Friday, 15 January 2016

Audio Texture Radio Show - January 11, 2016

Deadbeat - Tired People Get Up (Blkrtz)
Alpha Bubbah - Atlantis Pride (Nonine)
Francis Juno - Template (Hula Honeys)
Fhloston Paradigm - Faith (Hyperdub)
Cabaret Contemporain - Enough About Human Rights (Sub Rosa promo)
The Balustrade Ensemble - Everything Stirs (Serein)
Fabel - REM (Haunt Music promo)
Huron -  The Morning And The Cloud (Mindtrick promo)
Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante - A Worn Out Life (Karaoke Kalk)
Colonel Abrams - Release The Tension (Echovolt)
Nico Motte - La Figure De Rey (Antinote promo)
Tribal House - Mainline, Roger S Ego Trip Mix (BBE)

"Tired People Get Up" is taken from the Deadbeat album Walls And Dimensions
"Atlantic Pride" is taken from the Alpha Bubbah album Baby Lady Fingers
"Template" is taken from the Francis Juno album Tomorrow's Nostalgia
"Faith" is taken from the Fhloston Paradigm EP Cosmosis Vol. 1
"Enough About Human Rights" is taken from the Cabaret Contemporain album  Moondog
"Everything Stirs" is taken from The Balustrade Ensemble album Renewed Brilliance
"REM" from Fabel's album Sinestesia
"The Morning And The Cloud" is taken from Huron's EP Fissure
"A Worn Out Life" is taken from Dakota Suite and Emanuele Errante's album The North Green Down 
"Release The Tension" is taken from Colonel Abram's EP You Got Me Running
"La Figure De Rey" is taken from Nico Motte's EP Life Goes On If You Are Lucky
"Mainline" is taken from Jeremy Newall's compilation House Of Ages

Audio Texture is an independent music consultancy specializing in putting extraordinary music in the ordinary world. We love music even more than chocolate & we constantly research, listen to & painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world. So we thought it would be a nice idea to put out a weekly radio show to spread the word about some of our musical discoveries & support the world of quality, underground music.

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