Sunday, 1 March 2015

Discovery Of The Day: Akua Naru - The Miner's Canary

So it was urban music discovery day today, trawling through the blogs to find something a bit special and non generic and I had the great fortune to stumble across this lady and her new, self released, album "The Miner's Canary" is on the headphones as I type and she's just jumped straight into my top 5 female MCs.

She's got a great socially conscious flow and is backed up by DIGFLO, a six piece band which includes drums, keys, sax/flute, bass, guitars and turntables, who lay down the good grooves, jazz noodles or head snapping beats depending on what is required and who are not afraid to rock out as well - think The Roots rather than Nicki Manaj.

Currently residing in Cologne, Germany of all places she originally comes from New Haven (CT) via a stint in Philly and her broad horizons have taken her via West Africa and China and you can just hear she sees the bigger picture. Collaborations with Tony Allen, TY, Ursula Rucker, Lords Of The Underground and album guests like Cody ChestnuTT and Georgia Anne Muldrow should give you futher clues as to where she is at musically.

Anyway enough words get this album through your ears and if you get the chance go and check her up and coming live shows, it will help if you live in Germany but there are also dates in Switzerland and London, you can find the dates on her Bandcamp page.