Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Audio Texture Goes Streaming Playlist Crazy

OK it took Audio Texture a while to fully embrace streaming and all its possibilities but now we are going "streaming playlist crazy"!!

What this means is that we will be actively maintaining numerous lovingly curated and nicely sequenced  playlists across our Deezer, Rdio and Spotify accounts with Google Play Music and Youtube coming later. Perhaps we'll even embrace Apple Music eventually, once it starts working properly!

At the moment our Spotify account has the most playlist options although they will all be standardised with the same tracks by the end of next week. We have noticed that Rdio doesn't seem to  have the same extensive catalogue as Deezer & Spotify so the playlists there are currently missing a few tracks (though not too many) which also slightly affects the playlist flow but as mentioned not drastically.

So the following playlists are designed for certain businesses but that doesn't mean they're going to sound bad in your house or on your headphones! We've gone the extra mile with the selection as usual using mostly independent artists, no obvious commercial musical and daring to be a bit different. Let's face it there are already enough businesses all playing the same old music, do we really need more David Guetta, Drake, Sam Smith, Coldplay & Taylor Swift in our lives - we don't think so!

Music For Restaurants
Music For Coffee Shops (Morning & Afternoon)
Music For Boutique Hotel
Music For Bars

Here is an imagined 5 hour sophisticated eclectic soundtrack for an exclusive Boutique hotel:

We also currently have these genre specific playlists that cover our core musical interests:

Super Chilled
Chill Out
Singers, Songs & Folk
Underground Hip Hop
Electronica (Day & Club)
Deep House
Balearic (Day & Night)

Kick back to this nice chilled selection if you like: