Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Audio Texture Radio Show - April 21, 2014

The lovely voice of Josa Peit and great production talents of Nostaligia 77 kick off this weeks show before Kelis raised the musical drama with a taste of her new, highly recommended and diverse  album. The first of this week's Bandcamp finds, Chicago Underground Duo,  then stepped up the intensity before The Edison Electrics smoothed things out with the Te'Amir remix of "Yekermo Sew", just one of the great tunes from their Oneironautics album. The modern twisted sounds of Africa then ensued, firstly with "Rise Up" from Low Leaf before Te'Amir pops up again with a great cut and paste rework of Bembeya Jazz National's 1973 tune Ballake.

Less frenetic dub reggae was then the order of the day and another preview of the new Quasi Dub Development album dropping in May on Pingipung, closely followed by the standout tune from the new Hollie Cook album, "Looking For Real Love" which we couldn't resist dropping again. Next level beats then ensued with Electoom Acoostap (aka Medline) killing it with "Ubiquity" before Matthewdavid showed he is no slouch either. Arcka then changed the vibe with some spliced and diced Herbie Hancock vocoder vocals from his new Hancock sampling beat release.

Now Slowfoot always come through with some diverse and interesting releases and the new Prescott album, despite being named after an ex UK deputy prime mininster, is no exception. The Hidden Orchestra have had a few tracks from their last album remixed and  we're particularly fond of the Dam Mantle rework of "Seven Hunters" which led nicely into some uptempo US soul from the promising Sorceress, a new signing to Wonderwheel before Chrome Sparks sent the show out with some melodic, deep space beats..

Nostalgia 77 - One (Tru Thoughts)
Kelis - Change (Ninja Tune)
Chicago Underground Duo - Boss (Northern Spy)
The Edison Electrics - Yekermo Sew, Te'Amir rmx (Self Released)
Low Leaf - Rise Up (Fresh Selects)
Te'Amir - Ballake, 2014 (Self Released)
Quasi Dub Development - Zebroid Z (Pingipun promo)
Hollie Cook - Looking For Real Love (Mr. Bongo promo)
Electroom Acoostap - Ubiquity (Cascade)
Matthewdavid - In My World (Brainfeeder promo)
Arcka - Just Come To Me (Self Released)
Prescott - Piece Of Cake (Slowfoot promo)
Hidden Orchestra - Seven Hunters, Dam Mantle rmx (Tru Thoughts)
Sorceress - Teacups (Wonderwheel)
Chrome Sparks - Enter The Chrome Forest (Future Classic)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Audio Texture Radio Show - April 14, 2014

A taste of Fink's new output started proceedings this week and is raising our hopes for his forthcoming album on new label home, R'Coup'D. We're particularly liking the deep space vibes of "Tessera Lepta" from the new Ben Jacov EP on Doumen Records, who are slowly but surely going from strength to strength and the EP is another great addition to their discography. Now Kidkanevil is coming through with a new album on Project Mooncircle and it's a beautiful listen, one for those mellow more thoughtful moments. That was followed by a slightly mental, mish mash of a remix of Los Charly's Orchestra from Cy Gorman & Ennio Styles nicely followed by some great pysched out beats from Lunga e Mono before Andrzej Korzynski kept the funky pysche flavour with the title track form his "Man of Marble" soundtrack album, dug all the way out from obscure polish musical history by the Finders Keepers crew.

The new Mr. Thing, Strange Breaks LP is on the horizon and you know the selection is going to throw up a whole heap of music you never knew existed and so it is with Zulema's "Giving Up" the first taste of the forthcoming album from BBE. With the world cup almost upon us the musical tie ins from the country have already started so we thought we'd give' you an Anglo take on the country's rich musical heritage firstly from the Magic Drum Orchestra, closely followed by TM Juke and The Jack Baker Trio's firing "Omak Besar". A trio of fresh house joints then closed the show, firstly from the every listenable Fantastic Mr Fox, hotly pursued my Matrixxman, who is currently riding his 15 minutes of fame, before a wonderful deep house remix of Zara McFarlane from Alex Patchwork closed the show in lovely vocal style.

Fink - Hard Believer (R'Coup'D)
Ben Jacov - Tessera Lepta (Doumen)
Kidkanevil - Inakunaru feat. Phasmas (Project Mooncircl promo)
Los Charly's Orchestra - Rediscovering the Big Apple, Cy Gorman & Ennio Styles rmx (Imagenes promo)
Lunga e Mono - Me Strut, U Strut (Jazz n Milk)
Andrzej Korzynski - Man Of Marble (Finders Keepers)
Zulema - Giving Up (BBE promo)
Magic Drum Orchestra - Sunshine Of Your Love (Tru Thoughts promo)
TM Juke and The Jack Baker Trio - Omak Besar (Tru Thoughts)
Fantastic Mr Fox - Broke (Black Acre)
Matrixxman - Soul M8 (Soo Wavey)
Zara McFarlane - Open Heart, Alex Session remix (Brownswood promo)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Audio Texture Radio Show - April 7, 2014

Audio Texture Radio Show - April 7, 2014 by Audiotexture on Mixcloud

So Jesse Futerman's album is about to drop and is full of nice soulful beats and even a bit of house but the super soulful, jazzy "It's Over" is the winner for us and kicked off this weeks show. Quasi Dub Development then started a little trio of reggae tunes in their own inimitable leftfield dub style and we'll be showcasing this great album more in the coming weeks before it's end of May release. GrandMagneto then displayed his ear for a good cover version with a killer version of the classic "Tainted Love" before Keida's high grade anthem "Ganja Tea" rounded off the  reggae selection in a red eyed, classic roots style.

It's been a while since some good underground Indian flavoured beats came along so we were more than happy to display the beat construction talents of Carpet Patrol which led nicely into the post-punk, synth obsessed sounds of "Lava Land" from the great new Wrangler album before The Range changed the musical direction with some great liquid drum and bass. We were very happy to receive a taste of the new Taylor McFerrin album last week and trust us "The Antidote" bodes well for the album about to land.

SFV Acid then lowered the tempo whilst keeping the soul before Rory More keep the mellowness rolling with some great vocals and lush arrangements. We then harked back again to the Lufth album with the hypnotic sounds of "Ebbe und Flut" which was on repeat last week. Black Body then came through with the balearic joys of "Tomorrow Never Comes", closely pursued bt DJ Center marking his return to the production world with the excellent "2AM Inna London Dub". Daywalker & CF then ended the show with a truly epic slice of house, the fittingly entitled "Supersonic Transport"

Jesse Futerman - It's Over (Jus Like Music promo)
Quasi Dub Development - Snake Squeezer (Pingipung promo)
GrandMagneto - Tainted Love, original 7" version (Favourite promo)
Keida - Ganja Tea (VP)
Karol Conka - Boa Noite, Handclap Mix (Mr. Bongo promo)
Carpet Patrol - Indian Slap (MPM)
Wrangler - Lava Land (Memetune promo)
The Range - Tricky Pose (Donkey Pitch)
Taylor McFerrin - The Antidote feat Nai Palm (Brainfeeder promo)
SFV Acid - Fage Kisses (Uno NYC promo)
Rory More - Gazing Now (Sudden Hunger)
Lufth - Ebbe und Flut (Oktaf)
Black Body - Tomorrow Never Comes, instrumental rmx (OCD promo)
DJ Center - 2AM inna London Dub (Push The Fader promo)
Daywalker & CF - Supersonic Transport (LIES)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Audio Texture Radio Show - March 31, 2014

We like a good cover version at Audio Texture but very few deliver, unlike the killer version of "Crazy" by Trio Valore, just about to drop on Record Kicks and sure to be making some waves over the summer if their is any justice. A Dutch double then ensued, kicking off with the nu-soul of Sleepin Giant who is just about to put a nice new EP on Original Cultures then closely followed by a track from the killer Julian Edwardes EP, also about to drop, from that nice Fremdtunes crew before Kirkis waded in with some of his trademark sonic quirkiness for his new label home, Eglo.

UK MCs then took charge for the next three tracks kicking off with an old Roots Manuva tunes to mark the15th anniversary of his debut album for Big Dada and the start of the legend that is Rodney Smith. The UK new school then took over, admittedly a bit slack lyrically, but you can't deny the freshness and flow, firstly of Boya Dee & Peigh riding some Mele beats before Riko did the vocal business with some tight Wen production that led nicely into the reggae vibes of Kalbata & Mixmonster with the nicely named Echo Minott providing a more conscious message. Deep House was then the order of the day with the soulful sounds of Healing from the dependable team Broadcite.

We were happy to see Romare getting the Ninja Tune call after his excellent EP of last year and there is still some of that blues flavour, albeit a bit more submerged and we're looking forward to the LP later in the year. Christian Prommer then provided some sprawling, chugging slo-mo house  sounds before Onno Vader upped the tempo to nice effect and paved the way for another footwork end to the show firstly from the epicly entitled "Sherwood & Pinch Clash Machinedrum Dub Fi Dub, Downtown, Uptown and All Around Town remix" of Machinedrum's, "Eyesdontlie" before NameBrandSound rounded the show off with yet more 160 BPM urban vibes for those with quick feet.

Trio Valore - Crazy (Record Kicks promo)
Sleepin Giant - Hey Girl feat Romaine Smith (Original Cultures promo)
Julian Edwardes - Skelter (Fremdtunes promo)
Kirkis - Side Worm Jelly (Eglo promo)
Roots Manuva - Movements (Big Dada)
Mele - I Like It feat Boya Dee & Peigh (Girls Music promo)
Wen - Play Your Corner feat Riko (Keysound)
Kalbata & Mixmonster - Out A Road feat Echo Minott (Freestyle promo)
Healing - Underground Vibe, Veda Vocal mix (Broadcite promo)
Romare - Jimmy (Ninja Tune promo)
Christian Prommer - Duckwalk (Compost Black)
Onno Vader - Persian Gulf (High On Beats)
Machinedrum - Eyesdontlie, Sherwood & Pinch Clash Machinedrum Dub Fi Dub, Downtown, Uptown and All Around Town remix (Ninja Tune promo)
NameBrandSound - Spell On Me (Technicolour)