Friday, 31 January 2014

Audio Texture Radio Show - January 27, 2014

So this weeks show is one to sit back and sink into rather than preparation for lively night out, there just seems to be a lot of great downtempo music about this year. The first of two Max Graef tracks taken from his nice album, Rivers Of The Red Planet, kicked things off before the first of two cuts from the excellent modern day spiritual jazz album from the Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo. Ben Kraiem then came through with "Figurine" from an excellent collective project consisting of ladies from Tunisia, Libya and Egypt combining with some hot production talent to sing and rap against corruption, discrimination and injustice.

The start of the shows ambient leaning section was initiated by a taste of the new Stephen Vitiello & Molly Berg album from our favourite home ambient champions, 12K before Raz Ohara kept the vibe rolling with a sprawling track from his great new Moksha album. Walrus Ghost then lazily picked up the baton to provide a glimpse into their, also excellent, forthcoming album Uplifting Themes From The Naysayer available on Project Mooncircle on Valentines day. Norwegian experimentalist Lasse Passage then provided some jazz folk twists before Bibio's, "The Spinney View Of Hinckley Point" rounded off the horizontal selections for this week.

Another deep jazz cut from Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo then stirred the show from its slumber and paved the way fro Titts' chopped and screwed bassline vibes, which led nicely into some submerged soul from Actress, closely followed by quality beats from Barcelona based Fitzroy North, snagged from his soon to come EP on Tiburoni. We then couldn't help but drop some more Max Graef before the wonderfully deep and soulful new "Mike Black" track from Mo Kolours which bodes well for his album, dropping sometime this year. Segilola then provided some great deep UK urban soul before Cell Broco gave the show some club bump. Dego and Kaidi then rounded the show off in fine broken style.

Max Graef - Jazz 104 (Tartelet promo)
Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo - The Time Is Now (All City)
Nawel Ben Kraiem - Figurine (Jakarta promo)
Stephen Vitiello & Molly Berg - Baritone Final (12K promo)
Raz Ohara - Sungaze (Album Label)
Walrus Ghost - Seventwentyone (Project Mooncircle promo)
Lasse Passage - The Lightness Of Moving On (Eat Concrete)
Bibio - The Spinney View Of Hinkley Point (Warp)
Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo - 360 (All City)
Titts - Raccoon (Rwina)
Actress - Rap (Werkdiscs/Ninja)
Fitzroy North - In Yer Face feat. Son House (Tiburoni promo)
Max Graef - Buchsenoffner (Tartelet promo)
Mo Kolours - Mike Black (One Handed Music)
Segilola - Paint The Way (King Deluxe)
Cell Broco - Don't Change (Big Dada)
Dego & Kaidi - Carrotsesame (Eglo)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Audio Texture Radio Show - January 20, 2014

No time for idle chatter this week so just have a listen to the show and click on the links to find out a bit more about the artists.

P.S. Sorry to 33-10-3402 for mixing up his artistic name and the track title during the show - Doh!

Ter - Untitled (Catsun promo)
33-10-3402 - BYOT (ESP Institute)
Jef Gilson - Le Grand Bidou (Jazzman)
Homeboy Sandman - Wade In The Water (Stones Throw promo)
Simo Lagwani - Baniyorkoy (Rough Guide)
Joey Le Soldat - Burkin Ba (Akwaaba)
Archie Pelago - D's Diamonds (Archie Pelago promo)
Rain Dog - Once feat Tomika (Project Mooncircle promo)
Genf Pakula - Gleaming (Compost Disco)
Rumpistol - Awake (Rump Recordings promo)
Lord Of The Isles - Horizon Effect (Permanent Vacation promo)
Mika Vainio - Takaisin (Sahko)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Audio Texture Radio Show - January 13, 2013

Audio Texture Radio Show - January 13, 2014 by Audiotexture on Mixcloud

So the radio show is back for 2014 after a bit of a hard drive meltdown near the end of last year and just the fact that, well, sometimes a  break is sometimes welcome. The show kicked off on a nice jazz tip with a killer version of The Jackson Sisters' "I Believe in Miracles" from Eddie Roberts which took the original in a great new direction as a good cover version should do. Pugs Atomz the dropped some great funky hip hop vibes from their great new, stylistically diverse album, Bama Pi. Andrew Ashong then kept things simple but soulfully effective with "Special" before Zara McFarlane waded in with another killer cover version, this time of Junior Murvin's (not Dennis Brown's - as erroneously stated in the show in a moment of madness) "Police and Thieves" she really is a talent and a half.

Things then took an abstract electronic turn with "Bedtime" from the new Poemss album on Planet Mu a fine collaboration between Joanne Pollock and Aaron Funk, AKA Venetian Snares. Max Cooper and Tom Hodge then contributed some great classical electronic fusion before we gave you a taste of My Panda Shall Fly's new EP for the lovely, Sonic Router label.

We then ripped through a few global flavoured club tracks which have been getting us moving kicking off with an unofficial but incredible remix of Celia Cruz by DJ Izem which led nicely into the England meets Africa via Jamaica vibes of the Champion remix of Nyiduonge Drums by perennial show favourites Owiny Sigoma Band. Dizz1 with the rude gyal vocals of Warrior Queen then got all future dancehall before Furmigadub fused Brazilian folk vibes with some nasty basslines. Gantz then ended the segment with some great Turkish dubstep vibes, brand new on Deep Medi. We then dropped an incredible and unofficial remix of Ghostpoet's "Dial Tones" by Wermonster, one of three such reworks from the artist we discovered at the tail end of 2013, looks like a talent on the up. Den Sorte Skole then ended the show in fine vinyl cut and paste style with "Did You Ever" a track from their incredible homage to the genre, Lektion III. If you are going to rip other peoples records make sure you do it properly, like these boys, the album and the accompanying manifesto is a labour of love.

Eddie Roberts and The Fire Eaters - I believe In Miracles (Soulab)
Pugs Atomz - Once Again feat. Simeon Viltz & Mulatto Patriot (Tokyo Dawn)
Andrew Ashong - Special (Which Way)
Zara McFarlane - Police & Thieves (Brownswood)
Poemss - Bedtime (Planet Mu promo)
Max Cooper and Tom Hodge - Amorphous Romance (Fields)
My Panda Shall Fly - Fish r Friends (Sonic Router)
DJ Izem -Celia (White)
Owiny Sigoma Band - Nyiduone Drums, Champion Remix (Brownswood)
Dizz1 - Real Bad Gyal feat. Warrior Queen (Tru-Thoughts promo)
Furmigadub -Parahyba Esquecida (EBS Diggin)
Gantz - Rising (Deep Medi)
Ghostpoet - Dial Tones, Wermonster remix (White)
Den Sorte Skole - Did You Ever (Den Sorte Skole)