Mitsu The Beats
Jazzy Sport

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Shabazz Palaces+THEESatisfaction+Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes +Juliana Meira do Valle = The Black Constellation

We have just stumbled across this new project from the above artists and the world needs to know a bit more:
Ode to Octavia part 12: (Sparkles)... Recollections of the Wraith from The Black Constellation on Vimeo.

Initially conceived as a piece for an installation at Seattle’s Frye Art Museum, Ode To Octavia is in the words of the creators, “a brief peak into a sacred clandestine ceremony and celebratory act examined through video, object, and codified sound.” Unfortunately the installation is not running any more but here is the blurb from their site: (Direct link here)

Founded eons ago, The Black Constellation consists of a unified cross-disciplinary guild of Soothsayers, Makers, Empaths, and Channels. Their terrestrial offerings have been myriad, including sentient offspring production, the facilitation of cultural phenomena, the perpetuation of ancient ritual, and the undertaking of the new and remarkable.

In all things, The Black Constellation combines the astral and the earthly, the gorgeous with the abjectly honest, and the ancient with the as-of-yet unimagined...all the while remaining in constant communion with the Sacred.

Shabazz Palaces is Formed Of Light. Existing simultaneously in the Now, the Then, and the Hence. One from Two. New from Ancient. Sound from Silence. Black Up.

THEESatisfaction – [th ee sat is fak shuh n] – noun, verb 
1. Queens of the Stoned Age
 2. Empresses of Time
 3. Pre-Egyptian Dynasty
 4. Self-written
 5. Self-produced
 6. Stasia Irons & Catherine Harris-White

Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes is a channel. He is present in the now to make and do. Alley-Barnes is the heir to the legacy of the Omowale Mural and the onus that it carries.

Juliana Meira do Valle is an installation artist who works primarily with sculpture, photography, and video elements to create work about intersectionality, gender, sexuality, authenticity, and indigeneity in contemporary culture. Born in Boulder, Colorado, to Brazilian parents, she has a strong desire to investigate culture and has a passion for travel. Her father is indigenous Brazilian and his ancestral tribe is thought to have become extinct within the past twenty years. Her mother teaches Sensory Integration and Trauma Recovery around the world and her father is an engineer and musician, so art and science were staples in her childhood. Meira do Valle has an interest in experimental media, kinetic sculpture, and systems-based installations and began working with rapid prototyping at the University of Washington, where she was the world’s first person to successfully print in bone.

Born to the descendants of two distinct ancient guilds, he has been a working artist, maker, muse, curator, collector and facilitator since adolescence.

He continues to be a citizen of this celestial orb but travels elsewhere and whencewhere often.

Frye Art Museum
Shabazz Palaces
Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes
Juliana Meira do Valle

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - April 29, 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - April 29, 2013 by Audiotexture on Mixcloud

So it's all about locking into the long groove this week with only 11 tracks making up this show and a fair bit of 4/4 to boot but a lovely slice of nu-soul, courtesy of Kyra Simone, kicked off the show from  the nice new lovers compilation, The Heart #3, on Tokyo Dawn Records who are probably about to create a baby boom if they release any more in the series. Another Record Store Day release then followed with the ever interesting Nicolas Jaar giving Grizzly Bear a nice slo-mo deep house twist which led into the outrageously sprawling and quite frankly, epic, Larry Gus remix of Sinkane's, "Warm Spell" which led into another equally epic track, the soon to be reissued "Boutade" from Mugwump - look out for that on International Feel in June.

The first of three freeloads in this weeks show then dropped the tempo but kept the deepness with Aus, aka Yasuhiko Fukuzono giving Nottingham's Origamibiro a little remix which paved the way for the ambient delights of Sad City from his excellent forthcoming EP on Phonica. DJRum then swept in with some great future dub (also avaialble for €0 from XLR8) before Aufgang ripped it up with some great twisted house vibes. Walton then showed his early promise was not without foundation with a great soulful bassline banger before Slava decided to twist house music to suit his own demented purposes which led into Sieren ending the show in fine and free, style thanks to the nice boys at Project Mooncircle.

Kyra Simone - Desire (Tokyo Dawn)
Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute, Nicolas Jaar remix (Warp)
Sinkane - Warm Spell, Larry Gus remix (City Slang)
Mugwump - Boutade (Internation Feel promo)
Origamibiro - Sedimental Value, Aus Remix (XLR8 freeload)
Sad City - Easing (Phonica promo)
DJRum - Anchors, instrumental (XLR8 freeload)
Aufgang - Kyrie, Stimming remix (Infine promo)
Walton - Baby (Hyperdub promo)
Slava - Werk (Software Recording Co)
Sieren - The View (Project Mooncircle freeload)