Thursday, 9 May 2013

Shabazz Palaces+THEESatisfaction+Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes +Juliana Meira do Valle = The Black Constellation

We have just stumbled across this new project from the above artists and the world needs to know a bit more:
Ode to Octavia part 12: (Sparkles)... Recollections of the Wraith from The Black Constellation on Vimeo.

Initially conceived as a piece for an installation at Seattle’s Frye Art Museum, Ode To Octavia is in the words of the creators, “a brief peak into a sacred clandestine ceremony and celebratory act examined through video, object, and codified sound.” Unfortunately the installation is not running any more but here is the blurb from their site: (Direct link here)

Founded eons ago, The Black Constellation consists of a unified cross-disciplinary guild of Soothsayers, Makers, Empaths, and Channels. Their terrestrial offerings have been myriad, including sentient offspring production, the facilitation of cultural phenomena, the perpetuation of ancient ritual, and the undertaking of the new and remarkable.

In all things, The Black Constellation combines the astral and the earthly, the gorgeous with the abjectly honest, and the ancient with the as-of-yet unimagined...all the while remaining in constant communion with the Sacred.

Shabazz Palaces is Formed Of Light. Existing simultaneously in the Now, the Then, and the Hence. One from Two. New from Ancient. Sound from Silence. Black Up.

THEESatisfaction – [th ee sat is fak shuh n] – noun, verb 
1. Queens of the Stoned Age
 2. Empresses of Time
 3. Pre-Egyptian Dynasty
 4. Self-written
 5. Self-produced
 6. Stasia Irons & Catherine Harris-White

Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes is a channel. He is present in the now to make and do. Alley-Barnes is the heir to the legacy of the Omowale Mural and the onus that it carries.

Juliana Meira do Valle is an installation artist who works primarily with sculpture, photography, and video elements to create work about intersectionality, gender, sexuality, authenticity, and indigeneity in contemporary culture. Born in Boulder, Colorado, to Brazilian parents, she has a strong desire to investigate culture and has a passion for travel. Her father is indigenous Brazilian and his ancestral tribe is thought to have become extinct within the past twenty years. Her mother teaches Sensory Integration and Trauma Recovery around the world and her father is an engineer and musician, so art and science were staples in her childhood. Meira do Valle has an interest in experimental media, kinetic sculpture, and systems-based installations and began working with rapid prototyping at the University of Washington, where she was the world’s first person to successfully print in bone.

Born to the descendants of two distinct ancient guilds, he has been a working artist, maker, muse, curator, collector and facilitator since adolescence.

He continues to be a citizen of this celestial orb but travels elsewhere and whencewhere often.

Frye Art Museum
Shabazz Palaces
Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes
Juliana Meira do Valle