Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 21, 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 21, 2013 by Audiotexture on Mixcloud

A nice soulful selection in a roundabout sort of way this week, a week when Boards of Canada have been releasing their back catalogue for all those slow on the draw the first time around. The new Om Unit album on Civil Music is a pleasant surprise with it's pleasing musicality and some nice vocal touches, ably demonstrated by "The Road" featuring Charlie Dark. Some future hip hop then followed from Thriftworks and a track we plucked from the excellent new Project Mooncircle compilation showcasing artists new and old before The Poets of Rhythm reminded the show of their soul credentials.

Talking of soul and specifically nu-soul, the new Reggie B album has just dropped with some fine beats and great vocals, check it out on Tokyo Dawn Records. We couldn't help dropping a small taste of the dependable and wonderfully named Seasick Steve's new album before heading into global soul territory first with Da Lata and "Deixa" from their new album and then with Quantic and his new vocal hookup Nidia Gongora, lovely.

Things then got deep and house like kicking off with Simon Garcia AKA The Blaxploited Orchestra and some simple but hypnotising vibes before Paskal & Urban Absolutes chipped in with a great slo-mo soulful cut. Ulrich Troyer then provided the deep twisted dub before new kid on the block Hubie Davison delivered the goods with the excellent "I Won't be There" from his soon to be released debut EP on Leisure System. The show finished with some Space Dimension Controller to celebrate the 30th anniversary of electronic music institution R&S Records, an achievement, we're sure, not too many of today's labels will be emulating.

Boards of Canada - Reach For The Dead (Warp)
Om Unit - The Road featuring Charlie Dark (Civil Music promo)
Thriftworks - Die Gracefully ft DH the Mythicalifornian (Project Mooncircle promo)
The Poets of Rhythm - Smilin' While You're Crying (Daptone promo)
Reggie B - Love's The Way feat Kan Sano (Tokyo Dawn)
Seasick Steve - Hope (Third Man)
Da Lata - Deixa feat Jandira Silva (Agogo)
Quantic and Nidia Gongora - Nanguita (Tru-Thoughts)
The Blaxploited Orchestra - The Pursuit (Compost Disco promo)
Paskal & Urban Absolutes - Take The Fall feat Pete Josef (Sonar Kollektiv promo)
Ulrich Troyer - Deadlock, Melodica Version (4 Bit Productions promo)
Hubie Davison - I Won't Be There (Leisure System promo)
Space Dimension Controller - The Love Quadrant (R&S)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 14, 2013

No time for waffle or links this week, just the tracklisting...

Beer and Air - Acoustic High-End Research (Rush Hour prom)
Demian - Out of Green Ink (Bandcamp)
Jimi Tenor - Egyptian Walz - Jimi Tenor (Sahko)
Fetsum - Letters From Damascus (Sonar Kollektiv)
Luc Cousineau -Vaya Mulata (BBE promo)
7 Days of Funk - Faden Away (Stones Throw promo)
SETH - Fish Oil (Uno NYC)
Kwes - 36 (Warp)
Jonwayne - Black Magic (Stones Throw promo)
DJ Rashad - She a Go (Hyperdub promo)
Fatima - Black Dough, Instrumental (Eglo promo)
Kelpe - Astrolomy, Mike Slott Remix (Drutt promo)
BD1982 - Casava (Disktopia promo)
Beanfield - Alone (Compost Black promo)

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - October 7, 2013

So the Forgotten Bird's album, "Sahara" is finally out and it's a lovely thing as this weeks opening track, "Windmills Of Your Mind" clearly shows, do yourself a favour and go and buy it to soundtrack those quieter moments in your life. A killer version of one of our favourite Fela tunes, "Sorrow Tears + Blood" then followed, taken from the new Red Hot and Fela album, a long running project to raise money for HIV by bringing a diverse set of artists together to recreate the work of the great man. One of the few instrumental cuts from the forthcoming Reggie B album followed, not because we don't like his voice, just because the track is completely dope. Rival Consoles then gave the world a taste of his new stripped back studio philosophy and we have to say it's working, look out for the EP on Erased Tapes soon. Cupp Cave then waded in with some twisted electronic madness, sewn together with an underlying soul thread.

Fulgeance then stripped things back with a minimal yet mesmerising cut from his new album before Samiyam provided a taste of his new output for Leaving Records, although "Snakes On The Moon" is one of the odder tracks. We then had to drop another Jonwayne track from his new album, Rap Album One, which just gets better with every listen. Leroy Sibbles then provided some deep vocal reggae, again courtesy of the great Wackies reissue series,  before Aardvarck kept the bass and peeled away the layers with the simple yet hypnotising "Still Point". More beats were then the order of the day from Huesstick, obtained as only you can via their Bandcamp page before Katsuma ended the show in an upbeat boogie party style to hopefully leave you with a spring in your step and twinkle in your eye.

Forgotten Birds - Windmills Of Your Mind (Karaoke Kalk)
Kyp Malone and Tunde Adebimpe, Kronos Quartet + Stuart Bogie - Sorrow Tears + Blood (Knitting Factory)
Ross McHenry - Lights Across The Sky (First Word promo)
Reggie B - Addictive feat. Leonard D'Stroy & Hevi (Tokyo Dawn promo)
Rival Consoles - Odyssey (Erased Tapes promo)
Cupp Cave - Everlastic (Ramp)
Fulgeance - He Knows (Musique Large)
Samiyam - Snakes On The Moon (Leaving promo)
Jonwayne - After The Calm (Stones Throw)
Leroy Sibbles - Now You're Gone (Wackies)
Aardvarck - Still Point (Eat Concrete)
Huesstick - 28 Times A Day (Inaudible Answer Bandcamp)
Katsuma -  All Night, Extended Mix (Zoo Originals promo)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - September 30, 2013

So it's mostly about the beats this week followed by some house mutations but kicking off with Four Tet's radical reinterpretation of Jimi Hendrix's "Castles Made Of Sand" which led nicely to a little Eat Concrete Records love fest. Now we've liked Eat Concrete for quite a while and it is one of those labels that we always look forward to the promos because you know they hold down the quality and push at the boundaries. So it was a nice surprise this week when they offered their excellently entitled new compilation, Benefit For The Psycho In-Active for free download. Now normally free download albums ring alarm bells but we ended up with half a dozen tracks for potential radio play and liked the rest as well! We couldn't make up our mind which to play, so thought we'd drop a few of them. As well as their established artists like Spinachprince we were more than happy to see some new names like Lasse Passage, Ichiro, Blipvert and Knalpot which bodes well for the label. So we urge you to run over to their website for the download and like them on their Facebook page for up to date news.

Now the Eat Concrete crew were a hard act to follow but Medline did a good job with a taster from his new mixtape (literally one of those old analogue things) due very shortly on his own label Sunsonsound, make sure you get on it. Now discovery of the week, as much as we like to look forward, has to be Hailu Mergia one of the old time Ethiopian dudes who has been on Deezer repeat for our late night chilling needs this week, it's just full of soul - no voice needed. Now the Nightmares on Wax album sounds like it's come out of a timewarp and not in a good way but we have been quite taken by the "So Here We Are" track, we hope you are too. Germany's Betty Ford Boys then got the hip hop flavour rolling and paved the way nicely for some golden age vibes from Sunny Daze and Grand Puba before young French Talent Zerolex flew the flag for the new school, look out for his debut on Eklektic sometime soon.

Daedelus then upped the tempo with one of the simpler, yet no less effective, tracks from his new album on Anticon which led nicely into some quality soundtrack house vibes from up and coming North Lakes which paved the way for the latest release in the excellent Compost Disco series from Evol Ai with "Dar K Disco". Downliners Sekt then waded in with some vaguely house like eroded sonic mutations which paved the way nicely for the pleaseantly named Shit and Shine with their wonderful "Blowhannon"

Four Tet - Castles Made Of Sand (Freeload)
Lasse Passage - Skate Tape (Eat Concrete)
Spinachprince - Degradations (Eat Concrete)
Ichiro - HT (Eat Concrete)
Medline - Gravity 0 (Sunsonsound promo)
Hailu Mergia - Wegene (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Nightmares on Wax - So Here We Are (Warp)
Betty Ford Boys - Sippin' (MPM)
Sunny Daze ft. Grand Puba - I Like It (Good For You promo)
Zerolex - Floating Moments (Eklektic promo)
Daedelus - Paradiddle (Anticon)
North Lakes - Marlborol Noir (Phonica promo)
Evol Ai - Dar K Disco (Compost Disco promo)
Downliners Sekt - Balt Shakt, Side A (Infine promo)
Shit and Shine - Blowhannon (Diagonal)